Saturday, February 2, 2008

UFC 81 Breaking Point Review

I've got to say that this one was not as good as UFC 80 First Blood. There were some good fights but the preliminar fights were better than some of the big fights. It also seems like the UFC get stingier and stingier with each event that passes.

They seem to air less and less bouts. I also don't know if anybody notice Joe Rogan's slip up in the very beginning. It was pretty obvious. Brock Lesner really brought out the WWE guys. I think you might see more and more of them cross over as the WWE continues to crash. It is time to do the real deal boys. It either acting or fighting for real. I am guessing more of them pursue an acting career than a career in the UFC.

Well I have reviews of all of the fights aire live and on preliminary bout. I decided to skip the last couple preliminary bouts. My computer has got me in a finger wrist lock.

Well Dana White and Zuffa knew that this was a drama draw with Brock Lesner coming from the UFC. The UFC really needs to start putting multiple championship bouts together like they used too. There are definitely too many oraganizations around for them to start acting like they are untouchable just yet.
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Minotaura Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia Fight

Before the fight I was just sitting there thinking, "Please, please don't let this be another slow fight." I was also wandering why Cecil Peoples was one of the judges. It doesn't make sense to have him as a ref or judge in boxing. What the hell is he doing as a judge in MMA. I almost wish the mafia would hook him up with some cement shoes. Also, I think they were rubbing it in by showing that loser Jay-Z just before the fight.

Well Big Nog just got his butt rocked by Sylvia in round one. I can't beleive Big Nog survived the beating he got. To his credit he ended up in really good position with no time left in Round One.

You would think that Nogueira would have immediately taken Sylvia to the ground during round two. It didn't happen. Watching this fight in round two my buddies girlfriend mentioned that Sylvia looked like an Ogre. From there on out I picture the bout as Shrek vs Shrek duking it out. Apparently, the second round was pretty slow and uneventful.

Both fighter lumbered into the third round, they looked absolutely beat. Still Sylvia managed to get in a real good right. Shortly, after that Nogueira took it to the ground. He was on the bottom but with a few great moves and some attempts at a leg lock he ended up on top. From there he made short work of Sylvia and caught him in a viscious Guillotine. No blood to the brain for you Mr. Sylvia. It didn't take Nogueira very long to cut off Sylvia's supply. Just kidding I like Sylvia, just not to win this fight.

The after fight interview of Nogueira was absolutely hillarious. He called Sylvia a giant, and with his accent he sound so funny. I don't think anybody will be able to find Nogueira's after party. I have no clue what he said. Tim Sylvia as always shows a lot of class and he actual seemed to get a lot of cheers from the fans for a change. I can't really see why the fans don't like him other than the fact he is a goofy looking fighter, style included.
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Frank Mir vs Brock Lesner Fight

Well, I've got to agree with some of the pre-fight interviews. Brock Lesner needs to stop caring about all that WWE crap. Nobody cares who like MMA, this is the real deal. In Brock Lesner's defense Frank Mir needs to worry about those triple X gloves and wrestling skills. A lot of guys have come from Brock Lesner's background and really have wooped some butt in the UFC. Besides Sean Sherk trained at Lesner's place up in Montana, he has got to know something. Plus the guy is huge, and I don't think that he will get the Octagon gitters.

Well this started out off with Brock Lesner pummeling Frank Mir, and Steve Mazzagatti taking a B.S. point away from Brock Lesner. Then Lesner was being wreckless, and the obvious weakness developed. It wasn't long before Mir caught the knee bar. I do want to be sure everyone know Steve Mazzagatti did a terrible job. There should have at least been a warning and he should have pulled of Frank Mir a bit sooner. Even Frank Mir looked at him as if to say, "What are you doing? Did you forget you are the ref?"

I do think that we will see Brock Lesner comeback and he'll be a little smart next time. I know he went to college but I am still not sure that Brock is all that bright. That was a pretty obvious submission.
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Tim Boetsch vs David Heath Fight

Well Tim Boetsch is a rising star taking the fight on short notice and David Heath is fighting for his life in the UFC. The traditional makings of a great battle. It worked out. Well I guess that is why the aired this preliminary bout. It did take these guys a minute to get going.

Boetsch did use those body shots I mentioned in an earlier post that were under utilized. Heath was pretty much Boetsch's punching bag. Heath's body just got hacked away at during the first round. I will give Heath credit he can really take knees to the head. Eventually, Boetsch just visciously threw Heath to the ground and pummeled him.

Well this epic battle ends with Heath losing his life in the UFC and I am sure we will see Boetsch in some bigger fights shortly, Boetsch looked absolutely flawless. The underdog takes it with ten days notice and moves up from the ranks of the IFL.
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Nate Marquardt vs Jeremy Horn Fight

This was another brawl. Nate Marquardt almost knocked Jeremy Horn out in the first round but couldn't finish the game. The Jeremy Horn almost put him away with the realy good submission attempt. Marquardt had to be in some pain but put it behind him and rode out the attempt until he could flip out. It was still apparent that Marquardt won the first round.

The second started out on the ground with Marquardt on top and punished Jeremy Horn. Nate Marquardt then caught horn in a standing Guillotine off the fence, and Horn tapped almost immediately.

Well I give credit to Horn. He is getting ready to retire and he really put up a good fight. Jermey Horn has had a long run in the UFC and the UFC will miss him when he retires.

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Ricardo Almeida vs. Rob Yundt Fight

Well this was a quickie. Ricardo Almeida land the submission in the first round. He totally dominated Rob Yundt after being out of the game since 2004. Well, I guess he hasn't lost any steam.

I guess a guy has to support his family and his school. Fortunately he is able to make enough money in the UFC. It is really a good thing that these fighters are starting to make the money they deserve.

I have to give it to Almeida the Guillotine with the arm in, which apparently is a lot more difficult. I've got to admit I've never seen the submission landed like that before.

Apparently, the crowd hates decisions. No boos here.

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Tyson Griffin vs Gilson Tibau Fight Review

This fight was awesome Tyson Griffin really took it to Gilson. Gilson looked pretty good in round one up until he started getting rocked.

Tyson Griffin is a power house. He should really start using what every fighter under utilizes and that is body shots. You could tell that Tibau didn't want any more of that action. I have got to give it to Tibau I thought he was going to get knocked out several times. That boy can take a punch.

The thing that pissed me off is that the crowd was booing at the end. The people that go to these events can really be a bunch of jackasses. That was a great fight. Tyson put it on and that guy took it.

To the fans that were there if you read this get a clue or sell your ticket to a real fan. MMA fan I think are generally more versed and realize that a real chess match is going on in the Octagon.
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Hellboy II Coming Soon

I missed out on the first Hellboy I guess I will have to go check this out before going to see Hellboy II. It is amazing that I thought the first one looked absolutely stupid and I was a lot younger when that hit the theatres. The second one looks pretty good.

I do have to say the monster in Hellboy II looks suprisingly similar to the one in Cloverfield, which sucked. He also, looks really stupid up on top of that sign with that gaudy looking gun. All of the other characters see to be pretty cool. Well I'll check out Hellboy which everyone I've talked to liked. Then I a going to hit this movie up.

I should let the producers know that they need to come up with better large monster or eliminate them from the movie. They just make the flick seem cheesy. That is probably what turned me away from the Hellboy, didn't they have a giant worm in that movie. The villian in Hellboy II is a large part of the reason this movie looks good.

Well I hope to see you at the theatres and look forward to when I get to right my Hellboy II Movie Review.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Eye Movie Review

I had written this movie off. I didn't plan on seeing it because it looked stupid. Fortunately, it was because I was miss informed. I thought it was about a blind violinist and her doctor having a relationship.

Well it is based off an Asian movie and does follow the theme of The Grudge and The Ring. It was absolutely typical of Asian horror films, but we are not yet that familiar with that style and it is really enjoyable. I have seen a few more of these movies than most Americans, I am in to Cantonese films and have see quite a few. I have obviously used a picture of the original movie made in Hong Kong.

This movie definitely made me jump out of my seat a few times. It was scary and had an intellectual plot that was difficult to predict. I would recommend seeing this film but still you should see Rambo first.
Just a little not to those of you who would like to watch the Asian version of these movies before they even hit our theatres I've got the inside information. Just get off the couch and head into a few of the larger Asian grociers. You might get a pirated version of the movie, but it is still worth wild. They are really like a great book compared to a movie. The original format and vision tends to be better.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

There Will Be Blood Movie Review

This movie stunk. Where was the story? Where was the point? Am I supposed to walk away from this thinking that greed is what drives all business people, and there willing to do anything for the next dollar.

Great acting doesn't make a movie, if a great story doesn't follow. A great story has to have an ending. This movie only shows the story to a point, and abrubtly stops. I don't want to leave a theatre without answers. Many times when I go to a movie I think about the ending. I want to know if I am right or wrong. When my thoughts carry me passed the actual conclusion then the movie didn't make budget so to speak.

Some people will say it did have a conclusion. I say it doesn't? The consequence for the main character's actions are never revealed. I didn't like No Country For Old Men for this very same reason. Neither movie should be nominated for Best Picture. They both stunk and were inconclusive. I compare these movies to writing a book and removing all the key chapters only to leave the reader clueless. Fortunatly, it doesn't take a month to watch a movie and your released from this garbage in just a couple of hours. The problem is that most of us don't have a couple hours to waste on what some a-hole considers art.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet The Spartans Movie Review

This movie was really bad. I thought it would have been a lot funnier. This could be because as I am getting older I'm losing touch with pop culture. For those of you who are totally in the dark this is a comedic parody of the movie 300, and I can't say that the movie totally lacked humor. I just expected to laugh a lot more than I did.

My girlfriend laughed all the way through the movie but she loves this type of slap stick comedy. From the picture above you can tell they teased the movie You Got Served. I like this only because I wish dance movies would go away forever, the scene was actually drawn out and boring. Dance movie died with Footloose (Not a fan) and Dirty Dancing (Fan). I'm sorry but crotch grabbing, snickering at other dancers and taking a defensive posture doesn't spell rebel or danger in my mind. It pretty much spells G-A-Y. It translates into no money and having a skill nobody really cares about for ninety-nine percent of those who pursue a dancing career. Be like K-Fed, he's the must succesful dancer ever.

Back to Meet The Spartans. This movie simply failed to deliver. The concept followed to closely to the real movie with glaring inconsistencies. Like the masked guys in the original 300. They weren't pushed of the cliffs. It is also hard to tease a movie that movie fans really loved. The only thing that Meet The Spartans managed to do was point out two or three scenes that were absolutely ridiculous in 300.

My final advice is don't go see Meet The Spartans.
Spartan it only serves to ruin 300.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Untraceable Movie Review

Well, I actually saw this yesterday after Rambo. It was really just a bunch of typical overly predictable garbage. That is a bit harsh considering, I would say, I would have rather missed this one, but didn't leave the theatre feeling cheated. It was okay.

I really thought it was unbelievable. It just sounded like garbage and one of the people I went with was a programmer. He said if they can actually blacklist IP addresses they would have just written a program to shutdown the IP address as soon as it tried to pop back up again.

Definitely go see Rambo before this movie. If you are bored out of you mind and want to be shiftless go see this movie. All in all you would be better off taking a walk in the park or visiting the local bowling lanes. Keep in mind a did see Rambo before this movie so I could have followed up a absolutely great film (RAMBO has my nomination for best film in 2008) my a mediocre film so I didn't enjoy it as much as typical.

I will tell you. Once, you walk in to see Rambo, it seems like it is over in twenty minutes. Rambo is really fast paced.

Note to Hollywood. Stop doing Internet movies. It is a dangerous place we get the point. For some reason a guy sitting in front of a computer doesn't translate very well into fear. Boogie boogie I am the Internet monster and I am going to kill you using torture. Is the amount of hits my site getting escalate the drama. See it even sound lame.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rambo Movie Review

The best movie ever!!!!!!!!

Okay, I am exagerating but this was a great movie. It delivered the violence, it was bang bang shoot 'em up. Sylvester Stalone really knew what he was doing when he put this one together. You've got to make it to the theatres.

What make this movie great is that it sticks to it's genre and it has a simple but great story. I liked the newest Rocky, but this literally blows that movie out of the water.

I just hope this is a sign of things to come in 2008. I plan to write a more in depth review later, I just want everybody to go see this movie with as much of a blind fold on as possible before entering the theatre. HAVE FUN THIS ONE WON'T LET YOU DOWN.

Because of this movie I am convinced I have to go see Die Hard: With a Vengance. It has got to be the same deal right.