Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stalone Rambo Movie is Coming the Pre Review

I will not watch any previews for this movie. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. I don't really know why because I wasn't into Rambo films when I was younger. I just really want to see a classic style action flick, and I missed Die Hard with a Vengence in the theater. That is really odd because I go see movie like gangbusters. The only movie I haven't seen is This Christmas. I don't drink or smoke so I've got to do something. Okay okay I admit it I'm a dork.

Anyway, Rambo aired a preview during The Ultimate Fighter Finale. From the fiftee seconds I saw it looks explosive literally. I have also been a fan of Sylvester Stalone's other movies. The most recent Rocky was actually good. I was really suprised.

I am going to speculate how this movie is going to play out a bit. The worst scenario is if they give Rambo an anti-American spin. I swear if they do that somebody is getting hurt. I might not have a movie blog much longer if that happens. They could also have Rambo be a great underdog and end up dying while still saving te day. A martyr move would be a reall suprise. Finally they could follow the typical format. This is what I am hoping for, because if Rambo dies I'm a bit big to start crying in the theaters.

I a kind of sentimental about soldiers. I have a lot of respect for those who our serving our country. They always will get a great review from this guy. Well hopefully Rambo serves as a symbol of their courage and pays them tribute. Well I'll have some new movie reviews once they release something decent. I might have to go see This Christas tommorrow. Keep your fingers crossed I'd really like to review a different movie.

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