Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Bathroom at Work

I couldn't tell you about the ladies room at work but the mens room is one of the wierdest places. So much, can happen in there. Conversations can start up that are a barrel of laughs or that make everyone or just you feel really awkward.

I want to know what is up with the guy that goes and takes a leak in the stall. The stalls should be saved for when someone has to drop a load. Come on stall pisser get over your small penis complex or bladder shyness. By the way everyone assumes you have a small penis, even if you do don't worry about it nobody is going to look over.

I have to admit though I am guilty of using the stall. There are just some people that strike me as wierd I don't want to take a piss next to them. I've got a good strategy for avoiding that situation. I just act like I only had to wash my hands and come back ten minutes later. Maybe the guy using the stall when I'm in there thinks I am wierd, and doesn't want to take a leak next to me. I can see that happening sadly enough, if you read my blog you know I can be pretty obnoxious.

There are tons of characters in the men's room. What about the guy that always snorts and grunts before he takes a leak. Is that like saying,"Now presenting gentlemen and uhhhhh gentlemen my penin. Thank you, thank you." I hope it is not some sort of gay mating call. Who knows?

Okay I am going to skip the duece dropping portion of the bathroom. That is a whole different beast. What is it about times where your talking to someone and the conversation flows well but the next day it is just wierd. I can't figure out what that is about. It usually helps if something stupid happens like somebody farting while they take a piss or simply getting a cell phone call.

The one last thing that I am going to give a quick mention is coming out of the stall and realizing it was somebody in your department in the stall next to you. I don't know why but you simply don't want to know about the coworkers shitting habits that works two cubicles down.

Ladies please leave comments about what goes on in the womens room. Not because I am a perve, but because I know the social structure in there is a lot more complex. The ladies have couches and spend a lot more time in the restroom than men. We go then go. I don't know what they do, not married yet.

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