Monday, December 10, 2007

Movie Review The Golden Compass

Don't go see this movie. That being said I enjoyed the movie, but I could tell that the audience was kind of bored with the show. My girl reiterated the crowds feelings on the way home.

I thought the scenery was majestic and the movie touched on an abundance of social topics from drinking to courage and even free thought. Maybe it was a real thinkers movie. That being said I can see how it can be a bit much for kids. I was really surprised with how violent the movie was. One scene in paticular, I leave that for those of you who goto the show. I can't give The Golden Compass a bad movie review.

I will say that it doesn't appeal to any market very well. Too childish for adults and to adult for children.

As far as the cinemotography goes aces. As for being built for a sequel definitely. Will the sequel make it to the theatres fifty/fifty. Which leads to not going to see this movie even though I thought it was a good. A majority of people didn't like it and you probably won't see the end of this story in theatres. It might just be too expensive to risk a poor showing in theatres the second go around.

One more thought. Nicole Kidman plays an excellent vilan but doesn't appeal to a younger vision. I think she had a face lift too. A camera angle caught a real defining look. She's still hot though.

Well I hope my review of the Golden Compass helps you. I am still recommending Awake if you haven't caught the film already, Enchanted is your second best bet.

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