Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Movie: Enchanted What a Surpirse

This movie has already been done. Cartoon character traveling through a port to our world and taking the form of regular looking people. I beleive the most recent movie being Fat Albert, which stunk. It has predictable jokes, the whole nine yard, but wait this isn't a bad reveiw.

I loved the movie I thought it was great. Despite knowing what was going to happen the director and writers gave it a unique and pleasant twist. They played upon your anticipation. Sit back relax and enjoy this movie with the kids. The adult orientated humor was so suttle that it made the movie all the better. It wasn't as direct as Shrek but it was just as funny.

Enchanted delivers!!! If you want take your girlfriend or just a buddy. If you miss the movie rent or buy the DVD. I am excited that Disney was able to pull this off, I had a negative attitude going in and now I am writing like a school girl. I would have never viewed this movie based on the previews. Ignore your intuition. I was simply fortunate that my brohter's wife suggested this movie. Hopefully, you'll be fortunate and read this blog before you miss this one in the theatres.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Mist - Shouldn't that be Fog

If you can manage to turn off your brain you might enjoy this movie, but if you have a critical eye you're doomed. I wouldn't say it is the typical horror movie, but it is close. A lot of stupid people taking all of the wrong actions. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

The thing that gets me the most is the title The Mist who calls it that it is fog but that movie already came out. I unwittingly thought that this movie was going to get creative with the mist and have that be scary. I was wrong the crap (monsters) and the reason behind the mist were corny. Also, to the director kids should be loveable not annoying, I was hoping for the kids demise from the onset.

If you are with your girlfriend check this movie out enough blood flow might be redirected to allow the film to be good. If not, skip this movie it can mist deez nutz. I am surprised but Stephen King movies are more often crap than not.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Don't Get It - Translation Work Avoidance

People at work tell me all the time "I don't get it". I will explain a simple concept and the next thing I hear, "I don't get it". I am starting to figure out that this can be interpreted as laziness. They don't get it because they fear they will be given extra responsibilities.

The reason, I know this is that they immediately want to do their normal mundane work and are not eager to learn something new. The sad thing is that half the time I hear this I am trying to help someone perform their job, not to assign new responsibilities. As a matter of fact, I don't even have that capability.

The Situation

I tried to explain to a coworker the logic behind the chart of accounts. Basically, most companies have the same logic and number system for coding asset, liabilites, equity and income statement accounts. I had spoken to A/P several times about this topic. Particularly the bookeepers. Manufacturing and Distribution (Mfg.) Expense accounts all begin with 60XXX while Sales and Administrative (S&A) Expense accounts all begin with 70XXX. So, logically any department related to the production of goods should be coded to 60 and the departments related to sales and upper management should be coded to 70. With the exception of Plant Management, Cost Accounting and Plant Engineering. The reason is that the information generated by these departments is directly related to the manufacturing process. Which should be matched to the period in which revenue occurs as Cost of Goods Sold.

Well, this simple explanation was to hard they still couldn't figure how to code expenses according to each department function. (Note: The last three numbers are the same for a particular expense type for instance 400 - Advertising). Then I said well this is as simple as it gets. If the department is above xxxx it is a S&A expense and gets a 70 if it is below xxxx it is a 57. They still acted like they were confused. You tell me what is not to get? They didn't want the help because they think with the efficeincy comes an increased responsibilities.

If your employees' don't get simple concepts fire them. Not because they're stupid but because they are lazy. Lazy people don't care about the business, they occupy their time with escaping work. Before you know it the infection begins. I call it the zombie effect. Idiot bites good employee, good employee turns to idiot and they bite two more people until you need to hire a janitor to mop up the drool from all the idiots that work for you.

The sad part is that it is your fault. You let the Zombie effect set.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am normally a mild tempered person, but today I almost experienced some real bad road rage. I had been sitting in traffic for about an hour and the traffic started to speed up. Good new right. Wrong, about 4 miles down to the road the fast lane came to a dead stop all of the sudden. I slammed on my breaks but still stopped a good bit before the car in front of me.

Then out of no where some lady slams on her breaks and is literally sitting in the same lane on my passenger side. Another car ended up to the left of me as well. I looked at both drivers. First the guy on the left because I had only glanced at the other car. He waved sorry all was well. Then I did a double take at the lady to my left. The beeotch was still hadn't put her cell phone down. She was looking to cut someone off in the next lane that was still moving at a good rate.

I can't beleive she didn't have the sense to get off her cell after almost being in an accident. Some poeple just have a lot of nerve.

I swear for I felt my foot get on that gas to rev into the next lane to catch up with her. I think I would have thrown her a beat down if I had caught her. She is lucky I remained collected.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How am I Doing?

Glad you asked. I have recently recieved my cholesterol results back and I got it down from 272 to 190. The problem is that my triglycerides are at 331 and my hDL fell to 35. I'll fix it though.

I now eat according to a book titled Fit for Life by Harvey Diamond. I should probably try to earn some money by promoting his book but oh well. It is only $7.00 but the food really sucks. He act like it is a cinch to follow, but your always trying to find foods that are in accordance with his plan.

It is a food combining diet. You basically can't mix fruit with anything, and keep carbs seperate from proteins as far as a meal goes. In America we eat hambugers, can't have 'em, steak and potatoes, can't have 'em, pizza can't have it. Get the idea. The good news is that salad goes with everything (insert sarcasm here).

I typically wake up eat fruit for the first half of the day. Close to dinner I have a salad and at about eight I eat a bowl of cereal with a lot of flaxseed. If you having trouble with the old bowels flaxseed is the way to go (every day at 9AM).

I have been eating like this for just over a month with the exception of thanksgiving. Turkey and pumpkin pie once a year can't hurt anybody so shut up. Anyway my total weight loss 20 lbs putting me at a slightly obese 220 lbs. I think I am starting to have that loose skin problem though from losing to much weight. I'll keep you updated, I get ideas in my head sometimes.

Monday, November 26, 2007

That Guy in the Office 1

There are always different types of people in the office that can be stereotyped. I personally am the jerk who stays late mosts nights and put in sixty plus hour work weeks. Then again, I am in the finance department and accountants are expected to work more than you other chumps.

Today's feature of That Guy in the Office is about the guy that always walks around with an invisible megaphone up to his mouth. It doesn't matter where you are, whether your in the conversation or what you are doing he makes sure you hear him. Fortunately, for me these guys tend to be sales people. Although from time to time someone decides to take on the role for a few weeks from my department.

Well let us analyze what this guy is trying to accomplish.

A. He is trying to sound smart. Megaphone Man this doesn't work when you speak loudly you are only ensuring that everyone picks up on every stupid thing you say. If you do have something intelligent to say you still sound like a moron.

B. He is trying to make sure everyone knows he is hard at work. Moron your talking. Not only do we hear you move from cube to cube, office to office but we hear that you are distracting people from work not accomplishing work.

C. He is trying to make sure everyone know that he is next in line for that big promotion. Megaphone on this one your such a peice of crap, everyone is just waiting for you to quit or get fired. Your so close to being tied up, dragged to the basement and being beaten with telephone books and baseball bats you don't even want to know. Just for you we should incorporate the modern day stoning of an office worker. Die Megaphone Man die.

D. He is trying to show that he is full of himself. Well, Megaphone Man mission accomplished. Now SHUT THE HELL UP.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blog 4: What is RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (among other things that aren't important). RSS is a feed through the Web that allows people to hook in to frequently updated sites for our purposes blogs. It shoots out the updates through a RSS reader to either e-mail, homepage, or the reader. The amount of text being delivered is controlled by the blogger. As the blogger you can allow people to see the full text, clips or titles. The most common tool used is called Feeburner from what I can tell.

To find out about Feedburner just go to They have a little pop-up that allows you to see how many people subscribe to your RSS. As per John Chow I am not going to show my RSS feed as I only have two subscribers. Unfortunately, I am one of them. If only I had a hundred or so close friends and family members I could get to become RSS feeds.

Why is RSS important? It helps you get better rankings in terms of the search engines, and shows that you are important. You can also try to make money using them but apparently the yare hard to monetize. Google's purchase of Feedburner should assist pretty soon, and with that will come more methods. The major bloggers all support RSS subscriptions.

As a side note go visit Mark Cuban at

The Queen - Take on the Movie

This movie was pretty good. I wouldn't have ever watched it if it weren't for my Mom. It sort of felt like a cross between a documentary, trash television and a dusty home video from the back of the closet.

I am not a fan of Princess Dianna, and my opinion of her and her story is straightforward. I thought she was a slut before she died and the after she died. I don't get how a country can idolize that selfish brat. She didn't deserve any attention and I wish the Queen didn't bow to the pressure of her subjects. She was Britians version of Paris Hilton. Men spread her legs like mustard. I am going to shutup before I get myself in too much trouble.

It is amazing how quickly people embrace the creation of a Camelot Legend when someone dies. Nobody, seems to remember Princess Dianna for the selfish, exploiting, bleeeep. They remember he as a great caring person. Well for those of you who know me it is okay if you remember me for the jerk that I am. If you want to you can even walk by and spit on my grave a few times. I know I will receive a few logies from this post alone

Well as for the movie, it was good. I am not into this type of flick but if you are I am sure you will enjoy. I am glad I didn't rent, buy or go see it in the theatres. I would consider this movie trash television. I just happened to view it all the way through because it is captivating. No, I am not above that.