Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Movie: Enchanted What a Surpirse

This movie has already been done. Cartoon character traveling through a port to our world and taking the form of regular looking people. I beleive the most recent movie being Fat Albert, which stunk. It has predictable jokes, the whole nine yard, but wait this isn't a bad reveiw.

I loved the movie I thought it was great. Despite knowing what was going to happen the director and writers gave it a unique and pleasant twist. They played upon your anticipation. Sit back relax and enjoy this movie with the kids. The adult orientated humor was so suttle that it made the movie all the better. It wasn't as direct as Shrek but it was just as funny.

Enchanted delivers!!! If you want take your girlfriend or just a buddy. If you miss the movie rent or buy the DVD. I am excited that Disney was able to pull this off, I had a negative attitude going in and now I am writing like a school girl. I would have never viewed this movie based on the previews. Ignore your intuition. I was simply fortunate that my brohter's wife suggested this movie. Hopefully, you'll be fortunate and read this blog before you miss this one in the theatres.

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