Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beowulf Animated Movie

The animation in Beowulf was awesome, but the acting wasn't animated at all. I still think this is an important movie to see. It is not because it is good though, but because it is a way to be a part of history, more on this later. There are some very cheesy scenes. Especially, when he gets naked. This kind of ruined the movie because there was a loud obnoxious "female dog lady" behind us who had to laugh histerically for about ten minutes every time they blocked his crotch. There was also a bunch of bratty kids that kept stomping through the theatre. My brother had enough balls to yell at them towards the end of the movie. Which brings the question how can parents so miserably fail kids nowadays. SLAP THOSE BRATS!!!!

Well, this movie maybe a turning point in history. This is the point where we find out if writers and animators have the ability to replace actors. Animators will definitely be able to represent animation that is true to life. I could tell some things were animated but there were scenes where I was confused. The question is whether they will be able to animate characters expression where they will cross cultural barriers, convey emotion, and move the audience.

I have not been able to decide whether it was the actors in Beowulf that failed or the animators. It is kind of funny that actors are helping train the animators to develop characters that may one day replace them. I wander if animators and writers will be the future famous people or will we still depend on actors and actresses to fulfil this function in society. After all people need to aspire to be something.

I'd again like to think my brother for speaking out and thank all those who have the courage to do the same.

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