Monday, December 17, 2007

Batman Superman Movie Rumor

I don't know how many of you have seen I am Legend. If you haven't I recommend you go see it whenver you get a chance. It is doing great at the box office. It set the record for December. It seems like Will Smith carries a lot of weight.

For those of you have seen it while watching the movie I noticed a few product placements. Bringing me to the movie omen. The movie had an ad for a Batman Superman film. The move said that this went down in 2009. Could we be seeing a rapid release after the Dark Knight featuring a Batman Superman duo.

I personally would expect to see one more Superman movie first, but what do I know. I am really excited I liked all of the Batman movies except for the on with Mr. Freeze. That couldn't have been much worse. Now, that I think about it the one with the Riddler wasn't that great either. That still doesn't stop me about getting stoked to see this film.

This raises movie bring to mind so many question. Will Batman & Superman battle? will the team up to battle a combo team of Lex and the Joker? Is the image of the poster I found for real? Yes. Will this movie take place between cities, and will the super heroes battle for jurisdiction? Will they welcom the help? This movie really has a lot of possibilities.

Batman Begins really rocked. That was probably my favorite. So far the Dark Knight looks pretty good. Joker really gets an evil twist. From the poster in I am Legend the Batman Superman movie will be cut from this new franchise. It should really be a hit, I can hardly wait. By the way if you it does come out you heard it hear first. If it never hits the big screen sorry for getting your hopes up. Oh no, I think I might be a dork. I'm going to halve to start drinking and smoking again, I'm mutating.

Rent Batman Begins.

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