Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Queen - Take on the Movie

This movie was pretty good. I wouldn't have ever watched it if it weren't for my Mom. It sort of felt like a cross between a documentary, trash television and a dusty home video from the back of the closet.

I am not a fan of Princess Dianna, and my opinion of her and her story is straightforward. I thought she was a slut before she died and the after she died. I don't get how a country can idolize that selfish brat. She didn't deserve any attention and I wish the Queen didn't bow to the pressure of her subjects. She was Britians version of Paris Hilton. Men spread her legs like mustard. I am going to shutup before I get myself in too much trouble.

It is amazing how quickly people embrace the creation of a Camelot Legend when someone dies. Nobody, seems to remember Princess Dianna for the selfish, exploiting, bleeeep. They remember he as a great caring person. Well for those of you who know me it is okay if you remember me for the jerk that I am. If you want to you can even walk by and spit on my grave a few times. I know I will receive a few logies from this post alone

Well as for the movie, it was good. I am not into this type of flick but if you are I am sure you will enjoy. I am glad I didn't rent, buy or go see it in the theatres. I would consider this movie trash television. I just happened to view it all the way through because it is captivating. No, I am not above that.

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