Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UFC 83 Ill Will Review

The fights on the Pay-Per-View really sucked with the exception of a couple fights. they really played upto the Canadian fans by having a lot of Canadian fighters. The overall card stunk and there were some really weak fights.

Joe Rogan also wasn't the main commentator it was Kenny Florian. He did a really good job. I think it would be really wise for Elite XC to get rid of their commentators and replace Goldberg and those other smucks. I don't want to give them to many clues because I really favor the UFC.

Well I think Dana White has got to look at making up for this car. Hopefully, they plan a really good UFC 85. I am sure they've got the fights for that set already, but no matter what the Ultimate Fighter show has made up for a few screw ups this year.

UFC 83 George St. Pierre vs Matt Serra

I was really looking for Matt Serra to win this fight. I was blindly hopeful. Weel the first round didn't start of that poorly for Serra. St. Pierre definitely won but Serra was getting in some really good shots and at one point it looked like George had eaten one too many punches.

Serra was simply overwhelmed from there on out and Serra put him down to some punches. The end of the fight was a bit wierd it almost seemed like Serra gave a verbal submission. If anyone know leave a comment.

I was disappointed in this fight but I was impressed by George St. Pierre. There are three guys that seem to be undefeatable as Champions right now. St. Pierre, Silva and Penn once he beat Sherk. If Sherk wins I will make the same case for him.

UFC 83: Rich Franklin vs Travis Lutter

This was a very active first round for both fighters. Lutter was definitely giving Franklin fight in the first round. I though for sure Lutter landed Franklin in an arm bar in the first round. Franklin had an amazing escape he rolled at just the right time.

Well the first round was exciting and intense. In the second round Lutter totally gassed. He couldn't even put his hands up. He had no defense and guess what if you gas it is not going to take long for Franklin to put an end to you. Lutter needs to realize that the guys he is fighting are in shape. He needs to get into the ring in shape if he wants to be a champion.

Well I can't say that Lutter will see much more action in the UFC if he doesn't change his training regiment. It is really amazing that he has come as far as he has. This guy is an absolute chump. At the end of the fight he was simply hugging Franklin's leg at the end of the fight.

UFC 83: Nate Quarry vs Kalib Starnes

The only Canadian fighter to get booed by the Canadian audience Kalib Starnes. Not only did he get booed but they were appreciative of the American fighter. How did Kalib screw up so badly.

Well let me summarize all three rounds for you in a two word sentence. Kalib running. Yep that was the fight. Quarry even mocked Starnes at the end of the fight by covering his face and putting one fist forwarded. Kalib still ran but he was angry now. I can't believe he was literally running. There is no way Dana White invites him back to fight again.

Kalib was mad in the interview. The truth is that he has no one to be mad at except for himself.

UFC 83: Michael Bisping vs Charles McCarthy

Well the is Michael's first fight at the lower weight class. He came out wearing a hat and I didn't recognize him at all. He took off his hat and I was stillwas thinking who the heck is that guy. It is amazing how differently he looks after dropping the weight.

Well I am not going to say too much about this fight because McCarthy is a moron. During the first part of the fight I thought that McCarthy was going to actually put up a fight. Soon I found out that he was going to just roll over and let Bisping deliver a ton of punishing knees. It was sickening.

At the end of the day I really don't think we'll see McCarthy back in the UFC. Unless, Bisping got his liver earlier with another blow and McCarthy was just trying to carry through. I don't think Dana was satisfied with his performance. Fortunately for McCarthy Dana might be distracted by a bigger moron on this card.

UFC 83: Mark Bocek vs Mac Danzig

I will tell you I was really rooting for Mac Danzig, but my friend said Mark Bocek isn't going to be a push over. He said the odds on this one were simply not worth the risk, and I agree he was absolutely right on that.

At the end of the day Mac Danzig still ran through him after round one it was his fight. The first round seemed like a war. The second round definitely went the direction of Danzig. Bocek came out with a nasty gash under his eyebrow. I was suprised they didn't stop the fight. You could just see that he was gradually overcoming his opponent in the first moments of the round. It makes me think he is more of an endurance fighter, the good thing is that he definitely has enough power to still kick butt in the first round as well.

Well this ended as we all knew it would. Danzig took Bocek's back in the third round and slipped in the rear naked choke. Bocek's blood helped Danzig slip in the submission. That gash under

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Review

This was definitely a good movie. It did have several components that I despise. One of those was the skinny kid lead who is supposed to go fro being a coward to a hero. I think that is overdone. There was another more interesting character I typically hate, and I actually almost came out and ripped this movie because of this one character.

The character is The Monkey King. I thought the character was really pointless when viewing this movie. The Monkey King had a goofy look and acted just as dumb while being stupid. On top of all that he was supposed to be some type of ultimate warrior. I didn't get why they would have this character in the movie.

It was after the movie that I gained an appreciation for this character. This movie is actually based loosely off of some Chinese fairytales. The Monkey King is one of the Chinese favorites. They have even had several T.V. mini series and show based from the story of the Monkey King. I hate to spoil part of the plot but when the monkey king lets several strands of hair free there is actually a reason. That is all I will say for now.

The girl with white hair is also a fairytale character. You should also notice that the monk has a white horse. This is a characteristic attributable to the ancient monks. This movie has a lot of cultural education and I think it is very cool that they made his type of movie and tusted that it would translate to American audiences.

Well check this movie out for sure.