Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mother Of All Pagents Review

The bad news is we're having shit for dinner tonight, the good news is that there is a lot of it. Watching this show literally made me want to blow my brains out. It is crap. It didn't take me long to form my opinion. I don't think I made it to one comercial break. As a matter of fact the show has just gotten started and I am already wriing my review, and I don't have control of the clicker.

It is like watching an old woman undress. I just can't take my eyes off of it, it is like being in shock. You just hope that it ends and you don't end up nailing the old hag.

Well now they're working out as the competition. It is like they can't pull enough bodies out of this train wreck. I've never seen anything more awkward in my life. It is almost more awkward than the spelling of the word awkward. Sorry, I can't help it what does this show imply about America?

Are people really entertained by these peoples' tragedy and shallowness. Really can it get worse than a bunch of crap people judging other crap people. The judgement being passed might actaully be interpreted as advice. I don't want anybody listening to these judges.

A little addition they cut sashes off each other at the end of the show, and everybody cries. This show couldn't be any worse, and nobody learns anything from being on these shows. People on reality shows typically only display what losers they are. The only thing this show is the mother of all %#!@ ups.

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