Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blog 3: The Blog Kings - Make Money On-Line

I spend ore time researching than I do blogging. I think this is second to making sure you are blogging on a consistent and steady basis. There are three sites that I have found invaluable as research tools. They are, and, all of these links can be found under my Ground Breaking Sites list. is run by Darren Rowse. Basically, I think he has some of the best and most comprehensive content I have seen to date. A lot of his material is aimed at bloggers who have been at it for a while, but why wouldn't you want to ge ta head start and see what direction you need to be going. I like is site so much I hate follow it with this next part. I wouldn't sign up for his rss feed he posts to frequently for me and it is better for him if you view his blog daily. is run by, well try to guess? He offers a great free e-book Make Money Online on his site. DOWNLOAD IT. The e-book gives a lot of advice to beginning bloggers. If I had read this from the onset I would have avoided making a lot of mistakes. I am going to use these mistaked to my advantage by writing about how I fixed them later, to give some more fodder to my blog. is run by Jeremy Schoemaker. Again, provides a lot of great information. Sign up for his RSS feed. He and Darren Rowse kind of look alike thought.

I personally have commented on all of these sites but I have not targeted them to see if I can get the first comment. Getting the first comment on these sites is a good idea. Just make sure it is insightful and that you are directing users to related articles. It will build traffic and get you noticed b the old search engines.

To update everybody I haven't been able to break the five dollar mark and MSN is still a hater (they won't recognize my blog). I do plan on exploring some affiliate programs thanks to the advice of the above bloggers, and for the new guys like me restart your blog following the advice of John Chow's e-book, if you haven't started a blog read his book Make Money Online first. GET OUT THERE CHUMPS.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mr. Magorium's Wander Emporium

This movie failed to develop a plot that the audience could really get involved. Kids will probably like it but if you are taking the kids to see this movie expect to be the parent sitting through a boring 2 hours.

The main problem was Dustin Hoffman. It was like he was playing Rainman, only this time we were suppose to view him as smart. He acted like an idiot throughout the film. It was like he had down syndrome. His character simply turned me off, and the development of all the other characters was weak as well.

Despite the amount of time each character spent on the screne, they failed to connect with the audience. Each heart warming scene simply fail to captivate movie goers. For now go try your luck with The Bee Movie or Fred Clause if you have to take the kids to see something.

Sorry, I thought this would be a great movie too.

Thanksgiving 2

Boy have I been fortunate today. We had two Thanksgiving meals this year and the second was delivered. My brothers wife brought out a full meal including turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn bread, cranberry sauce and mashed tators.

We had to innovative with cooking the first meal due to the fact my Grandma's marbles are loose. She decided to tear apart her kitchen before she was able to get new appliances. She has to wait until after X-mas before everything will arrive. What would life be without the crazy family members we love?

My bro's wife did a really good job with the cooking, and managed to deliver everything 40 miles away piping hot. Oh, I forgot she also brought a Tippin pumpkin pie. For those of you who are not from St. Louis, Tippin's serve the best deserts. They used to have little desert restaraunt but foolishly closed them, or at least the one's I knew of.

Well I'd like to thank my Ma and G-Ma for the first people and my brother, his lovely wife and their dog Lola for the second meal. Bringing all that food out here was really selfless.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite days of the year. Football & Food who loses? Brett Farve and Donald Driver really tore it up for my Fantasy team. I just wish Mr. Driver would have scored a touchdown.

To be honest though Thanksgiving can get pretty boring. It is full of awkward moments. I think it is because everybody wants to avoid them. Kelly Clarkson is doing the halftime show hold on. Never mind she is not that interesting. CBS most of thought so as well the feed just went out. Oh, it's back. Shake it cheerleader's shake it.

Anyway, awkward moments just abound themselves on Thanksgiving. Even this halftime show appears to be awkward for Kelly. She should shut-up. Right now my mom is snoring and I have to sit here thinking should I wake her and if I do will I ignite the Thanksgiving powder keg. Better not. I'll just anounce to my family and girlfriend that I am coming out of the closet, and tell them I'm a Kelly Clarkson fan. Sorry, sorry, I know that's not funny.

Anyway have some Turkey and let your mom snore she cooked a great meal after all. HAPPY TURKEY DAY and if your liberal HAPPY TORTURE KILL SUPPRESS THE INDIANS AND HATE AMERICAN DAY.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blog 2: Research Part 1

Well last time I let you know I had everything setup. I have been blogging for sometime just to get a footing. Now that I have that footing I would like to share some more insight.

This blog is about the different oppurtunities Google offers so that you can earn some cash. I have explored Adsense for Content, Referals, Video and the Searh Engine. The best earner for my site has been the search engine. Basically users have to click on an Ad for you to have a chance at making money even when they use the search engine.

Adsense for content is basically a Pay Per Click source of income for you. Anytime someone click on an Ad you will earn a little money. Little is the operative word.

Adsense for Referals is a bit tougher racket. I haven't made any money from this opportunity. It is either a Pay Per Action or Commission Per Sale opportunity. This means someone has to either commit to some type of action on the advertisers website (i.e. sign up for a newsletter or buy something). It may be a combination of both. It appears that there is a range of earnings associated with the Referal service so some actions are most likely weighed more than others.

Adsense for Video allows you to have a video player on your site surrounded by Ads. Just another way to make money really. I haven't made much from this it seems that more people are interest in the videos and are distracted from the ads. At the end of the day you might as well have this feature. I may be detracting from the effectiveness of this by placing it at the bottom of the page and having to many posts show at once.

The search is a must this is my top money maker. It again, probably has something to do with the placement on my page. I have placed this at the top of my page. To earn from this feature an Ad most still be clicked on. This has been very useful.

I haven't made a significant amount of money to date but the good news is that I have been noticed by a few search engines. Any opinions on monetizing my blog are appreciated just leave a comment. Bring on the traffic.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hostel Franchise vs Saw Franchise

I have now seen both Hostel movies. I have seen all four Saw movies. The Hostel franchise not only fails to keep up with the release of movies but also the intensity. The Saw franchise of movies just gets to you and creeps you out. Saw movies also invalue a lesson. While movies like the Hills Have Eyes and Hostel fail to do anything but shock people.

I saw Hostel II last night and the only scene that made be cringe was when the lady chops off the guys member and feeds it to the dog. Who's not going to cringe besides some twisted beeotch's. Still, the scene wasn't really that bad other than I didn't want my girlfriends hands anywhere near my crotch for the rest of the evening. Now tell me who wants to watch a movie that is going to ruin sex for the night. Hostel II had a twist but even that was easy to catch. Mentally impaired people were probably calling out the ending in the theatres. Viewing IQ 70. Saw on the other hand makes your girlfreind cuttle up next to you and later after you disuade a few gruesome images IT'S ON.

I really hope they just keep the Saw movies going and they can put the kibash on HOSTEL. No more opinions needed Saw wins HOSTEL gets tortured to death CHECKMATE.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blog 1: The Beginning

I have been writing this blog for about three weeks now and I am ready to start my journey. Starting has been relatively simple. The goal of this blog is to interest readers in order to ultimately earn some scrilla. Many of my posts will be about opinions on movies, restaraunts and politics. Items not necessarily related to making money through blogging. Yet as the blog moves on I hope to share with you more and more information about the mistakes I have made and the triumphs I have acheived.

So far, I have started the blog and signed up for an Adsense account. This has all been relatively easy. There are many services to choose from. I have chosen Blogspot which is sponsored by Google but there are many opitions. I have also signed up for an Adsense account. This was easy as well. They asked for a bunch of information but they never contacted me. It took a couple of days to get my account going but eventually they sent me an e-mail and I was up. Most of the HTML stuff to get your blog going with ADs is just a copy and paste job there is no great mystery. I also, learned that you can get a Google search engine on your page through the same copy and paste html approach. For both items all one has to do is select a few options related how the application will work post it and go to the template portion of the blog to properly place the item. It's easy you'll see.

Not to fear I have more interesting things to share but to date I have made $4.02. The only traffic I have is from my friends and maybe a few other areas I'll discuss in an upcoming post. My next post will be on the types of advertising Google offers. Another, important note is that I have not yet been noticed by any search engines.