Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Release

This movie hits theatres April 18th, 2008. Just a couple of weeks from now. I am looking forward to this movie. I am a fan of both Jackie Chan and Jet Li, it is great that they are both going to be in the same movie. It finally looks like we will get an epic kung fu movie that won't have to be dubbed.

I do have a major problem with this film. Why is there a skinny little twit cast as the hero. I am sick of this crap. Why can't you just have a group of bad ass's kicking the butt of the empire. That is what I was to see. Not some under dog douche bag learning kung fu.

This is really like making Karate Kid IV. When will producers of the era learn what a real hero is supposed to be. I don't mind if a hero is a twig boy if he is going to out wit his opponent but if he is going to kick his oponents ass it should be believable. Not some joker that picks up Kung Fu in a couple of months. Somebody needs to stop Hollywood from hanging themselves. I should become a producer or screenwriter.

21 Movie Review

This was a good movie. It really delivers. Kevin Spacey is a bit of a let down. He kind of acts like he is too much of bad ass. He really can't pull that role off. It is like he had done something is his past that stroke the fear of God into his students but they never indicate what that was.

It is really strange that they never indicated what Spacey's character had done in the past. I think he sold out one of his students to the thugs. This movie is about an MIT teacher that took a group of students to Las Vegas to count cards.

Well it looks like a lot of fun. I'd like to try it someday but I'll never have he time to pick up that skill. Well it is only right that the house allows players one advantage at the tables. Even it does take a whole bunch of skill.

Run Fat Boy Run Movie Review

This movie was hillarious. I thought because it did a really good job mixing a little bit of american comedy with british comedy. Believe it or not but this is a good brew. I liked Shawn of the dead but I wasn't a big fan of Hot Fuzz. This movie was definitely the best of the three.

I will say it does kind of suck that the American was the big jerk, guess what there was only one American in the movie. Well some people might say that we have an image to contend with. I say we just beat them into submission.

At the end of the day I can put my political orientation to the side. I would definitely go see this movie. I thought it was hillarious and so did everyone else. You don't have to trust my opinion alone.

Friday, April 4, 2008

World Combat League by Chuck Norris

Well, I saw the St. Louis team get knocked out of the playoffs at hom. The event was much better than I would have thought. I have been to a lot of make shift MMA events ad the production of this event was undoubtedly professional. Again, I was impressed.

I personally don't think this will be the next big martial arts sport. It is designed for activity. The rules in this league eliminate all the things that are seen as boring in a fight. For instance if you clinch without throwing a knee you are penalized a point and you can only throw one knee while in the clench. You also can't back away in an attempt to delay. We'll put it this way it is designed for non-stop action. It is basically fighting commercialized for the mass market.

Everything is designed to promote action. It is also, designed in a manner that allows fighters to fight weekly. The damage is minimized to the fighters by having the fighter fight in halves. If the fighters don't do well they can be taken out, and another fighter is brought in. This is obviously means we are dealing with a team approach. I see the benefits but to me it doesn't deserve the attention.

Fighters should fight independently of a team. It is a sport designed around endurance. I really don't think that true fight fans will support this long enough for it to become something realy special like the UFC. It is pretty entertaining even I will admit it.