Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Movie Review

Wow, lets market a movie to nobody. That being said this is a good movie. If this looks like the type of film you'd like go check this out in the theatres. I simply don't think that this movie really appeals to anybody. It doesn't appeal to kids, adults just a few odd balls, and my brother's wife. She is a member of the United Kingdom. If they include a little Irish she's all about it.

Well I am not a fan. I will now write to ruin the movie so you don't have to spend your money. It is set during World War II. A little boy who lost his father in the war is still in hope that Daddy comes back. Cry little kid cry. He finds an egg, and almost makes the movie real short by stabbing the sea horse with a knife. He raises the thing in about a week. Then the military show off their guns and turn the sea horse crazy. I AM A CRAZY SEA HORSE BLAHH!!!! RUN FROM THE CRAZY SEA HORSE BOOGIE BOOGIE!!!!! The sea horse decides to try to eat the kid.

But wait the kid falls in the water and almost drowns while some jerks were hunting the thing. The Sea Horse has a change of heart and decides to save the boy. Once, out of the water the kid is still not out of the water. They do a crap job of trying to revive the kid. Everybody just looks at him. Well the kid has a flashback with his Dad. Children stay off drugs, flashback are inappropriate.

I think the director should have taken a risk and taught the brats in the theatre a lesson. Being don't mess with big creatures they will eat you. Well meanwhile a call from the hunters causes the Irish military to bombard one of their mythical creatures. This time the Sea Horse keeps it's cool as the boy rides it trying to beat the raising of the submarine net.

Wait, wait you gotta be kidding me a submarine net. Last time I check subs had torpedos. Well it is time for a Free Willy moment. That's right you remember the movie with the whale and jumping the rocks. This movie get original with a submarine net. Crazy isn't it. Well the big question is does the Sea Horse make the jump. Movie review to be continued. Just kidding.

The Mom is also a real magic hater, she says there are no such things as Sea Horses. Until, it rises from behind her and says, "Hey, Mum you're wrong."

Well parents if your kids read this I apologize. If they call you a choad you deserved that insult. Time for the END GAME. I was pretty harsh on this one considering it really wasn't that bad.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Great Debaters Movie Review

Guess what movie takes the top spot for new releases? The Great Debaters is really enjoyable. The only downside is that Wiley College always seems to debate the liberal point of view and wins over the more conservative point of view. How many people think that is the way the story played out in real life.

Well probably not and unfortunately they beat the University of Southern California not Harvard. Hey I am all for that switch it made the movie more exciting, and the changes better emphasizes to the audience the significance of the event.

I do have some quick commentary on the audience. Fortunately, this movie was good enough to quell the crowd. People were talking a lot at the beginning of this movie these disruptions were short lived.

Every character without exception had a human element and still appeared to be larger than life. The movie was fluid and portrayed the story of the debate team in a meaningful way. I am glad Harpo (Oprah's film company) got this one right. After, Purple they were struggling. I give The Great Debaters a great movie review. If you hit this one check out Kite Runner or Walk Hard next. One's a comedy the other another drama. That should give you some flexibility depending on your mood.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tribute to Benazir Bhutto

It is a tough time in history. Benazir Bhutto, loved her home country of Pakistan. She has been selfless in dedicating her life to supporting democracy in Pakistan. Even after her father was executed during a military coup, she still love her home country enough to return and become a political leader. Her life goal has been to support democracy and polictical freedom.

She will always be remembered as one of teh most courageous women in the world. In an atmosphere of intolerance she escalated herself to the most prominant political position in her country. Her loss will be suffered in Pakistan and across the world. BHUTTO!!! BHUTTO!!! BHUTTO!!!! Let her name ring across the world as an example to us all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

I don't know what it is but the day after Christmas is always especially gloomy. Can't really tell you why. Maybe we can feel all the Canadians up there having a shopping blast on Boxer's Day. I like the Canadians though they are a good people.

I don't feel like working writing this post or anything. I'm getting my tires changed by WalMart right now. It is pretty cheap, I couldn't believe it, I am glad the place I usually go to couldn't get me in until Friday. I saved about $100. There is a review for you.

I am going to start having my oil changes done there too since I signed up for the whole tire rotation deal, and roadside danger thing. That was a bit extra, but now when I shop there I'll just get my oil changed and tire rotated.

It really is a great way that WalMart adds convenience to the customer. I sound like such a sell out right now, but I've always supported WalMart. I've never had anything against them. I think ultimately they provide more jobs and more support to other economies than damage done to ours. Beside there is always deregulation if they get too high and mighty. As for the picture I just like this guy.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Walk Hard: The Story of Dewey Cox Movie

I really liked this movie I thought it was hillarious and so did four of the five people I went with. Everybody knows this is just a movie made to poke fun at the history of rock. They did exactly that and they did it successfully.

Another thing I love is one not all of the stuff in the previews is in the movie and it was mainly the first five minutes of the movie again. The previews don't ruin this one too much. Unlike, the previews for Charlie Wilson's War. Walk Hard is worth the price of admission check this one out for sure if you are in the mood for some comedy.

I thought it was a bit wierd that I missed AVP2 was coming out over Christmas and the same as the Sea Horse movie. Not really into either one of these. Good luck if you go see those. I am recommending Walk Hard, Charlie Brown's War,I am Legend, Enchanted, Awake, Juno (teens with parents) and then your pick. By the way just kidding Charlie Wilson's war. Now that I am thinking about it they should get the Peanut remanents back together and make Charlie Brown's War the would probably be a kick butt movie. And yes for the morons out there I know the creator of Peanuts has passed away.

Christmas Mass Review

I am so, so sorry. Well this year I was put between a rock and a hard place. Mass was the same as always. There were about ninety screaming kids that normally don't go to church, not that I do, but common. The kids don't bother me though, I think they are kind of funny and smooth out the boring parts. They were callin out to each other this year. Going eh eh eh and this you would hear another one do the same thing. It was cute.

Now for the reason I apologized. I sat behind a hot blond with a hot behind. Now when everyone is praying I am supposed to look down right were her butt is when praying. Now I didn't want everyone to think I was checking out her butt by looking down when I was supposed to be praying. I compromised and looked at the back of her neck. That way I am not disrespecting the G-man and I am not a pervert lookig at some hot chicks booty.

Then my mind got a hold of me, and I start thinking why do we put our head down when god is supposed to be in heaven above. When you talk to someone your supposed to look at them, that is being respectful. When we pray to God we look down. Then I though why the inconsistency? Well old men probably wanted to check out some tail, and came up with the great idea of looking down. Now, I'm thinking how many guys are supposed to be praying but are fantasizing about tapping the piece standing in front of them. I won't go on because I just slid further and further down the hill.

Then I caught myself a little before mass was over and realized that I was going to hell for sure. Lake of fire and fry baby. I'm so bad, please don't scold me too much if you leave a comment.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Lumiere Casino Review

I went to the Lumiere Casino review tonight. I threw ten bucks away in total gambling. I know I am cheap, I was up twenty and I decided I wanted to see some balls bounce around in a machine. I got to see that balls bounce but I wasted all my earnings to accomplish my goal.

Well the Lumiere Casino had a very new age atmosphere. It had a very cool feel, and the outside was beautiful. At the same time it is not overly spectacular. I also, went to the all you can eat buffet. They had a really good selection of vegetables and several types of fish. The meat looked good to and my girlfriend, mom and everyone thought the Creme Brulee was awesome. The staff is really pleasant; they could relax just a little. They are trying to impress and it is noticeable not natural. I noticed that a lot of guys were checking out the waitresses that circled the casino floor. Fortunately, I have an extra hot girlfriend and don't take part in that debauchery (Heheheeee Cough Cough). I preferred their buffet to the other casino, but two other people said Ameristar had a better buffet.

A neutral item is that they don't offer enough activities beside gambling. This issue maybe resolved when construction is complete so no point deducted on this topic.

The downside is that the entire place is filled with smoke. I got a really bad headache when I got there and I still haven't shaken it off. The casino is pretty small as well, and it is not completed. There are still a few areas under construction. The other casinos are able to set more of an ambiance. Lumiere doesn't quite pull this off. I think it will be able to maintain it's popularity, because it still beats the boats. The President's will probably go out of business eventually if they don't implement some great strategy soon. The Casino Queen will hold up because of the later drinking curfew in Illinois.

Well, I am not big into gambling. Everything looked nice and there were more modern slot machines compared to Harrah's and Ameristar. The Lumiere will pull business from the other casinos for a little while, but it will quickly lose it's appeal. Their long term strategy should be to target business travelers.

Two people in the group won money. I lost money, and one person claimed to break even. My girlfriend lost my money and two people didn't gamble. Overall, my group walked out with winnings. Again, gambling should be entertainment not an investment.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Juno Movie Review

I can't say this was bad movie by any means. It was really good and well put together. It was funny and I know the producers were trying to capture the attention of teenagers and convey to them a message. In the end if the kids got great, but it is so obvious they didn't get anything.

Overall, the movie contained the right message.

All the teenagers laughed at really abrasive jokes about abortion and you could just tell they had a nonchalant attitude. This leaves a question. What will we do? I knew it was bad when I was a kid. I didn't say much about immoral behavior. I have no excuse. We simply can't depend on kids to logically gather notions about life. The only way to deal with teens is through fear.

I don't like it, but what else is left. We've tried hippy crap, that didn't work. Let's try the tried and true beating. I personally don't think I could spank my kids unfortunately. I'd like to be able to send my kids to a school that will take care of the punishment. By the way I couldn't even hit some guy in the face after he attacked me. Just pinned him to the ground and asked if you still wanted to fight. It is a good thing he said no. I don't think I could have hit him hard, like he deserved.

Well Juno is a good movie, but don't let your teens go see this movie without you by their sides. Have a talk with your kids about this movie a couple of days later. Ninety percent of the kids were in there with their partner, and yes they are probably having sex already. Drugs and sex were ran rampant through my high school. Judging by the intelligence of kids now it has gotten a lot worse. What will we do?