Saturday, December 22, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War Movie Review

Ahhhhh, a good movie. Go see this one. I give Charlie Wilson' War a great movie review. This movie was unbiased. I can see how some people might say the dem's are trying to steal some of the thunder from Ronald Reagan, but I didn't really see that. At the same time you could make comparisons to what was being said in the movie to Iraq and Afghanistan at the time and the view point favor republicans.

Well basically, watch taking the kids to this one there is nudity and drugs but fortunately it doesn't dominate the film. Another, job well done. Second, they don't potray anyone as being a really outstanding individual. Everyone is just kind of normal. Of course, they do great things and this is what makes this film inspiring.

Another, strange aspect to the film is that it incorporated several events that I can just barely remember from my childhood. It is like ghost from the past were brought to light. In any event this is one of the films that is worth the price of admission. Check it out.

National Treasure Book of Secrets Movie Review

This movie was a bit dull. It wasn't any different than the first movie. They must've been twins. The president appeared to be a really cool guy though. Maybe it a John Edwards conspiracy. Just kidding.

I would skip this one, it really isn't worth the eight fifty. I got say it is creative how they try to tye everything together with the national monuments and all. I think a lot of the reason I don't like this movie is that Nicholas Cage doesn't strike me as a real bright guy.

His voice is so nasal too. Well the difference between this movie and the first National Treasure. They kidnap the president don't cry this part was in the previews. The add the Dad's fight with ultra-smart Mom. I will say she was one hot granny piece of oh wait I better stop kids might be reading this post. That is the hottest old lady I have ever seen and the producers even gave her a couple seductive scenes (real suttle though). Bad guys aren't as bad as before.

Well the similarities. His mom is the antognist to the treasure hunting this time. He starts out fighting with his girlfriend. The find the last treasure in the same manner. Oh, there is oil in this room that was just flooded two seconds ago.

The good news is that there is a bonus goofy film to start the movie off. The bad news is that it sucked too. Well skip it.

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Movie Review

The Sweeney Todd movie review is not going to be a good one. To start this movie is a muscial. For most of you, enough said. For the rest of you the reasons why this movie sucks.

Well lets get started with monotone singing. They didn't change the tone from one actor to the next it was crazy. Every actor the guys the girls all had the same tone. It was like watching Ben Stien without the humor for two hours. If this movie had a feel it would be that of someone standing on my balls. It was a torture, pain and agony egg roll. It didn't make any sense, just like my previous sentence.

I wrote a song:

I'm in the theatres and its painful.
Johny Depp is singing and is not sustainable.
I wrote this next line just because I really don't want it to rhyme just to emit a little crap.
You didn't guess the next line.

I'm in the theatres and its painful.
I'm in the darkness and the screen is disdainful
What's this movie? What's in my head?
What's this garbage? What's this crap?

Come you viewer I like your money but live in France.
Come you American fools your president is dense.
Come you American you are crass.
Okay that's enough. The movie stunk. Don't go to this one, the person I was with enjoyed the movie. If you qualify as liking musical and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", you might want to check this one out. Keep in mind I somewhat like musical and I really like "The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I hate the film.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kite Runner Movie Review

My personal opinion is that Kite Runner should win film of the year at the Oscars. I really thought this movie was insightful. I would be giving a bad movie review of Kite Runner if I didn't tell you that sixty percent of people won't like this movie. It was slow at points. It really conveyed the story of the main charcters life.

Just to let you know this isn't a feel good film. It is based on realism and shows you the good and ugly of the human character. I usually don't do this but I am going to give a short synopsis. Kite Runner is about two Muslim children growing up in Afghanistan and one boy is followed to America and the movies focus narrows to him.

It is really amazing, this film hit the theatres. There are two great things, it shows that Muslims are willing to speak out. They don't want to be looked at as terrorist, and that they denounce extremism in their religion. Now if people ask where is the Muslim voice denouncing terrorism, I can say well I guess you haven't seen Kite Runner. The problem is that your not listening, the Muslim voice is loud. Yes, I consider a motion film a loud voice.

The second thing I liked about this film is that it didn't have a liberal agenda. If anything it is a bit right wing. I don't feel that that was the case. It was really unbiased and it ended up bein a good story. The stranges thing about his movie is that I have never been so disgusted with something and at the same time realized that there is a message and method to the madness. GO SEE THIS FILM.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Dropping

I finished my Christmas shopping today. Hooray. I also, had my coolant and oil changed and even got a haircut. Don't let anybody tell you that I am not productive.

Well tonight I just have a little excerpt on deer. They are like rats in Missouri. Even though I am a vegetarian; I welcome all hunters. Shoot, give me a gun I'll take some of them out myself. On my drive home I always see a few deer just off the highway grazing.

This is crazy. I don't know why they eat there, so much for the days when the deer chilled out in a peaceful meadow. I don't know if you have ever stood near a highway but it is loud. I don't know how they do it and it is dangerous.

The grass must be sweeter or their really willing to risk their butts for a little road salt. Well I don't know what the cause may be, but please somebody shoot them. They are almost as bad as Canadian Geese. I would personally hunt the Canada Goose until it was extinct.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mother Of All Pagents Review

The bad news is we're having shit for dinner tonight, the good news is that there is a lot of it. Watching this show literally made me want to blow my brains out. It is crap. It didn't take me long to form my opinion. I don't think I made it to one comercial break. As a matter of fact the show has just gotten started and I am already wriing my review, and I don't have control of the clicker.

It is like watching an old woman undress. I just can't take my eyes off of it, it is like being in shock. You just hope that it ends and you don't end up nailing the old hag.

Well now they're working out as the competition. It is like they can't pull enough bodies out of this train wreck. I've never seen anything more awkward in my life. It is almost more awkward than the spelling of the word awkward. Sorry, I can't help it what does this show imply about America?

Are people really entertained by these peoples' tragedy and shallowness. Really can it get worse than a bunch of crap people judging other crap people. The judgement being passed might actaully be interpreted as advice. I don't want anybody listening to these judges.

A little addition they cut sashes off each other at the end of the show, and everybody cries. This show couldn't be any worse, and nobody learns anything from being on these shows. People on reality shows typically only display what losers they are. The only thing this show is the mother of all %#!@ ups.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

St. Louis Mills Mall Review

I went to St. Louis Mills Mall today. Wow, it is big. My girlfriend kept whining and couldn't keep up. It made Christmas Shopping miserable. She also wanted to pick out her own gift but didn't want to make up her mind. I can see how I was pissing her off trying to force her into a decision. I was acting like a high pressure salesperson. At one point I turned around and she had deserted me. The shame, the shame.

Overall, the mall could have benefited by having two levels. It may have made the shopping experience more convienient. Then again they had some really cool things. Like a skate park, hockey rink, glow in the dark mini golf, aquariam tour(this actually looked kind of stupid), Nascar store and Cabera's. Cabera's is an outdoors stor like Bass Pro Shop. It is huge, they had exhibits of stuffed animals, an aquariam and a whole bunch of cool stuff. My girlfriend loved it, she said it was like the zoo, and that it was like being outdoors without all the bugs.

St. Louis Mills is an outlet mall that offers a unique shopping experience through six differently themed neighborhoods. Interpretation here is a lot to see and that is part of the problem it wears you out. Just try to benefit by going there for an hour or two a couple of times. It will be a lot more enjoyable that way. It took us five hours to go through the mall, and it is not like we went into every shop, not even close. The good news is that you will be able to find a lot of great deals. They also have some hot items like Chuba Chubs, it's a sucker. My girlfriend is really into these, and sorry baby I know I probably got the name wrong. To get to the mall take 270 to 370 West and get off on the St Louis Mills Rd exit. If you miss it from there your a moron and I don't want you reading my blog.

Well guys the weekend is coming and so are the movie reviews. It has been tough, nothing has been worth seeing. I do need to hit up Atonement. Well catch you later.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Batman Superman Movie Rumor

I don't know how many of you have seen I am Legend. If you haven't I recommend you go see it whenver you get a chance. It is doing great at the box office. It set the record for December. It seems like Will Smith carries a lot of weight.

For those of you have seen it while watching the movie I noticed a few product placements. Bringing me to the movie omen. The movie had an ad for a Batman Superman film. The move said that this went down in 2009. Could we be seeing a rapid release after the Dark Knight featuring a Batman Superman duo.

I personally would expect to see one more Superman movie first, but what do I know. I am really excited I liked all of the Batman movies except for the on with Mr. Freeze. That couldn't have been much worse. Now, that I think about it the one with the Riddler wasn't that great either. That still doesn't stop me about getting stoked to see this film.

This raises movie bring to mind so many question. Will Batman & Superman battle? will the team up to battle a combo team of Lex and the Joker? Is the image of the poster I found for real? Yes. Will this movie take place between cities, and will the super heroes battle for jurisdiction? Will they welcom the help? This movie really has a lot of possibilities.

Batman Begins really rocked. That was probably my favorite. So far the Dark Knight looks pretty good. Joker really gets an evil twist. From the poster in I am Legend the Batman Superman movie will be cut from this new franchise. It should really be a hit, I can hardly wait. By the way if you it does come out you heard it hear first. If it never hits the big screen sorry for getting your hopes up. Oh no, I think I might be a dork. I'm going to halve to start drinking and smoking again, I'm mutating.

Rent Batman Begins.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bacana Brazilian Steakhouse - Christmas Party

Tonight I went to a Christmas party at Bacana Brazil it is a Brazilian steakhouse. I is locate near the Chesterfield Mall in West St. Louis County. For those of you who are not familiar that is where the rich folk live. A really quick mention I am a vegetarian, so, this had the potential to leave me in an awkward situation. It all worked out because I do eat fish and they serve a mean salmon. They also had a salad bar with some very high quality food. If you plan on going to this resturaunt it is going to be around $30 per person. Fortunately, I wasn't paying so I can't be sure about the pricing.

The serving style of the resturaunt was very interesting. Waiters constantly circled around carving meat off of skewers right on to your plate. Then they also came around with Brazilian sausages and chicken wings. The salmon was served from a platter. It is basically a really fancy salad bar. They had some really good looking steak choices. Bacanatested really put my will power to the test. Not to mention everyone commenting on how good the garlic steak tasted, how wonderful the pork chops were, and how absolutely juicy the sirloins were.

I did screw up and I ate some flan. I only had two small bites, before realizing flan is egg custard. I gave the rest to my girlfriend. It was tought giving it up. WHY DO ANIMALS PRODUCTS HAVE TO TASTE SOOOO GOOD? The resturaunt had a wide array of food suitable for a vegetarian. I wouldn't say it is worth the price however to go if you are only going to focus on the vegetarian dishes. If you are a meat lover though have at it, you won't be able to find a better experience.

The resturaunt is lively and has a modern decor. If you are in the St. Louis area the resturaunt is a must. At Bacana Brazil you'll have a blast and even people who are standoffish about foreign foods will be able to enjoy the experience. It's just really good gourmet food you can't go wrong by throwing business party or any other event. You get the best of both world unique dining and everyone will be comfortable.