Saturday, July 9, 2011

B&B Wildwood Movie Theaters Review

I recommend this theater. I say that because I am about to complain about a few things.

Alight, the main thing is the Marquee Suites. To start I went up a number of times and it is hard to catch a movie in the suites. They need to develop a better way to let you know when to come see a show in the suites. I went to this theater five times before I could catch the movie I wanted to see in the suites.

Overall, I liked the Marquee suites. I like drinking, and having a place to set my drink. I don't like that you can't take drinks into movies not in the Marquee area, that sucks. Just give me a plastic cup and let me be on my way, Galaxy in Chesterfield does.

The location is great. The setup of the theater is awkward. I do not like buying my tickets at the concession stand and the automated ticket machines were broken twice. It tells you your card is declined, but really it is the machine. This really pissed me off the first time because I made a phone call to my bank.

After complaining about the improvement they need to make I will say this area is the best date spot. You can either walk to this theater or walk around once you get there because it is in a very scenic area. Table three and the Wildwood hotel (in case you plan on drinking not cheating) are right across the street as well as Indigo Joe's. A little further away are Twist (yogurt bar) and Coldstone creamery. There is also a little sushi joint or hit up Dierbergs for some sushi to eat outside. The only thing to improve this are would be to have a picnic area somewhere.

X Men First Class

Why? The problem I had with this movie is that it is inconsistent with the other movies. I could forgive the run in with Wolverine. I could easily look past that, but when you have inconsistencies like Magneto's helmet surprising Professor X in a later movie I am going to have to pick up on the shit that just fell off the writer's pen.

To some extent the movie was fun. If you are not nerdy like me, you should enjoy this flick. There are a lot of cool scenes. Some of the mutants are not that entertaining as well. I do have to say this movie almost inadvertently gives a great back drop on the Beast. For that alone it is worth seeing.

I recommend seeing this one in the theater but for the hardcore among you, expect a few disappointments.

Hangover 2 Over the Top

This might be a sign that I am getting old but I thought Hangover 2 was over the top. I thought the first movie was tastefully indiscreet. This made the first Hangover funny. The second one slapped trani penis in front of your face and half of the script was a variation of the f-word.

I thought the crack dealing monkey was pretty funny and there were a few scenes that cracked me up but overall it sucked. The reaction to events and the way people responds to the movie was also unrealistic. The story line was horse shit to say the least.

I wish the first one stood alone as a classic. The second Hangover is stinky taint.