Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Movie Review Tonight

It is snowing here in St. Louis. I can't really get out. I went to Thai Neuva tonight. It is a little resturaunt on Olive Blvd. My favorite resturaunt is the House of Wong, which is just south of 270 on Olive Blvd. There is also House of Wong in Clayton, I've never been there. They have a lot of great vegetarian meals.

At Thai Neuva I have NUMBER 53 with tofu. The menu is funny everything start out with Choice of Meat, and they have an item call U Don Na Mi "You don't know me", if your slow. I don't know how to say item 53 on the menu but it is tofu w/brocoli, baby corn, cauliflower, cabbage and a couple asian vegetables. It is pretty good, but for those of you don't want you tofu fried be sure to ask for it soft. It also, comes with a ball of white rice.

I treated myself to a little desert tonight, too. I had black bean with sticky rice in coconut milk. It was good. I can't have any other desert since they all have fruit in them and that is against food combining principles.

Still all in all I have to stick with the House of Wong. They serve brown rice, and that is important to me. I don't want to get fatter than I already am eating that white rice. They also, have really flavorful entrees. Okay time for me to shutup, just thinking about the House of Wong is making me hungry. I'm going to get some food goodbye

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Legend Movie Review

Go see this one. Awake is still a better movie especially seeing I am Legend will be packed all weekend. Will Smith is simply a talented actor. I thing part of what makes his performances good is that he only makes suttle changes to his character. When you see a movie with him in it you know him as Will Smith.

Anyway the preveiws are actually okay to watch on this one, at least the ones I've seen. That probably won't be true in a week. They'll need to entice viewers with more information. The story really isn't about what you may think. The movie was a bit of a curveball. Again, it was still really good.

This movie should be good for just about everyone. This movie contained just about every element a movie could contain. It didn't have a twist in the storyline, but that would have been inappropriate. Well I hope you get a chance to go see I am Legend or Awake this weekend. The review is in on these movies and they are both a must see.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weekend Movie Releases Review

This week three films are hitting the theatre, I am Legend, Alvin and The Chipmunks and The Perfect Holiday. Two of these films are probably going to be a wash. I can tell you now don't come back to my site for a review of The Perfect Holiday. I won't be checking that one out. I will probably go see I am Legend on Friday, and I'll may see Alvin & The Chipmunks on Saturday.

I am Legend looks pretty good. This is not my top pick yet I am still favoring Awake if you haven't see it yet. Some people think this movie looks stupid and others don't want to see it because of Will Smith's comments on AIDS (I personally didn't know he ever said anything. I really don't have much to do other than go see this one, since I quit drinking and smoking. It is amazing how much that changes you social life. I can't say I miss it though, I've been a lot more productive. Things change for the good and bad.

Alvin & The Chipmunks I just confirmed that my girlfrend doesn't want to see this one. I got to say it looks kid of wierd. I don't really know if I want to see a version of Alvin with a gangsta attitude. If the movie had more of a basis in the original cartoon I think it might be a bigger hit. It has been modernized, and that causes it to lose appeal. A lot of people who grew up with the characters may have gone to see this if it weren't for the poor marketing. HOLLYWOOD don't always try to make things hip. In any event the verdict isn't in on this on yet. If I go see it I hope I am wrong. If not I don't really care.

Any any event it look like were in a movie drought. George's picks for this weekend are: Awake, I am Legend, Enchanted, Bee Movie and rounding out the list The Golden Compass or Fred Clause if it is still showing in a theatre near you.

The movie is out check out my review RAMBO

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stalone Rambo Movie is Coming the Pre Review

I will not watch any previews for this movie. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. I don't really know why because I wasn't into Rambo films when I was younger. I just really want to see a classic style action flick, and I missed Die Hard with a Vengence in the theater. That is really odd because I go see movie like gangbusters. The only movie I haven't seen is This Christmas. I don't drink or smoke so I've got to do something. Okay okay I admit it I'm a dork.

Anyway, Rambo aired a preview during The Ultimate Fighter Finale. From the fiftee seconds I saw it looks explosive literally. I have also been a fan of Sylvester Stalone's other movies. The most recent Rocky was actually good. I was really suprised.

I am going to speculate how this movie is going to play out a bit. The worst scenario is if they give Rambo an anti-American spin. I swear if they do that somebody is getting hurt. I might not have a movie blog much longer if that happens. They could also have Rambo be a great underdog and end up dying while still saving te day. A martyr move would be a reall suprise. Finally they could follow the typical format. This is what I am hoping for, because if Rambo dies I'm a bit big to start crying in the theaters.

I a kind of sentimental about soldiers. I have a lot of respect for those who our serving our country. They always will get a great review from this guy. Well hopefully Rambo serves as a symbol of their courage and pays them tribute. Well I'll have some new movie reviews once they release something decent. I might have to go see This Christas tommorrow. Keep your fingers crossed I'd really like to review a different movie.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Bathroom at Work

I couldn't tell you about the ladies room at work but the mens room is one of the wierdest places. So much, can happen in there. Conversations can start up that are a barrel of laughs or that make everyone or just you feel really awkward.

I want to know what is up with the guy that goes and takes a leak in the stall. The stalls should be saved for when someone has to drop a load. Come on stall pisser get over your small penis complex or bladder shyness. By the way everyone assumes you have a small penis, even if you do don't worry about it nobody is going to look over.

I have to admit though I am guilty of using the stall. There are just some people that strike me as wierd I don't want to take a piss next to them. I've got a good strategy for avoiding that situation. I just act like I only had to wash my hands and come back ten minutes later. Maybe the guy using the stall when I'm in there thinks I am wierd, and doesn't want to take a leak next to me. I can see that happening sadly enough, if you read my blog you know I can be pretty obnoxious.

There are tons of characters in the men's room. What about the guy that always snorts and grunts before he takes a leak. Is that like saying,"Now presenting gentlemen and uhhhhh gentlemen my penin. Thank you, thank you." I hope it is not some sort of gay mating call. Who knows?

Okay I am going to skip the duece dropping portion of the bathroom. That is a whole different beast. What is it about times where your talking to someone and the conversation flows well but the next day it is just wierd. I can't figure out what that is about. It usually helps if something stupid happens like somebody farting while they take a piss or simply getting a cell phone call.

The one last thing that I am going to give a quick mention is coming out of the stall and realizing it was somebody in your department in the stall next to you. I don't know why but you simply don't want to know about the coworkers shitting habits that works two cubicles down.

Ladies please leave comments about what goes on in the womens room. Not because I am a perve, but because I know the social structure in there is a lot more complex. The ladies have couches and spend a lot more time in the restroom than men. We go then go. I don't know what they do, not married yet.

Link to a cartoon:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Movie Review The Golden Compass

Don't go see this movie. That being said I enjoyed the movie, but I could tell that the audience was kind of bored with the show. My girl reiterated the crowds feelings on the way home.

I thought the scenery was majestic and the movie touched on an abundance of social topics from drinking to courage and even free thought. Maybe it was a real thinkers movie. That being said I can see how it can be a bit much for kids. I was really surprised with how violent the movie was. One scene in paticular, I leave that for those of you who goto the show. I can't give The Golden Compass a bad movie review.

I will say that it doesn't appeal to any market very well. Too childish for adults and to adult for children.

As far as the cinemotography goes aces. As for being built for a sequel definitely. Will the sequel make it to the theatres fifty/fifty. Which leads to not going to see this movie even though I thought it was a good. A majority of people didn't like it and you probably won't see the end of this story in theatres. It might just be too expensive to risk a poor showing in theatres the second go around.

One more thought. Nicole Kidman plays an excellent vilan but doesn't appeal to a younger vision. I think she had a face lift too. A camera angle caught a real defining look. She's still hot though.

Well I hope my review of the Golden Compass helps you. I am still recommending Awake if you haven't caught the film already, Enchanted is your second best bet.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blog 6 - Feedburner Code

I just put some code from feedburner into my blog to monetize my RSS Feed with a whopping zero subscribers. Strange, since I know of three subscribers not including myself. Well maybe I will ask them to resubscribe. If they are getting my ads even though I don't think I care too much. I mean really I don't care too much about my count. The code I have added posts all the digg and related "flare" near the comments, throws in Adsense and sends statistics to feeburner.


Well this post is really a test b/c I made some real html markups and I don't know anything about writing xml. I will have to edit this post or delete it depending on how well this next stage works. Confession: I did buy a book on CSS, but I don't really know if that counts as an investment.

The bad news is that I don't think old posts are updated. Well let's see?

Alright, I've made two attempts. Both times it failed, I went in deleted some crap on my third try now it works. I guess I just had to keep playing around. Just save your template before doing all this crap. Copy and paste it into a file. This should really be a day one task. When I relaunch my blog, I'll detail all the steps I should have taken the first time around and provide the links.

I also, put in some tracking code. It hasn't materialized in stats or I simply have my feedreader in a bad spot. I may move it to the xml. What do I know though.

As an update I have drastically increased my stats I have been getting over 50 uniques views/day with a record of 126 the bad news is that I have a 86% bounce rate. The result of this traffic has been $.68, but I have taken some steps to better monetize my blog through feedburner AdSense and I have noticed that the quality of my ads have increased as well.

The way I got the additional traffic was through unique keyword results (onsite SEO), and offsite (SEO) by traslating the keywords in off sit links. Partially, accident but I have also followed some well given advice.

Mayweather vs Hatton Review

Well this fight couldn't have been worse. There is a reason MMA is taking over boxing. I didn't know whether I was watching a boxing match or priest trying to break up two homosexuals. Floyd kept holding and Hatton kept pressing and immediately the referee followed behind.

The fight simple wasn't interesting. I wish I could have told everybody not to spend $60 on the pay-per-view. Sorry, guys. I did tell my brother not to get this. I was right I am just glad we watched the Ultimate Fighter Finale first.

Hatton has a good personality, but you can just tell when you're watching boxing that it is fixed. From the referees to the judges. I mean seriously two of the judges looked like they just got back from a hit.

The real question is where did boxings heart go? Apparently to MMA.