Friday, December 7, 2007

No Country For Old Men Movie Review

Save your money. They should have called this move Nap Time For Old Men. It was monotone throughout. The story just played out

I am not a producer or writer but I think the Coehn Brother should note a piece of my advice. Movies and story are supposed to have a climax. Walt Disney has more of a pulse than this movie.

I admit a lot of you will like this movie and claim it has an artistic uniqueness. I say your all idiots and the Coehn Brothers made this movie just to have a good laugh at you. The know it was pointless, it is just their idea of a practical gag on the American people.

You should avoid this movie at all cost. Go see Awake I gave that a good review. Oh, the serial killer had two really unique weapons. Notice that the sheriff can't figure out what the one is but comes so close. Then tell me that wasn't lame.

Oh yeah, the Coehn brothers also totally missed the conclusion and every part that should be in the movie is skipped

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