Friday, December 7, 2007

August Rush Movie Review

This movie fell on deaf ears. That is funny because the movie is about. Specifically about a family that is seperated from the birth have no clue to each others wereabouts but the song of their heart leads them to each others arms.

It was lame and corny through and through. A suprise though. My girlfriend and my bro's wife loved this movie and even I can't deny I liked the movie. I did hate the whole Oliver Twist mixed with Cats spin. I mean really be original.

In any event don't be in a RUSH to see this one. It stinks.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for logical readers namely men. If you are women drag your boyfriend to this movie. It will be the most satisfaction you get all week. He suffers for two hours and you get some enjoyment. Kind of like reversing the role of sex, but that only takes him a minute right.

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