Monday, December 31, 2007

UFC 79: Liddell vs Silva Review

Fight of the night. This was just a three round brawl. Silva is an absolute nut job. I really don't know what causes him to stop between rounds or stop when the fight is over. Silva is a visciuos war machine. Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell really put on a show. It was amazing. They slugged it out the entire time.

Chuck Liddell got stunned a view times but other than that he pretty much dominated Silva. I couldn't beleive that guy didn't go down. Any other fighter would have been knocked out. Joe Rogan pointed out that he almost went down a few times, but not quite. (By the way HBO your a bunch of jerk offs for wanting to get rid of Rogan.)

Well Liddell won this in a decision and I hope this marks his comeback. I really think Rampage has his number, and possibly Keith Jardine.

Overall, the card wasn't that impressive from UFC 79. Obviously the Matt Hughes vs George St. Pierre fight was good, and the other fight I liked was Manvel Gamburyan vs. Nate Mohr. This was a pre-fight and UFC really needs to start showing all the fights on Pay-per-view. It is b.s. that we pay forty dollars and don't get to see the whole event. For $110 more you could buy a ticket.

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UFC 79: Hughes vs St. Pierre Review

Well this was a good fight. I was very disappointed in Matt Hughes. I thought he would be able to put up more of a fight than he did. GSP absolutely dominated Hughes. Hughes couldn't do anything. George St. Pierre beat Hughes even in his strong suit wrestling. Hughes showed a lot of repect in defeat. It's too bad he lost I really wanted to see him fight Matt Serra next. I think Serra is going to find out a thing or two this time around with GSP.

I do have a bit more to say about this fight's entrances. Matt Hughes did a good job, but St. Pierre come on what are you doing? I can understand coming out in the ridiculous looking Gi. I would wear one that fits. You look like a Karate Mousekawitz in that thing. The problem I have is with the French rap. Nothing screams gay louder than that crap. Is that guy supposed to be hardcore or is he trying to seduce men. I would personally woop his butt. Unless, GSP is his close friend. If that is the case, I'd shake his hand and tell him how wonderful his french rap sounds.

I am a fan of Matt Hughes. I think he's competitive not an a-hole. Matt if you are ever a coach again don't beat your guys up. You are the one that injured half of them. It isn't a wonder they couldn't win. Speaking of Matt's Ultimater Fighter team, Mac Danzig you're the man.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Movie Review

Wow, lets market a movie to nobody. That being said this is a good movie. If this looks like the type of film you'd like go check this out in the theatres. I simply don't think that this movie really appeals to anybody. It doesn't appeal to kids, adults just a few odd balls, and my brother's wife. She is a member of the United Kingdom. If they include a little Irish she's all about it.

Well I am not a fan. I will now write to ruin the movie so you don't have to spend your money. It is set during World War II. A little boy who lost his father in the war is still in hope that Daddy comes back. Cry little kid cry. He finds an egg, and almost makes the movie real short by stabbing the sea horse with a knife. He raises the thing in about a week. Then the military show off their guns and turn the sea horse crazy. I AM A CRAZY SEA HORSE BLAHH!!!! RUN FROM THE CRAZY SEA HORSE BOOGIE BOOGIE!!!!! The sea horse decides to try to eat the kid.

But wait the kid falls in the water and almost drowns while some jerks were hunting the thing. The Sea Horse has a change of heart and decides to save the boy. Once, out of the water the kid is still not out of the water. They do a crap job of trying to revive the kid. Everybody just looks at him. Well the kid has a flashback with his Dad. Children stay off drugs, flashback are inappropriate.

I think the director should have taken a risk and taught the brats in the theatre a lesson. Being don't mess with big creatures they will eat you. Well meanwhile a call from the hunters causes the Irish military to bombard one of their mythical creatures. This time the Sea Horse keeps it's cool as the boy rides it trying to beat the raising of the submarine net.

Wait, wait you gotta be kidding me a submarine net. Last time I check subs had torpedos. Well it is time for a Free Willy moment. That's right you remember the movie with the whale and jumping the rocks. This movie get original with a submarine net. Crazy isn't it. Well the big question is does the Sea Horse make the jump. Movie review to be continued. Just kidding.

The Mom is also a real magic hater, she says there are no such things as Sea Horses. Until, it rises from behind her and says, "Hey, Mum you're wrong."

Well parents if your kids read this I apologize. If they call you a choad you deserved that insult. Time for the END GAME. I was pretty harsh on this one considering it really wasn't that bad.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Great Debaters Movie Review

Guess what movie takes the top spot for new releases? The Great Debaters is really enjoyable. The only downside is that Wiley College always seems to debate the liberal point of view and wins over the more conservative point of view. How many people think that is the way the story played out in real life.

Well probably not and unfortunately they beat the University of Southern California not Harvard. Hey I am all for that switch it made the movie more exciting, and the changes better emphasizes to the audience the significance of the event.

I do have some quick commentary on the audience. Fortunately, this movie was good enough to quell the crowd. People were talking a lot at the beginning of this movie these disruptions were short lived.

Every character without exception had a human element and still appeared to be larger than life. The movie was fluid and portrayed the story of the debate team in a meaningful way. I am glad Harpo (Oprah's film company) got this one right. After, Purple they were struggling. I give The Great Debaters a great movie review. If you hit this one check out Kite Runner or Walk Hard next. One's a comedy the other another drama. That should give you some flexibility depending on your mood.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tribute to Benazir Bhutto

It is a tough time in history. Benazir Bhutto, loved her home country of Pakistan. She has been selfless in dedicating her life to supporting democracy in Pakistan. Even after her father was executed during a military coup, she still love her home country enough to return and become a political leader. Her life goal has been to support democracy and polictical freedom.

She will always be remembered as one of teh most courageous women in the world. In an atmosphere of intolerance she escalated herself to the most prominant political position in her country. Her loss will be suffered in Pakistan and across the world. BHUTTO!!! BHUTTO!!! BHUTTO!!!! Let her name ring across the world as an example to us all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

I don't know what it is but the day after Christmas is always especially gloomy. Can't really tell you why. Maybe we can feel all the Canadians up there having a shopping blast on Boxer's Day. I like the Canadians though they are a good people.

I don't feel like working writing this post or anything. I'm getting my tires changed by WalMart right now. It is pretty cheap, I couldn't believe it, I am glad the place I usually go to couldn't get me in until Friday. I saved about $100. There is a review for you.

I am going to start having my oil changes done there too since I signed up for the whole tire rotation deal, and roadside danger thing. That was a bit extra, but now when I shop there I'll just get my oil changed and tire rotated.

It really is a great way that WalMart adds convenience to the customer. I sound like such a sell out right now, but I've always supported WalMart. I've never had anything against them. I think ultimately they provide more jobs and more support to other economies than damage done to ours. Beside there is always deregulation if they get too high and mighty. As for the picture I just like this guy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Walk Hard: The Story of Dewey Cox Movie

I really liked this movie I thought it was hillarious and so did four of the five people I went with. Everybody knows this is just a movie made to poke fun at the history of rock. They did exactly that and they did it successfully.

Another thing I love is one not all of the stuff in the previews is in the movie and it was mainly the first five minutes of the movie again. The previews don't ruin this one too much. Unlike, the previews for Charlie Wilson's War. Walk Hard is worth the price of admission check this one out for sure if you are in the mood for some comedy.

I thought it was a bit wierd that I missed AVP2 was coming out over Christmas and the same as the Sea Horse movie. Not really into either one of these. Good luck if you go see those. I am recommending Walk Hard, Charlie Brown's War,I am Legend, Enchanted, Awake, Juno (teens with parents) and then your pick. By the way just kidding Charlie Wilson's war. Now that I am thinking about it they should get the Peanut remanents back together and make Charlie Brown's War the would probably be a kick butt movie. And yes for the morons out there I know the creator of Peanuts has passed away.

Christmas Mass Review

I am so, so sorry. Well this year I was put between a rock and a hard place. Mass was the same as always. There were about ninety screaming kids that normally don't go to church, not that I do, but common. The kids don't bother me though, I think they are kind of funny and smooth out the boring parts. They were callin out to each other this year. Going eh eh eh and this you would hear another one do the same thing. It was cute.

Now for the reason I apologized. I sat behind a hot blond with a hot behind. Now when everyone is praying I am supposed to look down right were her butt is when praying. Now I didn't want everyone to think I was checking out her butt by looking down when I was supposed to be praying. I compromised and looked at the back of her neck. That way I am not disrespecting the G-man and I am not a pervert lookig at some hot chicks booty.

Then my mind got a hold of me, and I start thinking why do we put our head down when god is supposed to be in heaven above. When you talk to someone your supposed to look at them, that is being respectful. When we pray to God we look down. Then I though why the inconsistency? Well old men probably wanted to check out some tail, and came up with the great idea of looking down. Now, I'm thinking how many guys are supposed to be praying but are fantasizing about tapping the piece standing in front of them. I won't go on because I just slid further and further down the hill.

Then I caught myself a little before mass was over and realized that I was going to hell for sure. Lake of fire and fry baby. I'm so bad, please don't scold me too much if you leave a comment.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Lumiere Casino Review

I went to the Lumiere Casino review tonight. I threw ten bucks away in total gambling. I know I am cheap, I was up twenty and I decided I wanted to see some balls bounce around in a machine. I got to see that balls bounce but I wasted all my earnings to accomplish my goal.

Well the Lumiere Casino had a very new age atmosphere. It had a very cool feel, and the outside was beautiful. At the same time it is not overly spectacular. I also, went to the all you can eat buffet. They had a really good selection of vegetables and several types of fish. The meat looked good to and my girlfriend, mom and everyone thought the Creme Brulee was awesome. The staff is really pleasant; they could relax just a little. They are trying to impress and it is noticeable not natural. I noticed that a lot of guys were checking out the waitresses that circled the casino floor. Fortunately, I have an extra hot girlfriend and don't take part in that debauchery (Heheheeee Cough Cough). I preferred their buffet to the other casino, but two other people said Ameristar had a better buffet.

A neutral item is that they don't offer enough activities beside gambling. This issue maybe resolved when construction is complete so no point deducted on this topic.

The downside is that the entire place is filled with smoke. I got a really bad headache when I got there and I still haven't shaken it off. The casino is pretty small as well, and it is not completed. There are still a few areas under construction. The other casinos are able to set more of an ambiance. Lumiere doesn't quite pull this off. I think it will be able to maintain it's popularity, because it still beats the boats. The President's will probably go out of business eventually if they don't implement some great strategy soon. The Casino Queen will hold up because of the later drinking curfew in Illinois.

Well, I am not big into gambling. Everything looked nice and there were more modern slot machines compared to Harrah's and Ameristar. The Lumiere will pull business from the other casinos for a little while, but it will quickly lose it's appeal. Their long term strategy should be to target business travelers.

Two people in the group won money. I lost money, and one person claimed to break even. My girlfriend lost my money and two people didn't gamble. Overall, my group walked out with winnings. Again, gambling should be entertainment not an investment.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Juno Movie Review

I can't say this was bad movie by any means. It was really good and well put together. It was funny and I know the producers were trying to capture the attention of teenagers and convey to them a message. In the end if the kids got great, but it is so obvious they didn't get anything.

Overall, the movie contained the right message.

All the teenagers laughed at really abrasive jokes about abortion and you could just tell they had a nonchalant attitude. This leaves a question. What will we do? I knew it was bad when I was a kid. I didn't say much about immoral behavior. I have no excuse. We simply can't depend on kids to logically gather notions about life. The only way to deal with teens is through fear.

I don't like it, but what else is left. We've tried hippy crap, that didn't work. Let's try the tried and true beating. I personally don't think I could spank my kids unfortunately. I'd like to be able to send my kids to a school that will take care of the punishment. By the way I couldn't even hit some guy in the face after he attacked me. Just pinned him to the ground and asked if you still wanted to fight. It is a good thing he said no. I don't think I could have hit him hard, like he deserved.

Well Juno is a good movie, but don't let your teens go see this movie without you by their sides. Have a talk with your kids about this movie a couple of days later. Ninety percent of the kids were in there with their partner, and yes they are probably having sex already. Drugs and sex were ran rampant through my high school. Judging by the intelligence of kids now it has gotten a lot worse. What will we do?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War Movie Review

Ahhhhh, a good movie. Go see this one. I give Charlie Wilson' War a great movie review. This movie was unbiased. I can see how some people might say the dem's are trying to steal some of the thunder from Ronald Reagan, but I didn't really see that. At the same time you could make comparisons to what was being said in the movie to Iraq and Afghanistan at the time and the view point favor republicans.

Well basically, watch taking the kids to this one there is nudity and drugs but fortunately it doesn't dominate the film. Another, job well done. Second, they don't potray anyone as being a really outstanding individual. Everyone is just kind of normal. Of course, they do great things and this is what makes this film inspiring.

Another, strange aspect to the film is that it incorporated several events that I can just barely remember from my childhood. It is like ghost from the past were brought to light. In any event this is one of the films that is worth the price of admission. Check it out.

National Treasure Book of Secrets Movie Review

This movie was a bit dull. It wasn't any different than the first movie. They must've been twins. The president appeared to be a really cool guy though. Maybe it a John Edwards conspiracy. Just kidding.

I would skip this one, it really isn't worth the eight fifty. I got say it is creative how they try to tye everything together with the national monuments and all. I think a lot of the reason I don't like this movie is that Nicholas Cage doesn't strike me as a real bright guy.

His voice is so nasal too. Well the difference between this movie and the first National Treasure. They kidnap the president don't cry this part was in the previews. The add the Dad's fight with ultra-smart Mom. I will say she was one hot granny piece of oh wait I better stop kids might be reading this post. That is the hottest old lady I have ever seen and the producers even gave her a couple seductive scenes (real suttle though). Bad guys aren't as bad as before.

Well the similarities. His mom is the antognist to the treasure hunting this time. He starts out fighting with his girlfriend. The find the last treasure in the same manner. Oh, there is oil in this room that was just flooded two seconds ago.

The good news is that there is a bonus goofy film to start the movie off. The bad news is that it sucked too. Well skip it.

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Movie Review

The Sweeney Todd movie review is not going to be a good one. To start this movie is a muscial. For most of you, enough said. For the rest of you the reasons why this movie sucks.

Well lets get started with monotone singing. They didn't change the tone from one actor to the next it was crazy. Every actor the guys the girls all had the same tone. It was like watching Ben Stien without the humor for two hours. If this movie had a feel it would be that of someone standing on my balls. It was a torture, pain and agony egg roll. It didn't make any sense, just like my previous sentence.

I wrote a song:

I'm in the theatres and its painful.
Johny Depp is singing and is not sustainable.
I wrote this next line just because I really don't want it to rhyme just to emit a little crap.
You didn't guess the next line.

I'm in the theatres and its painful.
I'm in the darkness and the screen is disdainful
What's this movie? What's in my head?
What's this garbage? What's this crap?

Come you viewer I like your money but live in France.
Come you American fools your president is dense.
Come you American you are crass.
Okay that's enough. The movie stunk. Don't go to this one, the person I was with enjoyed the movie. If you qualify as liking musical and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", you might want to check this one out. Keep in mind I somewhat like musical and I really like "The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I hate the film.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kite Runner Movie Review

My personal opinion is that Kite Runner should win film of the year at the Oscars. I really thought this movie was insightful. I would be giving a bad movie review of Kite Runner if I didn't tell you that sixty percent of people won't like this movie. It was slow at points. It really conveyed the story of the main charcters life.

Just to let you know this isn't a feel good film. It is based on realism and shows you the good and ugly of the human character. I usually don't do this but I am going to give a short synopsis. Kite Runner is about two Muslim children growing up in Afghanistan and one boy is followed to America and the movies focus narrows to him.

It is really amazing, this film hit the theatres. There are two great things, it shows that Muslims are willing to speak out. They don't want to be looked at as terrorist, and that they denounce extremism in their religion. Now if people ask where is the Muslim voice denouncing terrorism, I can say well I guess you haven't seen Kite Runner. The problem is that your not listening, the Muslim voice is loud. Yes, I consider a motion film a loud voice.

The second thing I liked about this film is that it didn't have a liberal agenda. If anything it is a bit right wing. I don't feel that that was the case. It was really unbiased and it ended up bein a good story. The stranges thing about his movie is that I have never been so disgusted with something and at the same time realized that there is a message and method to the madness. GO SEE THIS FILM.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Dropping

I finished my Christmas shopping today. Hooray. I also, had my coolant and oil changed and even got a haircut. Don't let anybody tell you that I am not productive.

Well tonight I just have a little excerpt on deer. They are like rats in Missouri. Even though I am a vegetarian; I welcome all hunters. Shoot, give me a gun I'll take some of them out myself. On my drive home I always see a few deer just off the highway grazing.

This is crazy. I don't know why they eat there, so much for the days when the deer chilled out in a peaceful meadow. I don't know if you have ever stood near a highway but it is loud. I don't know how they do it and it is dangerous.

The grass must be sweeter or their really willing to risk their butts for a little road salt. Well I don't know what the cause may be, but please somebody shoot them. They are almost as bad as Canadian Geese. I would personally hunt the Canada Goose until it was extinct.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mother Of All Pagents Review

The bad news is we're having shit for dinner tonight, the good news is that there is a lot of it. Watching this show literally made me want to blow my brains out. It is crap. It didn't take me long to form my opinion. I don't think I made it to one comercial break. As a matter of fact the show has just gotten started and I am already wriing my review, and I don't have control of the clicker.

It is like watching an old woman undress. I just can't take my eyes off of it, it is like being in shock. You just hope that it ends and you don't end up nailing the old hag.

Well now they're working out as the competition. It is like they can't pull enough bodies out of this train wreck. I've never seen anything more awkward in my life. It is almost more awkward than the spelling of the word awkward. Sorry, I can't help it what does this show imply about America?

Are people really entertained by these peoples' tragedy and shallowness. Really can it get worse than a bunch of crap people judging other crap people. The judgement being passed might actaully be interpreted as advice. I don't want anybody listening to these judges.

A little addition they cut sashes off each other at the end of the show, and everybody cries. This show couldn't be any worse, and nobody learns anything from being on these shows. People on reality shows typically only display what losers they are. The only thing this show is the mother of all %#!@ ups.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

St. Louis Mills Mall Review

I went to St. Louis Mills Mall today. Wow, it is big. My girlfriend kept whining and couldn't keep up. It made Christmas Shopping miserable. She also wanted to pick out her own gift but didn't want to make up her mind. I can see how I was pissing her off trying to force her into a decision. I was acting like a high pressure salesperson. At one point I turned around and she had deserted me. The shame, the shame.

Overall, the mall could have benefited by having two levels. It may have made the shopping experience more convienient. Then again they had some really cool things. Like a skate park, hockey rink, glow in the dark mini golf, aquariam tour(this actually looked kind of stupid), Nascar store and Cabera's. Cabera's is an outdoors stor like Bass Pro Shop. It is huge, they had exhibits of stuffed animals, an aquariam and a whole bunch of cool stuff. My girlfriend loved it, she said it was like the zoo, and that it was like being outdoors without all the bugs.

St. Louis Mills is an outlet mall that offers a unique shopping experience through six differently themed neighborhoods. Interpretation here is a lot to see and that is part of the problem it wears you out. Just try to benefit by going there for an hour or two a couple of times. It will be a lot more enjoyable that way. It took us five hours to go through the mall, and it is not like we went into every shop, not even close. The good news is that you will be able to find a lot of great deals. They also have some hot items like Chuba Chubs, it's a sucker. My girlfriend is really into these, and sorry baby I know I probably got the name wrong. To get to the mall take 270 to 370 West and get off on the St Louis Mills Rd exit. If you miss it from there your a moron and I don't want you reading my blog.

Well guys the weekend is coming and so are the movie reviews. It has been tough, nothing has been worth seeing. I do need to hit up Atonement. Well catch you later.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Batman Superman Movie Rumor

I don't know how many of you have seen I am Legend. If you haven't I recommend you go see it whenver you get a chance. It is doing great at the box office. It set the record for December. It seems like Will Smith carries a lot of weight.

For those of you have seen it while watching the movie I noticed a few product placements. Bringing me to the movie omen. The movie had an ad for a Batman Superman film. The move said that this went down in 2009. Could we be seeing a rapid release after the Dark Knight featuring a Batman Superman duo.

I personally would expect to see one more Superman movie first, but what do I know. I am really excited I liked all of the Batman movies except for the on with Mr. Freeze. That couldn't have been much worse. Now, that I think about it the one with the Riddler wasn't that great either. That still doesn't stop me about getting stoked to see this film.

This raises movie bring to mind so many question. Will Batman & Superman battle? will the team up to battle a combo team of Lex and the Joker? Is the image of the poster I found for real? Yes. Will this movie take place between cities, and will the super heroes battle for jurisdiction? Will they welcom the help? This movie really has a lot of possibilities.

Batman Begins really rocked. That was probably my favorite. So far the Dark Knight looks pretty good. Joker really gets an evil twist. From the poster in I am Legend the Batman Superman movie will be cut from this new franchise. It should really be a hit, I can hardly wait. By the way if you it does come out you heard it hear first. If it never hits the big screen sorry for getting your hopes up. Oh no, I think I might be a dork. I'm going to halve to start drinking and smoking again, I'm mutating.

Rent Batman Begins.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bacana Brazilian Steakhouse - Christmas Party

Tonight I went to a Christmas party at Bacana Brazil it is a Brazilian steakhouse. I is locate near the Chesterfield Mall in West St. Louis County. For those of you who are not familiar that is where the rich folk live. A really quick mention I am a vegetarian, so, this had the potential to leave me in an awkward situation. It all worked out because I do eat fish and they serve a mean salmon. They also had a salad bar with some very high quality food. If you plan on going to this resturaunt it is going to be around $30 per person. Fortunately, I wasn't paying so I can't be sure about the pricing.

The serving style of the resturaunt was very interesting. Waiters constantly circled around carving meat off of skewers right on to your plate. Then they also came around with Brazilian sausages and chicken wings. The salmon was served from a platter. It is basically a really fancy salad bar. They had some really good looking steak choices. Bacanatested really put my will power to the test. Not to mention everyone commenting on how good the garlic steak tasted, how wonderful the pork chops were, and how absolutely juicy the sirloins were.

I did screw up and I ate some flan. I only had two small bites, before realizing flan is egg custard. I gave the rest to my girlfriend. It was tought giving it up. WHY DO ANIMALS PRODUCTS HAVE TO TASTE SOOOO GOOD? The resturaunt had a wide array of food suitable for a vegetarian. I wouldn't say it is worth the price however to go if you are only going to focus on the vegetarian dishes. If you are a meat lover though have at it, you won't be able to find a better experience.

The resturaunt is lively and has a modern decor. If you are in the St. Louis area the resturaunt is a must. At Bacana Brazil you'll have a blast and even people who are standoffish about foreign foods will be able to enjoy the experience. It's just really good gourmet food you can't go wrong by throwing business party or any other event. You get the best of both world unique dining and everyone will be comfortable.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Movie Review Tonight

It is snowing here in St. Louis. I can't really get out. I went to Thai Neuva tonight. It is a little resturaunt on Olive Blvd. My favorite resturaunt is the House of Wong, which is just south of 270 on Olive Blvd. There is also House of Wong in Clayton, I've never been there. They have a lot of great vegetarian meals.

At Thai Neuva I have NUMBER 53 with tofu. The menu is funny everything start out with Choice of Meat, and they have an item call U Don Na Mi "You don't know me", if your slow. I don't know how to say item 53 on the menu but it is tofu w/brocoli, baby corn, cauliflower, cabbage and a couple asian vegetables. It is pretty good, but for those of you don't want you tofu fried be sure to ask for it soft. It also, comes with a ball of white rice.

I treated myself to a little desert tonight, too. I had black bean with sticky rice in coconut milk. It was good. I can't have any other desert since they all have fruit in them and that is against food combining principles.

Still all in all I have to stick with the House of Wong. They serve brown rice, and that is important to me. I don't want to get fatter than I already am eating that white rice. They also, have really flavorful entrees. Okay time for me to shutup, just thinking about the House of Wong is making me hungry. I'm going to get some food goodbye

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Legend Movie Review

Go see this one. Awake is still a better movie especially seeing I am Legend will be packed all weekend. Will Smith is simply a talented actor. I thing part of what makes his performances good is that he only makes suttle changes to his character. When you see a movie with him in it you know him as Will Smith.

Anyway the preveiws are actually okay to watch on this one, at least the ones I've seen. That probably won't be true in a week. They'll need to entice viewers with more information. The story really isn't about what you may think. The movie was a bit of a curveball. Again, it was still really good.

This movie should be good for just about everyone. This movie contained just about every element a movie could contain. It didn't have a twist in the storyline, but that would have been inappropriate. Well I hope you get a chance to go see I am Legend or Awake this weekend. The review is in on these movies and they are both a must see.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weekend Movie Releases Review

This week three films are hitting the theatre, I am Legend, Alvin and The Chipmunks and The Perfect Holiday. Two of these films are probably going to be a wash. I can tell you now don't come back to my site for a review of The Perfect Holiday. I won't be checking that one out. I will probably go see I am Legend on Friday, and I'll may see Alvin & The Chipmunks on Saturday.

I am Legend looks pretty good. This is not my top pick yet I am still favoring Awake if you haven't see it yet. Some people think this movie looks stupid and others don't want to see it because of Will Smith's comments on AIDS (I personally didn't know he ever said anything. I really don't have much to do other than go see this one, since I quit drinking and smoking. It is amazing how much that changes you social life. I can't say I miss it though, I've been a lot more productive. Things change for the good and bad.

Alvin & The Chipmunks I just confirmed that my girlfrend doesn't want to see this one. I got to say it looks kid of wierd. I don't really know if I want to see a version of Alvin with a gangsta attitude. If the movie had more of a basis in the original cartoon I think it might be a bigger hit. It has been modernized, and that causes it to lose appeal. A lot of people who grew up with the characters may have gone to see this if it weren't for the poor marketing. HOLLYWOOD don't always try to make things hip. In any event the verdict isn't in on this on yet. If I go see it I hope I am wrong. If not I don't really care.

Any any event it look like were in a movie drought. George's picks for this weekend are: Awake, I am Legend, Enchanted, Bee Movie and rounding out the list The Golden Compass or Fred Clause if it is still showing in a theatre near you.

The movie is out check out my review RAMBO

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stalone Rambo Movie is Coming the Pre Review

I will not watch any previews for this movie. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. I don't really know why because I wasn't into Rambo films when I was younger. I just really want to see a classic style action flick, and I missed Die Hard with a Vengence in the theater. That is really odd because I go see movie like gangbusters. The only movie I haven't seen is This Christmas. I don't drink or smoke so I've got to do something. Okay okay I admit it I'm a dork.

Anyway, Rambo aired a preview during The Ultimate Fighter Finale. From the fiftee seconds I saw it looks explosive literally. I have also been a fan of Sylvester Stalone's other movies. The most recent Rocky was actually good. I was really suprised.

I am going to speculate how this movie is going to play out a bit. The worst scenario is if they give Rambo an anti-American spin. I swear if they do that somebody is getting hurt. I might not have a movie blog much longer if that happens. They could also have Rambo be a great underdog and end up dying while still saving te day. A martyr move would be a reall suprise. Finally they could follow the typical format. This is what I am hoping for, because if Rambo dies I'm a bit big to start crying in the theaters.

I a kind of sentimental about soldiers. I have a lot of respect for those who our serving our country. They always will get a great review from this guy. Well hopefully Rambo serves as a symbol of their courage and pays them tribute. Well I'll have some new movie reviews once they release something decent. I might have to go see This Christas tommorrow. Keep your fingers crossed I'd really like to review a different movie.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Bathroom at Work

I couldn't tell you about the ladies room at work but the mens room is one of the wierdest places. So much, can happen in there. Conversations can start up that are a barrel of laughs or that make everyone or just you feel really awkward.

I want to know what is up with the guy that goes and takes a leak in the stall. The stalls should be saved for when someone has to drop a load. Come on stall pisser get over your small penis complex or bladder shyness. By the way everyone assumes you have a small penis, even if you do don't worry about it nobody is going to look over.

I have to admit though I am guilty of using the stall. There are just some people that strike me as wierd I don't want to take a piss next to them. I've got a good strategy for avoiding that situation. I just act like I only had to wash my hands and come back ten minutes later. Maybe the guy using the stall when I'm in there thinks I am wierd, and doesn't want to take a leak next to me. I can see that happening sadly enough, if you read my blog you know I can be pretty obnoxious.

There are tons of characters in the men's room. What about the guy that always snorts and grunts before he takes a leak. Is that like saying,"Now presenting gentlemen and uhhhhh gentlemen my penin. Thank you, thank you." I hope it is not some sort of gay mating call. Who knows?

Okay I am going to skip the duece dropping portion of the bathroom. That is a whole different beast. What is it about times where your talking to someone and the conversation flows well but the next day it is just wierd. I can't figure out what that is about. It usually helps if something stupid happens like somebody farting while they take a piss or simply getting a cell phone call.

The one last thing that I am going to give a quick mention is coming out of the stall and realizing it was somebody in your department in the stall next to you. I don't know why but you simply don't want to know about the coworkers shitting habits that works two cubicles down.

Ladies please leave comments about what goes on in the womens room. Not because I am a perve, but because I know the social structure in there is a lot more complex. The ladies have couches and spend a lot more time in the restroom than men. We go then go. I don't know what they do, not married yet.

Link to a cartoon:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Movie Review The Golden Compass

Don't go see this movie. That being said I enjoyed the movie, but I could tell that the audience was kind of bored with the show. My girl reiterated the crowds feelings on the way home.

I thought the scenery was majestic and the movie touched on an abundance of social topics from drinking to courage and even free thought. Maybe it was a real thinkers movie. That being said I can see how it can be a bit much for kids. I was really surprised with how violent the movie was. One scene in paticular, I leave that for those of you who goto the show. I can't give The Golden Compass a bad movie review.

I will say that it doesn't appeal to any market very well. Too childish for adults and to adult for children.

As far as the cinemotography goes aces. As for being built for a sequel definitely. Will the sequel make it to the theatres fifty/fifty. Which leads to not going to see this movie even though I thought it was a good. A majority of people didn't like it and you probably won't see the end of this story in theatres. It might just be too expensive to risk a poor showing in theatres the second go around.

One more thought. Nicole Kidman plays an excellent vilan but doesn't appeal to a younger vision. I think she had a face lift too. A camera angle caught a real defining look. She's still hot though.

Well I hope my review of the Golden Compass helps you. I am still recommending Awake if you haven't caught the film already, Enchanted is your second best bet.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blog 6 - Feedburner Code

I just put some code from feedburner into my blog to monetize my RSS Feed with a whopping zero subscribers. Strange, since I know of three subscribers not including myself. Well maybe I will ask them to resubscribe. If they are getting my ads even though I don't think I care too much. I mean really I don't care too much about my count. The code I have added posts all the digg and related "flare" near the comments, throws in Adsense and sends statistics to feeburner.


Well this post is really a test b/c I made some real html markups and I don't know anything about writing xml. I will have to edit this post or delete it depending on how well this next stage works. Confession: I did buy a book on CSS, but I don't really know if that counts as an investment.

The bad news is that I don't think old posts are updated. Well let's see?

Alright, I've made two attempts. Both times it failed, I went in deleted some crap on my third try now it works. I guess I just had to keep playing around. Just save your template before doing all this crap. Copy and paste it into a file. This should really be a day one task. When I relaunch my blog, I'll detail all the steps I should have taken the first time around and provide the links.

I also, put in some tracking code. It hasn't materialized in stats or I simply have my feedreader in a bad spot. I may move it to the xml. What do I know though.

As an update I have drastically increased my stats I have been getting over 50 uniques views/day with a record of 126 the bad news is that I have a 86% bounce rate. The result of this traffic has been $.68, but I have taken some steps to better monetize my blog through feedburner AdSense and I have noticed that the quality of my ads have increased as well.

The way I got the additional traffic was through unique keyword results (onsite SEO), and offsite (SEO) by traslating the keywords in off sit links. Partially, accident but I have also followed some well given advice.

Mayweather vs Hatton Review

Well this fight couldn't have been worse. There is a reason MMA is taking over boxing. I didn't know whether I was watching a boxing match or priest trying to break up two homosexuals. Floyd kept holding and Hatton kept pressing and immediately the referee followed behind.

The fight simple wasn't interesting. I wish I could have told everybody not to spend $60 on the pay-per-view. Sorry, guys. I did tell my brother not to get this. I was right I am just glad we watched the Ultimate Fighter Finale first.

Hatton has a good personality, but you can just tell when you're watching boxing that it is fixed. From the referees to the judges. I mean seriously two of the judges looked like they just got back from a hit.

The real question is where did boxings heart go? Apparently to MMA.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mac Danzig - The Ultimate Fighter Vegan

This guy just dominated the other ultimate fighters. It was amazing. He totally dominated Tommy. He probably enjoyed it especially since Tommy and his family is a bunch of cow tortures. I am kidding.

I do have to give Mac kudos this would be a great opporuntity for him to drive his politics down other peoples throats. If you don't know he is a vegan (he will not use any products resulting fro the exploitation of animals), and he is huge into animal rights. We didn't hear a thing about it after he won and had a national audience.

I have recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and I am cosidering taking it to the vegan level. The thing is, I am not at all into animal rights. As a matter of fact I hope my boss takes me hunting sometime. I've never been. I just told him he is going to half to take care of the meat.

In the end I think if you are going to promote your views you should build your own median to carry your views to others. Mac seems to be following that principle. By the way the Ultimate Fighter Rocks. Start watching this show on Spike and buy the UFC pay-per-views.

Friday, December 7, 2007

No Country For Old Men Movie Review

Save your money. They should have called this move Nap Time For Old Men. It was monotone throughout. The story just played out

I am not a producer or writer but I think the Coehn Brother should note a piece of my advice. Movies and story are supposed to have a climax. Walt Disney has more of a pulse than this movie.

I admit a lot of you will like this movie and claim it has an artistic uniqueness. I say your all idiots and the Coehn Brothers made this movie just to have a good laugh at you. The know it was pointless, it is just their idea of a practical gag on the American people.

You should avoid this movie at all cost. Go see Awake I gave that a good review. Oh, the serial killer had two really unique weapons. Notice that the sheriff can't figure out what the one is but comes so close. Then tell me that wasn't lame.

Oh yeah, the Coehn brothers also totally missed the conclusion and every part that should be in the movie is skipped

August Rush Movie Review

This movie fell on deaf ears. That is funny because the movie is about. Specifically about a family that is seperated from the birth have no clue to each others wereabouts but the song of their heart leads them to each others arms.

It was lame and corny through and through. A suprise though. My girlfriend and my bro's wife loved this movie and even I can't deny I liked the movie. I did hate the whole Oliver Twist mixed with Cats spin. I mean really be original.

In any event don't be in a RUSH to see this one. It stinks.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for logical readers namely men. If you are women drag your boyfriend to this movie. It will be the most satisfaction you get all week. He suffers for two hours and you get some enjoyment. Kind of like reversing the role of sex, but that only takes him a minute right.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blog 5 - Update On Bum Marketing My Blog

Well, today I broke my $5.00 cherry it took me a little over a month. In two years I might get my first check from Google. I have been increasing traffic steadly actually. I have taken a Bum Marketing approach to date, and will only invest money I have earned by blogging. I guess I won't be relying on the interent to make my car payments. Guess what type of car I drive?

I try to get most of my traffic by commenting on other sites. I typically stick to two genres making money on-line and movies. I have also been incorporating Digg into my site. This has also lead to quite a few impressions.

It takes a lot of persistence to build traffic this way. Right now I spend about twetny minutes writing my blog and forty minutes trying to post real comment. After all I want people to be curious about who I am and get them to click on my link. I think it is vital that post be relevant to the topic on which you comment. If you don't have something intelligent,humerous or intriguing to say no one will want to follow your link. It is important that you be among the top ten commentators. If you want still post a comment but it won't get any clickthroughs.

On another note, I shouldn't be dogging an advertiser, but one of the ad read I got scammed 37 times. Am I really supposed to beleive that this guy is such a dumbass he banged his head against the wall thirty seven time and finally got it right. If you fail try again but change and learn something along the way. I know he wants you to sympathize and make you think he has had it worse and just wants to help out but for the love of God use some logic. Because I have failed 37 times I have found success. Where is the relationship?

Well keep up the hard work. Make that scrilla.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Google Payload by Alex Goad and Chris X

The pain the agony. This program may have worked at one point in time, but now it is being shot down. The idea is to take advantage of arbritrage. You pay a low price for traffic and resell the traffic at a higher price.

The two target search enginese were your low priced traffic provider and where you resell the traffic at a higher price. Basically, you design a landing page to convert the traffic from to traffic for It worked for a while but as I said the program is dead. Unless of course you can find another low cost search engine that provides clickthroughs.

I will keep it simple basically goclick was clicking through with a bot. The traffic was artificial. Searchanyway pick up on this as I am sure other search engines have and now these sites ban goclick traffic, and people who send traffic via goclick.

Alex, you should have kept this to yourself. You book caused enough problems for searchanyway that they picked up on a pretty good scheme. Then again I am not sure he even knew golick had a bot clicking on links.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Awake Movie Review

The movie Gods are smiling on me. This is the third good movie I have seen in a row. What is going on. Well I am always hesitant to give a way too much information about a movie I like. I liked this movie a lot so I am extra hesitant. I wouldn't want to blow the plot.

I will give you some advice for going to see this movie. Don't watch the previews or read any other reviews. Just go check this movie out in the theatre. The ticket is well worth the money. I typically, take the advice I have just given when I go to see any movie.

My method for picking movies involves glossing over the titles, looking at some of the posters if I have seen everything and buying a ticket. I cut the stop at the concession stand out of my movie going experience. Popcorn, my friend you are missed. Oh, in the first five minutes of the movie Jessica Alba's t-shirt gets really wet. I wasn't interested in that portion of the movie because I have a beautiful girlfriend. I just brought it up because I know a lot of you guys out there are single. Unfortunately, I think this movie is going to end up like the Shawshand Redemption, a well kept secret.

Movie Review Hitman - You'll Hit it or Not

Agent 47, the biggest suprise of the movie is that I think this guy was a virgin. His character was kind of wierd. The movie was really good though. I liked it a lot. Good action sequences and nothing that was too unbeleivable.

The way the romantic plot played out was unique and the movie stayed relatively true to the video game. Agent 47 was stiff there too. All in all I recommned this movie, but some of you will not like it at all.

The general rule of thumb on whether to check this movie out is if you like the video game and like action buy a ticket. Otherwise, skip this one. I enjoyed it immensely because of the testosterone factor.

Those of you who do frequent this type of a movie will like this one especially because it breaks from the ordinary. The one thing I will say is that all of the bald guys look the same. How did Detective Cruso imagine who knew who's hit were who's? The only plot fault.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Movie: Enchanted What a Surpirse

This movie has already been done. Cartoon character traveling through a port to our world and taking the form of regular looking people. I beleive the most recent movie being Fat Albert, which stunk. It has predictable jokes, the whole nine yard, but wait this isn't a bad reveiw.

I loved the movie I thought it was great. Despite knowing what was going to happen the director and writers gave it a unique and pleasant twist. They played upon your anticipation. Sit back relax and enjoy this movie with the kids. The adult orientated humor was so suttle that it made the movie all the better. It wasn't as direct as Shrek but it was just as funny.

Enchanted delivers!!! If you want take your girlfriend or just a buddy. If you miss the movie rent or buy the DVD. I am excited that Disney was able to pull this off, I had a negative attitude going in and now I am writing like a school girl. I would have never viewed this movie based on the previews. Ignore your intuition. I was simply fortunate that my brohter's wife suggested this movie. Hopefully, you'll be fortunate and read this blog before you miss this one in the theatres.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Mist - Shouldn't that be Fog

If you can manage to turn off your brain you might enjoy this movie, but if you have a critical eye you're doomed. I wouldn't say it is the typical horror movie, but it is close. A lot of stupid people taking all of the wrong actions. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

The thing that gets me the most is the title The Mist who calls it that it is fog but that movie already came out. I unwittingly thought that this movie was going to get creative with the mist and have that be scary. I was wrong the crap (monsters) and the reason behind the mist were corny. Also, to the director kids should be loveable not annoying, I was hoping for the kids demise from the onset.

If you are with your girlfriend check this movie out enough blood flow might be redirected to allow the film to be good. If not, skip this movie it can mist deez nutz. I am surprised but Stephen King movies are more often crap than not.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Don't Get It - Translation Work Avoidance

People at work tell me all the time "I don't get it". I will explain a simple concept and the next thing I hear, "I don't get it". I am starting to figure out that this can be interpreted as laziness. They don't get it because they fear they will be given extra responsibilities.

The reason, I know this is that they immediately want to do their normal mundane work and are not eager to learn something new. The sad thing is that half the time I hear this I am trying to help someone perform their job, not to assign new responsibilities. As a matter of fact, I don't even have that capability.

The Situation

I tried to explain to a coworker the logic behind the chart of accounts. Basically, most companies have the same logic and number system for coding asset, liabilites, equity and income statement accounts. I had spoken to A/P several times about this topic. Particularly the bookeepers. Manufacturing and Distribution (Mfg.) Expense accounts all begin with 60XXX while Sales and Administrative (S&A) Expense accounts all begin with 70XXX. So, logically any department related to the production of goods should be coded to 60 and the departments related to sales and upper management should be coded to 70. With the exception of Plant Management, Cost Accounting and Plant Engineering. The reason is that the information generated by these departments is directly related to the manufacturing process. Which should be matched to the period in which revenue occurs as Cost of Goods Sold.

Well, this simple explanation was to hard they still couldn't figure how to code expenses according to each department function. (Note: The last three numbers are the same for a particular expense type for instance 400 - Advertising). Then I said well this is as simple as it gets. If the department is above xxxx it is a S&A expense and gets a 70 if it is below xxxx it is a 57. They still acted like they were confused. You tell me what is not to get? They didn't want the help because they think with the efficeincy comes an increased responsibilities.

If your employees' don't get simple concepts fire them. Not because they're stupid but because they are lazy. Lazy people don't care about the business, they occupy their time with escaping work. Before you know it the infection begins. I call it the zombie effect. Idiot bites good employee, good employee turns to idiot and they bite two more people until you need to hire a janitor to mop up the drool from all the idiots that work for you.

The sad part is that it is your fault. You let the Zombie effect set.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am normally a mild tempered person, but today I almost experienced some real bad road rage. I had been sitting in traffic for about an hour and the traffic started to speed up. Good new right. Wrong, about 4 miles down to the road the fast lane came to a dead stop all of the sudden. I slammed on my breaks but still stopped a good bit before the car in front of me.

Then out of no where some lady slams on her breaks and is literally sitting in the same lane on my passenger side. Another car ended up to the left of me as well. I looked at both drivers. First the guy on the left because I had only glanced at the other car. He waved sorry all was well. Then I did a double take at the lady to my left. The beeotch was still hadn't put her cell phone down. She was looking to cut someone off in the next lane that was still moving at a good rate.

I can't beleive she didn't have the sense to get off her cell after almost being in an accident. Some poeple just have a lot of nerve.

I swear for I felt my foot get on that gas to rev into the next lane to catch up with her. I think I would have thrown her a beat down if I had caught her. She is lucky I remained collected.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How am I Doing?

Glad you asked. I have recently recieved my cholesterol results back and I got it down from 272 to 190. The problem is that my triglycerides are at 331 and my hDL fell to 35. I'll fix it though.

I now eat according to a book titled Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond. I should probably try to earn some money by promoting his book but oh well. It is only $7.00 but the food really sucks. He act like it is a cinch to follow, but your always trying to find foods that are in accordance with his plan.

It is a food combining diet. You basically can't mix fruit with anything, and keep carbs seperate from proteins as far as a meal goes. In America we eat hambugers, can't have 'em, steak and potatoes, can't have 'em, pizza can't have it. Get the idea. The good news is that salad goes with everything (insert sarcasm here).

I typically wake up eat fruit for the first half of the day. Close to dinner I have a salad and at about eight I eat a bowl of cereal with a lot of flaxseed. If you having trouble with the old bowels flaxseed is the way to go (every day at 9AM).

I have been eating like this for just over a month with the exception of thanksgiving. Turkey and pumpkin pie once a year can't hurt anybody so shut up. Anyway my total weight loss 20 lbs putting me at a slightly obese 220 lbs. I think I am starting to have that loose skin problem though from losing to much weight. I'll keep you updated, I get ideas in my head sometimes.

Monday, November 26, 2007

That Guy in the Office 1

There are always different types of people in the office that can be stereotyped. I personally am the jerk who stays late mosts nights and put in sixty plus hour work weeks. Then again, I am in the finance department and accountants are expected to work more than you other chumps.

Today's feature of That Guy in the Office is about the guy that always walks around with an invisible megaphone up to his mouth. It doesn't matter where you are, whether your in the conversation or what you are doing he makes sure you hear him. Fortunately, for me these guys tend to be sales people. Although from time to time someone decides to take on the role for a few weeks from my department.

Well let us analyze what this guy is trying to accomplish.

A. He is trying to sound smart. Megaphone Man this doesn't work when you speak loudly you are only ensuring that everyone picks up on every stupid thing you say. If you do have something intelligent to say you still sound like a moron.

B. He is trying to make sure everyone knows he is hard at work. Moron your talking. Not only do we hear you move from cube to cube, office to office but we hear that you are distracting people from work not accomplishing work.

C. He is trying to make sure everyone know that he is next in line for that big promotion. Megaphone on this one your such a peice of crap, everyone is just waiting for you to quit or get fired. Your so close to being tied up, dragged to the basement and being beaten with telephone books and baseball bats you don't even want to know. Just for you we should incorporate the modern day stoning of an office worker. Die Megaphone Man die.

D. He is trying to show that he is full of himself. Well, Megaphone Man mission accomplished. Now SHUT THE HELL UP.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blog 4: What is RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (among other things that aren't important). RSS is a feed through the Web that allows people to hook in to frequently updated sites for our purposes blogs. It shoots out the updates through a RSS reader to either e-mail, homepage, or the reader. The amount of text being delivered is controlled by the blogger. As the blogger you can allow people to see the full text, clips or titles. The most common tool used is called Feeburner from what I can tell.

To find out about Feedburner just go to They have a little pop-up that allows you to see how many people subscribe to your RSS. As per John Chow I am not going to show my RSS feed as I only have two subscribers. Unfortunately, I am one of them. If only I had a hundred or so close friends and family members I could get to become RSS feeds.

Why is RSS important? It helps you get better rankings in terms of the search engines, and shows that you are important. You can also try to make money using them but apparently the yare hard to monetize. Google's purchase of Feedburner should assist pretty soon, and with that will come more methods. The major bloggers all support RSS subscriptions.

As a side note go visit Mark Cuban at

The Queen - Take on the Movie

This movie was pretty good. I wouldn't have ever watched it if it weren't for my Mom. It sort of felt like a cross between a documentary, trash television and a dusty home video from the back of the closet.

I am not a fan of Princess Dianna, and my opinion of her and her story is straightforward. I thought she was a slut before she died and the after she died. I don't get how a country can idolize that selfish brat. She didn't deserve any attention and I wish the Queen didn't bow to the pressure of her subjects. She was Britians version of Paris Hilton. Men spread her legs like mustard. I am going to shutup before I get myself in too much trouble.

It is amazing how quickly people embrace the creation of a Camelot Legend when someone dies. Nobody, seems to remember Princess Dianna for the selfish, exploiting, bleeeep. They remember he as a great caring person. Well for those of you who know me it is okay if you remember me for the jerk that I am. If you want to you can even walk by and spit on my grave a few times. I know I will receive a few logies from this post alone

Well as for the movie, it was good. I am not into this type of flick but if you are I am sure you will enjoy. I am glad I didn't rent, buy or go see it in the theatres. I would consider this movie trash television. I just happened to view it all the way through because it is captivating. No, I am not above that.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blog 3: The Blog Kings - Make Money On-Line

I spend ore time researching than I do blogging. I think this is second to making sure you are blogging on a consistent and steady basis. There are three sites that I have found invaluable as research tools. They are, and, all of these links can be found under my Ground Breaking Sites list. is run by Darren Rowse. Basically, I think he has some of the best and most comprehensive content I have seen to date. A lot of his material is aimed at bloggers who have been at it for a while, but why wouldn't you want to ge ta head start and see what direction you need to be going. I like is site so much I hate follow it with this next part. I wouldn't sign up for his rss feed he posts to frequently for me and it is better for him if you view his blog daily. is run by, well try to guess? He offers a great free e-book Make Money Online on his site. DOWNLOAD IT. The e-book gives a lot of advice to beginning bloggers. If I had read this from the onset I would have avoided making a lot of mistakes. I am going to use these mistaked to my advantage by writing about how I fixed them later, to give some more fodder to my blog. is run by Jeremy Schoemaker. Again, provides a lot of great information. Sign up for his RSS feed. He and Darren Rowse kind of look alike thought.

I personally have commented on all of these sites but I have not targeted them to see if I can get the first comment. Getting the first comment on these sites is a good idea. Just make sure it is insightful and that you are directing users to related articles. It will build traffic and get you noticed b the old search engines.

To update everybody I haven't been able to break the five dollar mark and MSN is still a hater (they won't recognize my blog). I do plan on exploring some affiliate programs thanks to the advice of the above bloggers, and for the new guys like me restart your blog following the advice of John Chow's e-book, if you haven't started a blog read his book Make Money Online first. GET OUT THERE CHUMPS.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mr. Magorium's Wander Emporium

This movie failed to develop a plot that the audience could really get involved. Kids will probably like it but if you are taking the kids to see this movie expect to be the parent sitting through a boring 2 hours.

The main problem was Dustin Hoffman. It was like he was playing Rainman, only this time we were suppose to view him as smart. He acted like an idiot throughout the film. It was like he had down syndrome. His character simply turned me off, and the development of all the other characters was weak as well.

Despite the amount of time each character spent on the screne, they failed to connect with the audience. Each heart warming scene simply fail to captivate movie goers. For now go try your luck with The Bee Movie or Fred Clause if you have to take the kids to see something.

Sorry, I thought this would be a great movie too.

Thanksgiving 2

Boy have I been fortunate today. We had two Thanksgiving meals this year and the second was delivered. My brothers wife brought out a full meal including turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn bread, cranberry sauce and mashed tators.

We had to innovative with cooking the first meal due to the fact my Grandma's marbles are loose. She decided to tear apart her kitchen before she was able to get new appliances. She has to wait until after X-mas before everything will arrive. What would life be without the crazy family members we love?

My bro's wife did a really good job with the cooking, and managed to deliver everything 40 miles away piping hot. Oh, I forgot she also brought a Tippin pumpkin pie. For those of you who are not from St. Louis, Tippin's serve the best deserts. They used to have little desert restaraunt but foolishly closed them, or at least the one's I knew of.

Well I'd like to thank my Ma and G-Ma for the first people and my brother, his lovely wife and their dog Lola for the second meal. Bringing all that food out here was really selfless.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite days of the year. Football & Food who loses? Brett Farve and Donald Driver really tore it up for my Fantasy team. I just wish Mr. Driver would have scored a touchdown.

To be honest though Thanksgiving can get pretty boring. It is full of awkward moments. I think it is because everybody wants to avoid them. Kelly Clarkson is doing the halftime show hold on. Never mind she is not that interesting. CBS most of thought so as well the feed just went out. Oh, it's back. Shake it cheerleader's shake it.

Anyway, awkward moments just abound themselves on Thanksgiving. Even this halftime show appears to be awkward for Kelly. She should shut-up. Right now my mom is snoring and I have to sit here thinking should I wake her and if I do will I ignite the Thanksgiving powder keg. Better not. I'll just anounce to my family and girlfriend that I am coming out of the closet, and tell them I'm a Kelly Clarkson fan. Sorry, sorry, I know that's not funny.

Anyway have some Turkey and let your mom snore she cooked a great meal after all. HAPPY TURKEY DAY and if your liberal HAPPY TORTURE KILL SUPPRESS THE INDIANS AND HATE AMERICAN DAY.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blog 2: Research Part 1

Well last time I let you know I had everything setup. I have been blogging for sometime just to get a footing. Now that I have that footing I would like to share some more insight.

This blog is about the different oppurtunities Google offers so that you can earn some cash. I have explored Adsense for Content, Referals, Video and the Searh Engine. The best earner for my site has been the search engine. Basically users have to click on an Ad for you to have a chance at making money even when they use the search engine.

Adsense for content is basically a Pay Per Click source of income for you. Anytime someone click on an Ad you will earn a little money. Little is the operative word.

Adsense for Referals is a bit tougher racket. I haven't made any money from this opportunity. It is either a Pay Per Action or Commission Per Sale opportunity. This means someone has to either commit to some type of action on the advertisers website (i.e. sign up for a newsletter or buy something). It may be a combination of both. It appears that there is a range of earnings associated with the Referal service so some actions are most likely weighed more than others.

Adsense for Video allows you to have a video player on your site surrounded by Ads. Just another way to make money really. I haven't made much from this it seems that more people are interest in the videos and are distracted from the ads. At the end of the day you might as well have this feature. I may be detracting from the effectiveness of this by placing it at the bottom of the page and having to many posts show at once.

The search is a must this is my top money maker. It again, probably has something to do with the placement on my page. I have placed this at the top of my page. To earn from this feature an Ad most still be clicked on. This has been very useful.

I haven't made a significant amount of money to date but the good news is that I have been noticed by a few search engines. Any opinions on monetizing my blog are appreciated just leave a comment. Bring on the traffic.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hostel Franchise vs Saw Franchise

I have now seen both Hostel movies. I have seen all four Saw movies. The Hostel franchise not only fails to keep up with the release of movies but also the intensity. The Saw franchise of movies just gets to you and creeps you out. Saw movies also invalue a lesson. While movies like the Hills Have Eyes and Hostel fail to do anything but shock people.

I saw Hostel II last night and the only scene that made be cringe was when the lady chops off the guys member and feeds it to the dog. Who's not going to cringe besides some twisted beeotch's. Still, the scene wasn't really that bad other than I didn't want my girlfriends hands anywhere near my crotch for the rest of the evening. Now tell me who wants to watch a movie that is going to ruin sex for the night. Hostel II had a twist but even that was easy to catch. Mentally impaired people were probably calling out the ending in the theatres. Viewing IQ 70. Saw on the other hand makes your girlfreind cuttle up next to you and later after you disuade a few gruesome images IT'S ON.

I really hope they just keep the Saw movies going and they can put the kibash on HOSTEL. No more opinions needed Saw wins HOSTEL gets tortured to death CHECKMATE.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blog 1: The Beginning

I have been writing this blog for about three weeks now and I am ready to start my journey. Starting has been relatively simple. The goal of this blog is to interest readers in order to ultimately earn some scrilla. Many of my posts will be about opinions on movies, restaraunts and politics. Items not necessarily related to making money through blogging. Yet as the blog moves on I hope to share with you more and more information about the mistakes I have made and the triumphs I have acheived.

So far, I have started the blog and signed up for an Adsense account. This has all been relatively easy. There are many services to choose from. I have chosen Blogspot which is sponsored by Google but there are many opitions. I have also signed up for an Adsense account. This was easy as well. They asked for a bunch of information but they never contacted me. It took a couple of days to get my account going but eventually they sent me an e-mail and I was up. Most of the HTML stuff to get your blog going with ADs is just a copy and paste job there is no great mystery. I also, learned that you can get a Google search engine on your page through the same copy and paste html approach. For both items all one has to do is select a few options related how the application will work post it and go to the template portion of the blog to properly place the item. It's easy you'll see.

Not to fear I have more interesting things to share but to date I have made $4.02. The only traffic I have is from my friends and maybe a few other areas I'll discuss in an upcoming post. My next post will be on the types of advertising Google offers. Another, important note is that I have not yet been noticed by any search engines.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beowulf Animated Movie

The animation in Beowulf was awesome, but the acting wasn't animated at all. I still think this is an important movie to see. It is not because it is good though, but because it is a way to be a part of history, more on this later. There are some very cheesy scenes. Especially, when he gets naked. This kind of ruined the movie because there was a loud obnoxious "female dog lady" behind us who had to laugh histerically for about ten minutes every time they blocked his crotch. There was also a bunch of bratty kids that kept stomping through the theatre. My brother had enough balls to yell at them towards the end of the movie. Which brings the question how can parents so miserably fail kids nowadays. SLAP THOSE BRATS!!!!

Well, this movie maybe a turning point in history. This is the point where we find out if writers and animators have the ability to replace actors. Animators will definitely be able to represent animation that is true to life. I could tell some things were animated but there were scenes where I was confused. The question is whether they will be able to animate characters expression where they will cross cultural barriers, convey emotion, and move the audience.

I have not been able to decide whether it was the actors in Beowulf that failed or the animators. It is kind of funny that actors are helping train the animators to develop characters that may one day replace them. I wander if animators and writers will be the future famous people or will we still depend on actors and actresses to fulfil this function in society. After all people need to aspire to be something.

I'd again like to think my brother for speaking out and thank all those who have the courage to do the same.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Sweet Sweet Girl

Unfortunately, my darling girlfriend can never wait to give a gift. This means I got one of my X-mas gifts early. The good news is that the gift will help me improve the blog. Hooray. She got me a digital camera. This means I can bring you fun pictures from my life. I most warn there probably won't be many pictures as my life isn't that fun. I'd like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for the great gift. She is the best, but next time wait 'til Christmas.

The camera she purchased is the Kodak C763. She also got a great deal on the camera. I have been gloating on her a lot. I'll stop. The only negative aspect to my girlfriend as she works in the financial department of a wharehouse that sells a lot of MSG. To tranlate she always smells like chicken soup. Sometimes when I'm with her I don't know if I am horny or just hungry. It's wierd.