Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iron Man Movie Coming Soon

I am really looking forward to the Iron Man movie. When I first saw the posters, I though to myself awww crap they are going vintage. The are going to try overdue a classic presentation of Iron Man. I was still excited to see it though. Vintage films can be a bit dull but that is better than the opposite mistake. Some movies try to be so futuristic and trendy a.k.a. Alvin & The Chipmunks they come off as really cheesy.

Well it appears that I was wrong. I saw a preview for Iron Man and it appears that they found the happy median. Will still have our Hero doing unbelievable thing in a somewhat believable setting. I couldn't be happier. This movie is going to be coming out May 2, 2008 and is sure to pack in quite a few movie goers.

As many of you know I don't like watching previews. I am somewhat lucky I saw a preview for this early on, because I will have forgotten about it by the time the movie rolls out. I am bit disappointed with the lead Robert Downey Jr. I am sure he is a good actor but at this point he doesn't seem like the right guy for the role. Hopefully, I am wrong. I really shouldn't pass judgement because I am not familiar with his work. Oh yeah, they made this movie and paid tribute to Black Sabbath's, Iron Man played during the preview. Hooray.

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