Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mac Danzig - The Ultimate Fighter Vegan

This guy just dominated the other ultimate fighters. It was amazing. He totally dominated Tommy. He probably enjoyed it especially since Tommy and his family is a bunch of cow tortures. I am kidding.

I do have to give Mac kudos this would be a great opporuntity for him to drive his politics down other peoples throats. If you don't know he is a vegan (he will not use any products resulting fro the exploitation of animals), and he is huge into animal rights. We didn't hear a thing about it after he won and had a national audience.

I have recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and I am cosidering taking it to the vegan level. The thing is, I am not at all into animal rights. As a matter of fact I hope my boss takes me hunting sometime. I've never been. I just told him he is going to half to take care of the meat.

In the end I think if you are going to promote your views you should build your own median to carry your views to others. Mac seems to be following that principle. By the way the Ultimate Fighter Rocks. Start watching this show on Spike and buy the UFC pay-per-views.

Friday, December 7, 2007

No Country For Old Men Movie Review

Save your money. They should have called this move Nap Time For Old Men. It was monotone throughout. The story just played out

I am not a producer or writer but I think the Coehn Brother should note a piece of my advice. Movies and story are supposed to have a climax. Walt Disney has more of a pulse than this movie.

I admit a lot of you will like this movie and claim it has an artistic uniqueness. I say your all idiots and the Coehn Brothers made this movie just to have a good laugh at you. The know it was pointless, it is just their idea of a practical gag on the American people.

You should avoid this movie at all cost. Go see Awake I gave that a good review. Oh, the serial killer had two really unique weapons. Notice that the sheriff can't figure out what the one is but comes so close. Then tell me that wasn't lame.

Oh yeah, the Coehn brothers also totally missed the conclusion and every part that should be in the movie is skipped

August Rush Movie Review

This movie fell on deaf ears. That is funny because the movie is about. Specifically about a family that is seperated from the birth have no clue to each others wereabouts but the song of their heart leads them to each others arms.

It was lame and corny through and through. A suprise though. My girlfriend and my bro's wife loved this movie and even I can't deny I liked the movie. I did hate the whole Oliver Twist mixed with Cats spin. I mean really be original.

In any event don't be in a RUSH to see this one. It stinks.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for logical readers namely men. If you are women drag your boyfriend to this movie. It will be the most satisfaction you get all week. He suffers for two hours and you get some enjoyment. Kind of like reversing the role of sex, but that only takes him a minute right.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blog 5 - Update On Bum Marketing My Blog

Well, today I broke my $5.00 cherry it took me a little over a month. In two years I might get my first check from Google. I have been increasing traffic steadly actually. I have taken a Bum Marketing approach to date, and will only invest money I have earned by blogging. I guess I won't be relying on the interent to make my car payments. Guess what type of car I drive?

I try to get most of my traffic by commenting on other sites. I typically stick to two genres making money on-line and movies. I have also been incorporating Digg into my site. This has also lead to quite a few impressions.

It takes a lot of persistence to build traffic this way. Right now I spend about twetny minutes writing my blog and forty minutes trying to post real comment. After all I want people to be curious about who I am and get them to click on my link. I think it is vital that post be relevant to the topic on which you comment. If you don't have something intelligent,humerous or intriguing to say no one will want to follow your link. It is important that you be among the top ten commentators. If you want still post a comment but it won't get any clickthroughs.

On another note, I shouldn't be dogging an advertiser, but one of the ad read I got scammed 37 times. Am I really supposed to beleive that this guy is such a dumbass he banged his head against the wall thirty seven time and finally got it right. If you fail try again but change and learn something along the way. I know he wants you to sympathize and make you think he has had it worse and just wants to help out but for the love of God use some logic. Because I have failed 37 times I have found success. Where is the relationship?

Well keep up the hard work. Make that scrilla.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Google Payload by Alex Goad and Chris X

The pain the agony. This program may have worked at one point in time, but now it is being shot down. The idea is to take advantage of arbritrage. You pay a low price for traffic and resell the traffic at a higher price.

The two target search enginese were your low priced traffic provider and where you resell the traffic at a higher price. Basically, you design a landing page to convert the traffic from to traffic for It worked for a while but as I said the program is dead. Unless of course you can find another low cost search engine that provides clickthroughs.

I will keep it simple basically goclick was clicking through with a bot. The traffic was artificial. Searchanyway pick up on this as I am sure other search engines have and now these sites ban goclick traffic, and people who send traffic via goclick.

Alex, you should have kept this to yourself. You book caused enough problems for searchanyway that they picked up on a pretty good scheme. Then again I am not sure he even knew golick had a bot clicking on links.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Awake Movie Review

The movie Gods are smiling on me. This is the third good movie I have seen in a row. What is going on. Well I am always hesitant to give a way too much information about a movie I like. I liked this movie a lot so I am extra hesitant. I wouldn't want to blow the plot.

I will give you some advice for going to see this movie. Don't watch the previews or read any other reviews. Just go check this movie out in the theatre. The ticket is well worth the money. I typically, take the advice I have just given when I go to see any movie.

My method for picking movies involves glossing over the titles, looking at some of the posters if I have seen everything and buying a ticket. I cut the stop at the concession stand out of my movie going experience. Popcorn, my friend you are missed. Oh, in the first five minutes of the movie Jessica Alba's t-shirt gets really wet. I wasn't interested in that portion of the movie because I have a beautiful girlfriend. I just brought it up because I know a lot of you guys out there are single. Unfortunately, I think this movie is going to end up like the Shawshand Redemption, a well kept secret.

Movie Review Hitman - You'll Hit it or Not

Agent 47, the biggest suprise of the movie is that I think this guy was a virgin. His character was kind of wierd. The movie was really good though. I liked it a lot. Good action sequences and nothing that was too unbeleivable.

The way the romantic plot played out was unique and the movie stayed relatively true to the video game. Agent 47 was stiff there too. All in all I recommned this movie, but some of you will not like it at all.

The general rule of thumb on whether to check this movie out is if you like the video game and like action buy a ticket. Otherwise, skip this one. I enjoyed it immensely because of the testosterone factor.

Those of you who do frequent this type of a movie will like this one especially because it breaks from the ordinary. The one thing I will say is that all of the bald guys look the same. How did Detective Cruso imagine who knew who's hit were who's? The only plot fault.