Friday, November 23, 2007

Mr. Magorium's Wander Emporium

This movie failed to develop a plot that the audience could really get involved. Kids will probably like it but if you are taking the kids to see this movie expect to be the parent sitting through a boring 2 hours.

The main problem was Dustin Hoffman. It was like he was playing Rainman, only this time we were suppose to view him as smart. He acted like an idiot throughout the film. It was like he had down syndrome. His character simply turned me off, and the development of all the other characters was weak as well.

Despite the amount of time each character spent on the screne, they failed to connect with the audience. Each heart warming scene simply fail to captivate movie goers. For now go try your luck with The Bee Movie or Fred Clause if you have to take the kids to see something.

Sorry, I thought this would be a great movie too.

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