Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kiss of the Dragon Movie Review

Another film from the past. This one is about a prostitute and a cop. Basically, the storyline is as scripted to a karate movie as it gets. The main character Chinese cop Jet Li who has been framed by French cops in France.

This movie had all of the stereotypical bad guys. The heartless leader, his best friend who just tears into people with guns, the pimp, the big strong black guy, and two brothers who look like twins. There is something about the French that makes them fail to be hardcore but just kind of snobby and rude.

The lead character is a cop with nothing in his life except for his dedication to his job. I really have never heard of overly dedicated cops. I wander if cops watch these movie and think, "I hate that guy he’s just like Johnson. Johnson’s like oh it’s got be by the book all the time but is always causing extreme damage to the city. I’d like to smack that guy." From my knowledge cops can’t even shoot a criminal firing back at them without getting in trouble.

The movie is missing the superior officer that doesn’t get along with the super cop. The movie does have a hooker, who is only guilty of circumstance, is being blackmailed into prostitution and truly does have a good heart. She really just wants to do the right thing.

Well some of the action sequences are really good. The movie is corny but so are most action flicks. That doesn’t stop me or most other guys from liking them. If you are into action and this is one you haven’t seen rent the DVD. It is short of being good enough to add to the collection but still entertaining. I remember this film being so much better so I bought the DVD.

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What is up With Wyoming

I have said in a previous post that I like the Google Maps feature when using Google Analytics. Well I have had visitors from all of the world. From third world countries and some countries I haven't even heard of before. You would think that I would have a visitor from every state, and in fact in most states I have over 50 visitors. Well I have at least three visitors in every state with the exception of one. Wyoming. What is up with that?
I am not going to rag on Wyoming but what the heck is there. I can't even name a city in Wyoming. Oh wait, Cheyenne Wyoming is the capital I think. Well, at least I am smarter than I had thought. Just so people in Wyoming don't hate me. My Grandfather visits a dude ranch there and is supporting the economy. He has said the countryside there is absolutely beautiful. I am pretty sure he goes every year.

Wyoming get it together start going to more movies and definitely start visiting my site. Will see if I get a visitor tomorrow. Maybe, I'll write an article about Wyoming.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Siege Movie Review

The Siege is a great movie. It is a movie prior to 9.11 about terrorism. It is truly one of the better movies I've seen, and guess what we didn't freak out. Part of what makes this good is it has both Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. It is kind of strange that terrorist had more insight than Hollywood, ad it is also kind of weird that the Twin Towers are still portrayed behind both Bruce Willis and Annette Bening on the cover.

The plot cover everything from terrorist cells to local response and the CIA. Well I would check this movie out, even though it is a blast from 1998. There really isn't a reason not to see this movie. It takes place in New York and there is action around every corner. It isn't senseless either, I think the average chick flick viewer would even get into this one.

Combine this with movie like Kite Runner and we really can start to get the picture and get a grasp of who is dangerous. The problem is that there probably are a few wing nuts in this country and I am sure you can't pick them out by profiling. As a matter of fact who was that Al Qaeda Supporter they just let out oh yeah Adam Gadahn.

Pushing the envelope.