Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Movie Review

The Sweeney Todd movie review is not going to be a good one. To start this movie is a muscial. For most of you, enough said. For the rest of you the reasons why this movie sucks.

Well lets get started with monotone singing. They didn't change the tone from one actor to the next it was crazy. Every actor the guys the girls all had the same tone. It was like watching Ben Stien without the humor for two hours. If this movie had a feel it would be that of someone standing on my balls. It was a torture, pain and agony egg roll. It didn't make any sense, just like my previous sentence.

I wrote a song:

I'm in the theatres and its painful.
Johny Depp is singing and is not sustainable.
I wrote this next line just because I really don't want it to rhyme just to emit a little crap.
You didn't guess the next line.

I'm in the theatres and its painful.
I'm in the darkness and the screen is disdainful
What's this movie? What's in my head?
What's this garbage? What's this crap?

Come you viewer I like your money but live in France.
Come you American fools your president is dense.
Come you American you are crass.
Okay that's enough. The movie stunk. Don't go to this one, the person I was with enjoyed the movie. If you qualify as liking musical and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", you might want to check this one out. Keep in mind I somewhat like musical and I really like "The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I hate the film.

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