Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blog 5 - Update On Bum Marketing My Blog

Well, today I broke my $5.00 cherry it took me a little over a month. In two years I might get my first check from Google. I have been increasing traffic steadly actually. I have taken a Bum Marketing approach to date, and will only invest money I have earned by blogging. I guess I won't be relying on the interent to make my car payments. Guess what type of car I drive?

I try to get most of my traffic by commenting on other sites. I typically stick to two genres making money on-line and movies. I have also been incorporating Digg into my site. This has also lead to quite a few impressions.

It takes a lot of persistence to build traffic this way. Right now I spend about twetny minutes writing my blog and forty minutes trying to post real comment. After all I want people to be curious about who I am and get them to click on my link. I think it is vital that post be relevant to the topic on which you comment. If you don't have something intelligent,humerous or intriguing to say no one will want to follow your link. It is important that you be among the top ten commentators. If you want still post a comment but it won't get any clickthroughs.

On another note, I shouldn't be dogging an advertiser, but one of the ad read I got scammed 37 times. Am I really supposed to beleive that this guy is such a dumbass he banged his head against the wall thirty seven time and finally got it right. If you fail try again but change and learn something along the way. I know he wants you to sympathize and make you think he has had it worse and just wants to help out but for the love of God use some logic. Because I have failed 37 times I have found success. Where is the relationship?

Well keep up the hard work. Make that scrilla.

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