Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Walk Hard: The Story of Dewey Cox Movie

I really liked this movie I thought it was hillarious and so did four of the five people I went with. Everybody knows this is just a movie made to poke fun at the history of rock. They did exactly that and they did it successfully.

Another thing I love is one not all of the stuff in the previews is in the movie and it was mainly the first five minutes of the movie again. The previews don't ruin this one too much. Unlike, the previews for Charlie Wilson's War. Walk Hard is worth the price of admission check this one out for sure if you are in the mood for some comedy.

I thought it was a bit wierd that I missed AVP2 was coming out over Christmas and the same as the Sea Horse movie. Not really into either one of these. Good luck if you go see those. I am recommending Walk Hard, Charlie Brown's War,I am Legend, Enchanted, Awake, Juno (teens with parents) and then your pick. By the way just kidding Charlie Wilson's war. Now that I am thinking about it they should get the Peanut remanents back together and make Charlie Brown's War the would probably be a kick butt movie. And yes for the morons out there I know the creator of Peanuts has passed away.

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