Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite days of the year. Football & Food who loses? Brett Farve and Donald Driver really tore it up for my Fantasy team. I just wish Mr. Driver would have scored a touchdown.

To be honest though Thanksgiving can get pretty boring. It is full of awkward moments. I think it is because everybody wants to avoid them. Kelly Clarkson is doing the halftime show hold on. Never mind she is not that interesting. CBS most of thought so as well the feed just went out. Oh, it's back. Shake it cheerleader's shake it.

Anyway, awkward moments just abound themselves on Thanksgiving. Even this halftime show appears to be awkward for Kelly. She should shut-up. Right now my mom is snoring and I have to sit here thinking should I wake her and if I do will I ignite the Thanksgiving powder keg. Better not. I'll just anounce to my family and girlfriend that I am coming out of the closet, and tell them I'm a Kelly Clarkson fan. Sorry, sorry, I know that's not funny.

Anyway have some Turkey and let your mom snore she cooked a great meal after all. HAPPY TURKEY DAY and if your liberal HAPPY TORTURE KILL SUPPRESS THE INDIANS AND HATE AMERICAN DAY.

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