Sunday, December 23, 2007

Juno Movie Review

I can't say this was bad movie by any means. It was really good and well put together. It was funny and I know the producers were trying to capture the attention of teenagers and convey to them a message. In the end if the kids got great, but it is so obvious they didn't get anything.

Overall, the movie contained the right message.

All the teenagers laughed at really abrasive jokes about abortion and you could just tell they had a nonchalant attitude. This leaves a question. What will we do? I knew it was bad when I was a kid. I didn't say much about immoral behavior. I have no excuse. We simply can't depend on kids to logically gather notions about life. The only way to deal with teens is through fear.

I don't like it, but what else is left. We've tried hippy crap, that didn't work. Let's try the tried and true beating. I personally don't think I could spank my kids unfortunately. I'd like to be able to send my kids to a school that will take care of the punishment. By the way I couldn't even hit some guy in the face after he attacked me. Just pinned him to the ground and asked if you still wanted to fight. It is a good thing he said no. I don't think I could have hit him hard, like he deserved.

Well Juno is a good movie, but don't let your teens go see this movie without you by their sides. Have a talk with your kids about this movie a couple of days later. Ninety percent of the kids were in there with their partner, and yes they are probably having sex already. Drugs and sex were ran rampant through my high school. Judging by the intelligence of kids now it has gotten a lot worse. What will we do?

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