Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blog 3: The Blog Kings - Make Money On-Line

I spend ore time researching than I do blogging. I think this is second to making sure you are blogging on a consistent and steady basis. There are three sites that I have found invaluable as research tools. They are, and, all of these links can be found under my Ground Breaking Sites list. is run by Darren Rowse. Basically, I think he has some of the best and most comprehensive content I have seen to date. A lot of his material is aimed at bloggers who have been at it for a while, but why wouldn't you want to ge ta head start and see what direction you need to be going. I like is site so much I hate follow it with this next part. I wouldn't sign up for his rss feed he posts to frequently for me and it is better for him if you view his blog daily. is run by, well try to guess? He offers a great free e-book Make Money Online on his site. DOWNLOAD IT. The e-book gives a lot of advice to beginning bloggers. If I had read this from the onset I would have avoided making a lot of mistakes. I am going to use these mistaked to my advantage by writing about how I fixed them later, to give some more fodder to my blog. is run by Jeremy Schoemaker. Again, provides a lot of great information. Sign up for his RSS feed. He and Darren Rowse kind of look alike thought.

I personally have commented on all of these sites but I have not targeted them to see if I can get the first comment. Getting the first comment on these sites is a good idea. Just make sure it is insightful and that you are directing users to related articles. It will build traffic and get you noticed b the old search engines.

To update everybody I haven't been able to break the five dollar mark and MSN is still a hater (they won't recognize my blog). I do plan on exploring some affiliate programs thanks to the advice of the above bloggers, and for the new guys like me restart your blog following the advice of John Chow's e-book, if you haven't started a blog read his book Make Money Online first. GET OUT THERE CHUMPS.

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