Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wall E Movie Review

This movie sucked. It was about commercialism, pollution and big fat lazy Americans. Another propaganda movie for liberals to make more of that what is actually produced. I feel the headache already.

Well this is a movie about a little trash compacting robot. It wasn't really very cute at all. While on earth it develops a personality and after some time falls in love with a plant seeking robot named Eve. They then try to re-introduce that fat American consumer to the simple joys of life like walking. Empowering isn't it?

The nemesis is a evil super robot following the final orders condemning the earth as doomed. Despite the new evidence suggesting otherwise, a plant, the super robot is bent on thwarting the efforts of the captain, Eve and Wall E. If you want to see it waste your money. That is up to you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wanted Movie Review

The previews actually help this movie out a lot. The premise is stupid as the previews demonstrate and there are a lot of outrageously unbelievable scenes. This lowers the expectations of the audience enough that the movie is actually enjoyable. I am a bit disappointed that these movies are appearing to be Hollywood's next take on entertainment. First Jumper now this. I think the idea is to compete with the comic book industry. After sitting through this your a loser now a superhuman killing machine type of deal I was longing for the next Shawshank Redemption.

Well back to this film. There is one thing that will blow you mind once seen, and the action that is taken by the heroin is just mind boggling. The end really ticked me off because for a bunch of assassins, the people are a bunch of dumb asses. This movie is entertaining all that being said. It is always fun watching cheesy scenes of people getting blown away. They spent a little too much time with the training of our newly formed assassin. They could have also exploited the scenes with his former life a little more. That would have been great. That part was funny. Keep in mind dentistry when your watching this movie for a good laugh. There is a real subtle joke.

Unfortunately, for Wanted is most people will use that word in reference to seeing this movie. There are too many good movie in the theatres right now to go see this movie. I can't wait until I get a chance to see Wall E. That movie is reserved for my girlfriend. I narrowly avoided having to see Sex in the City so I am going to make sure she gets to see this with me. The good thing is i am looking forward to Wall E, it looks like it will be good. If you haven't scene Get Smart that is still my top pick. To close I have to say that I am a bit confused about the title of Wanted. I don't know what that word had to do with the film. There wasn't a major theme with the police. Maybe it had something to do with the rogue assassin.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Luck Chuck Movie Review

A lot of people will want to buy this based on the fact that it is one of the best rated R films ever as far as boobs and sex. They show a lot of action. I didn't expect that and frankly I didn't want to see it, and I am not opposed to these types of scenes in films. My thing is that the amount of nudity blind sided me and it stunk because I was in company that made me feel uncomfortable.

I really wish the film would have indicated that there would be this type of humor. It definitely shouldn't have been R rate. NC-17 would have fit this film nicely. It really aggravates me that this movie got the rating it did. I was using that to gauge how risky it would be and it went way over the rated R edge.

Now saying that there were some scenes I laughed at despite the extreme awkwardness. I think it would have been funnier if I had watched it in different company. Now that you've been warned about the film you can make an informed decision. The cover is illusive and I would recommend staying away on the ground that the makers of the film are deceptive. Call me what you will.

Just remember to me this is not a moral issue in as far as the content but more for the fact the film presents the illusion that it is something else. I wouldn't even consider this a romantic comedy it was so sexually graphic.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Smart Movie Review

This is by far the best movie in the theatre this weekend. Try to avoid the previews they let on to too much of the film. This movie was a riot. There wasn't a single part that wasn't absolutely funny.

Steve Colbert really pulled it off in this flick. The Rock did a great job as well. I was kind of surprised with his performance in a lot of other movies he simply annoyed me. He does always have the same style about him, it is just that it worked for this film.

I also, liked the fact that Steve Colbert's character was believable. The transition between dork and super agent made sense. He had to work hard to get where he was and it took him many years. The one disappointing thing is that there weren't a lot of hot chicks. I guess this was somewhat of a refreshing departure from the Austin Power and especially the Love Guru. Only so far as the cheesy names go.

Well this is my top pick for the movies this weekend and I am going to half to call it as the topic pick for next weekend as well. I will probably see Wanted but that looks pretty retarded. I can't remember whether Tropical Thunder or Hancock will come out but the only one of the two that stands a chance is Tropical Thunder. Then again Jack Black with Ben Stiller may end up being a nightmare. They have show a bit too much in previews from what I can tell.

I know everyone who goes to Get Smart will enjoy it, this is definitely the safe bet. Once, again this movie is a riot. I'd probably be best off if I just saw this one again.

The Love Guru Movie Review

I thought this was going to be Austin Powers with a slight India accent and I was pretty much right. As a matter of fact, it was exactly what I thought it would be it was funny. I was kind of surprised. Mike Meyers pretty much stuck with his trademark and somehow it worked.

I will say there were a lot of parts that I didn't find funny at all, but overall the movie was definitely worth seeing. The acronyms the Guru always used were almost unbearable, but the hot chicks in the movie more than made up for the fault. I think most people will like this movie.

Well I have seen another movie first so I can give the breakdown of what to see in what order. That is if you want to see a lot of movies. I would say check out Get Smart, The Incredible Hulk, The Love Guru and then Zohan.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

Go see this movie. I honestly thought it was going to be a bomb. I was disappointed that it wasn't a continuation of the previous movie or at least a half attempt. It does after all leave off where the last one started, but they changed out the crew. They also, tweaked the storyline from the previous movie quite a bit.

The whole hunt for Bruce Banner thing really did this movie a lot of good. The fact that this movie focused on Ed Norton saved it. Liv Taylor was horrible she is simply to dry. I don't know whether she is acting or imitating Secret (the deodorant). It sounds crazy but other than Ed Norton the acting really just sucked. The guy who play Emil Blonsky did okay but his character was still really cool.

The best part of this movie was the ending. I am really excited about the next few movies that Marvel gets to control and put out. They have really done a great job. They have managed two great hits in a row. They simply get what the audience wants.

The Happening Movie Review

Alright this movie really really sucked. Guess what that means? Spoiler!!!!! First I will tell you this movie is scary. There were a lot of scenes that were really spooky, but it did get a bit boring mid way through. The scariest part of the movie is that it was a literal piece of propaganda shit. Excuse my language.

Basically, because the plants (aka earth) feels that we are a threat they begin to release toxins into the air that makes us commit suicide. Thousands of people die. The whole movie culminates into a news piece at the end that states: the earth is mad at us and we better watch it before the EARTH STRIKES BACK AGAIN.

Well my recommendation is to go skip this one. The Incredible Hulk offers a great surprise ending. It was really good. Again, stay away from The Happening at all costs. I will admit it's entertaining, but it is also liberal propaganda out of control.

Movie Review Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This movie was practically ruined in the first ten minutes. They literally let loose a five minute crotch shot. Now it is important for the idiots who made this movie to know that it is important that the audience finds something funny. Not that you find something funny at the price of the audience. Remember who buys the tickets.

Other than the crotch shot this movie wasn't bad. I thought it was funny, but it is a romantic comedy. That means you will probably feel a little uncomfortable for the five minutes she views some other guys schwang. She'll probably feel uncomfortable as well. When private areas are being viewed the movie better be a little more than R rated if I am too view it with me lady.

Well, skip this one. Get it on DVD and fast forward through the break up scene. Like I said other than that the movie is pretty good. Sorry, about the long overdue review.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Movie Review

This was a really good movie. I do have to say it would have been a lot better without Jack Black as the lead. I don't find the guy funny at all. His comedy consists of acting like a really dorky kid and that sums up his whole routine. My imitation of Jack Black, "The awesomeness of skidoosh". Wow, that invokes non-stop laughter.

I am going to have to be careful though because I think I am the only critic that will slam Jack Black. I am sure he has a lot of fans, but he only seems to be able to act like a grown up retard. Okay, okay I'll stop.

The movie was really good. I found myself laughing a lot. There was a lot of comedy and a lot of the character's names were actual Chinese word for the animals they represented. My girlfriend kept asking me to recall the names of the animals by the names of their characters. Interesting fact for you guys.

I would say the movie definitely hit upon all the points necessary for a kids movie. It had a good message, it kept their interest and it is poised to sell many toys. Adults will find this movie entertaining and funny but a lot of the underlying humor in movies like Shrek went missing. I want to also think Dustin Hoffman for redeeming himself after the Mr. Macrap's Wonderful Turd Emporium.

This movie is definitely my top choice for the weekend. That is if you haven't seen Iron Man.

Don't Mess With the Zohan Movie Review

I know that most people are not going to enjoy this movie but Adam Sandler actually did a good job. I have to admit that I didn't get a lot of the jokes but I knew enough to still appreciate the movie.

There are a lot of ethnic jokes that most people aren't going to get. For instance, dipping everything in hummus. I think you really need to appreciate the culture to like the comedy. I obviously don't but I still liked learning about some of the different things.

I will say that Adam did go a little to liberal in this movie. I don't like the fact that he put everything on corporate America and bible clenching rednecks. I don't think he wrote it though so I am going to give him a bit of a pass. If he starts spouting off at the mouth too much in the coming months then I am going to treat him like are good buddy Johnny over in France.

Well I strongly suggest that most of you skip this movie. I didn't find it funny for the most part and neither will most of you. If you want to find out a little about some unknown stereotypes go check this movie out; otherwise, check at Kung Fu Panda.

The Strangers Movie Review

The acting was kind of dead in the movie, but I still really liked the movie. Fortunately the storyline didn't require good acting. The producers did a really good job of making this movie scary. It wasn't even an overly complex plot. I will say don't try to think too much because there are definite flaws with the plot.

The things I liked about this movie is that it doesn't really attempt to be feel good. It is a raw story that is told in a raw manner. It wasn't based on shock value either. It didn't have scenes like the ones from The Hills Have Eyes or Hostel. It played off of psychological fears. As a matter of fact it freaked out my girlfriend. We go in a little fight because she expressed on irrational fear of moving out to a wooded area.

Alright that is pretty much my review of the movie. Go see this one if you are in the mood for something scary. Now a tip for the guys.

If your girlfriend start to express some crazy fear after seeing the movie don't try to appeal to her with logic. This is not what she is looking for; making me an idiot. Simply, let her know that you will protect her and go where ever she feels comfortable. Try to sympathize and relate. Females are naturally emotional we are not, and that mean that you will have to make the effort to be compassionate. Now if only I could turn back the clock.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie Review

Well this review is certainly late, but here is the long due review. I thought this movie was much better than the first movie. This may actually give future sequels some validity. I really thought this franchise was going to die but it seems it may survive although not as successful as the Harry Potter series, which I am not a great fan.

The movie was exciting and it played off the first Chronicles of Narnia just perfectly. It also, built to a climax really well. There wasn't a single part of it that was particularly boring. The thing I hate to admit the most is that it give parents an opportunity to talk to their kids about topics like the holocaust. The WWII historical reference was obviously no mistake. I wish I would have read the books.

Well the culmination of entertainment and the fictional play on real life make this movie a must see. Coming out of this movie I didn't think the review was going to be this good. I think I made the mistake of too much thoughtful reflection with this movie review. BEWARE!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Jone and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull Moive Review

This was definitely an Indiana Jones movie. It did take unbelievable events to the next level. You'll find that out in the first fifteen minutes of the movie. The event I am talking about alomst ruins the whole movie, but I was able to get over the one part. The rest of the movie was really good.

This movie is filled with action and humor. I am proud of the directors/producers. They knew what an Indiana Jones movie was about and stuck to the format. There weren't any hidden political agendas or anything. Indiana Jones hates the communists in past movies and he still does. It was great.

I recommend going to see this movie. I know this post is late and I have been slacking of lately and I would like to apologize. Sorry.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Redbelt Movie Review

This movie was boring and slow. Randy didn't play a real big part and niether did any of the other guys that were in the UFC at one point. This movie is simple about corruption in fighting and those who stand for the purity of fighting.

I would say skip this one even if you are a big MMA fan. I was really looking forward to this film but the plot was a total downer. There should have been a lot more action as well. The fight scenes were quick cut and choppy. You really couldn't even get a feel for the real type of chess match taking place in the ring.

I would rather see a movie about what goes on with a real fighter training. A documentary would even be nice. I just hated this movie. I guess they are testing the waters with this crap. Throw it against the wall hope it sticks type of deal. I would almost say go see this movie just so producers see some revenue and take a crack at making something good. One of these deals we will see the Rocky of MMA. Until then suffer.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speed Racer Movie Review

I thought this movie sucked and my girlfriend agreed with me, but the rest of the audience gave it applause. I will say the good thing is it was as corny and cheesy as the cartoon. I have to give the producers props for making it true to the cartoon. They did get a bit artsy, but they even did that in a real corny way.

As the rest of the audience cheered I won't ruin this one by letting you i on the plot. The things I didn't like was that it was way too colorful. It was so vibrant that I couldn't get into the movie at all. I don't really care for any of the actors either. They all were pretty bland.

If you weren't really into the cartoon skip this one all together. I also, don't suggest taking your kids to this movie. The kids seemed to think it was boring as well. It was like watching kids play with hot wheels. That pretty much sums it up for me.

Deception Movie Review

This movie is good, but it fails to capture the audience. With this type of thriller you should really be sitting there trying to guess what is going to happen next. The plot is so obvious you quickly just know, and don't care much. Maybe that is why the movie is good, I just really sat there and watched the show.

I will say it was definitely cool seeing a movie where the main character is an accountant, that isn't an absolute bore. I will say it depicted the life of an auditor pretty well, but the engagement are usually a bit longer. The whole thing about being in the conference room and everything was dead on. It is also typical for there to be a few more auditors crowded in that room.

Well most of the movie doesn't involve accounting, it involves a sex club and a scheme. I don't think I would ruin the movie if I divulged the whole plot but there could be a chance my lack of interest was due to a lazy day. Have fun at the theatre.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ironman Movie Review

Well it finally came out. I have been anticipating this movie for a long time. I definitely think the movie was worth seeing but it did leave me and the rest of the audience flat. It really just needed more action sequences, and a better nemesis.

All in all Robert Downey Jr. made this movie. If it weren't for his character the movie would have been really boring. The suit was really cool, and a lot of the stuff he did with it were as well. Unfortunately, that was too much of the movies focus.

Note to the producers you did a pretty good job with this movie, but next time focus on the action a bit more. See the potential of the plot and make sure you are maximizing the storyline. I thought a lot more could have been done with the terrorism theme. I did really really appreciated the fact that the movie identified with the theme of patriotism, but next time don't tarnish that by attacking capatlism and war for the right causes. I'll give you one-thrid of a kudo on the movie.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guatanamo Bay

This movie was coarse, rude and nothing about it was politically correct. I loved it. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. If you are sensitive to racism or take offense to anything really you might want to stay away from this movie.

There is a lot of nudity so don't take your kids to this movie. I am not a drug user but even the stuff about drugs I found funny. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

I will say that the previews are really good, because they really don't give away much of the movie. I would even say they are a bit misleading. Again, the reason this is good is that the previews don't spoil all of the funny parts. Also, be sure not to be snotty this is just as bad as Borat. If you didn't like that movie you won't like this one.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UFC 83 Ill Will Review

The fights on the Pay-Per-View really sucked with the exception of a couple fights. they really played upto the Canadian fans by having a lot of Canadian fighters. The overall card stunk and there were some really weak fights.

Joe Rogan also wasn't the main commentator it was Kenny Florian. He did a really good job. I think it would be really wise for Elite XC to get rid of their commentators and replace Goldberg and those other smucks. I don't want to give them to many clues because I really favor the UFC.

Well I think Dana White has got to look at making up for this car. Hopefully, they plan a really good UFC 85. I am sure they've got the fights for that set already, but no matter what the Ultimate Fighter show has made up for a few screw ups this year.

UFC 83 George St. Pierre vs Matt Serra

I was really looking for Matt Serra to win this fight. I was blindly hopeful. Weel the first round didn't start of that poorly for Serra. St. Pierre definitely won but Serra was getting in some really good shots and at one point it looked like George had eaten one too many punches.

Serra was simply overwhelmed from there on out and Serra put him down to some punches. The end of the fight was a bit wierd it almost seemed like Serra gave a verbal submission. If anyone know leave a comment.

I was disappointed in this fight but I was impressed by George St. Pierre. There are three guys that seem to be undefeatable as Champions right now. St. Pierre, Silva and Penn once he beat Sherk. If Sherk wins I will make the same case for him.

UFC 83: Rich Franklin vs Travis Lutter

This was a very active first round for both fighters. Lutter was definitely giving Franklin fight in the first round. I though for sure Lutter landed Franklin in an arm bar in the first round. Franklin had an amazing escape he rolled at just the right time.

Well the first round was exciting and intense. In the second round Lutter totally gassed. He couldn't even put his hands up. He had no defense and guess what if you gas it is not going to take long for Franklin to put an end to you. Lutter needs to realize that the guys he is fighting are in shape. He needs to get into the ring in shape if he wants to be a champion.

Well I can't say that Lutter will see much more action in the UFC if he doesn't change his training regiment. It is really amazing that he has come as far as he has. This guy is an absolute chump. At the end of the fight he was simply hugging Franklin's leg at the end of the fight.

UFC 83: Nate Quarry vs Kalib Starnes

The only Canadian fighter to get booed by the Canadian audience Kalib Starnes. Not only did he get booed but they were appreciative of the American fighter. How did Kalib screw up so badly.

Well let me summarize all three rounds for you in a two word sentence. Kalib running. Yep that was the fight. Quarry even mocked Starnes at the end of the fight by covering his face and putting one fist forwarded. Kalib still ran but he was angry now. I can't believe he was literally running. There is no way Dana White invites him back to fight again.

Kalib was mad in the interview. The truth is that he has no one to be mad at except for himself.

UFC 83: Michael Bisping vs Charles McCarthy

Well the is Michael's first fight at the lower weight class. He came out wearing a hat and I didn't recognize him at all. He took off his hat and I was stillwas thinking who the heck is that guy. It is amazing how differently he looks after dropping the weight.

Well I am not going to say too much about this fight because McCarthy is a moron. During the first part of the fight I thought that McCarthy was going to actually put up a fight. Soon I found out that he was going to just roll over and let Bisping deliver a ton of punishing knees. It was sickening.

At the end of the day I really don't think we'll see McCarthy back in the UFC. Unless, Bisping got his liver earlier with another blow and McCarthy was just trying to carry through. I don't think Dana was satisfied with his performance. Fortunately for McCarthy Dana might be distracted by a bigger moron on this card.

UFC 83: Mark Bocek vs Mac Danzig

I will tell you I was really rooting for Mac Danzig, but my friend said Mark Bocek isn't going to be a push over. He said the odds on this one were simply not worth the risk, and I agree he was absolutely right on that.

At the end of the day Mac Danzig still ran through him after round one it was his fight. The first round seemed like a war. The second round definitely went the direction of Danzig. Bocek came out with a nasty gash under his eyebrow. I was suprised they didn't stop the fight. You could just see that he was gradually overcoming his opponent in the first moments of the round. It makes me think he is more of an endurance fighter, the good thing is that he definitely has enough power to still kick butt in the first round as well.

Well this ended as we all knew it would. Danzig took Bocek's back in the third round and slipped in the rear naked choke. Bocek's blood helped Danzig slip in the submission. That gash under

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Review

This was definitely a good movie. It did have several components that I despise. One of those was the skinny kid lead who is supposed to go fro being a coward to a hero. I think that is overdone. There was another more interesting character I typically hate, and I actually almost came out and ripped this movie because of this one character.

The character is The Monkey King. I thought the character was really pointless when viewing this movie. The Monkey King had a goofy look and acted just as dumb while being stupid. On top of all that he was supposed to be some type of ultimate warrior. I didn't get why they would have this character in the movie.

It was after the movie that I gained an appreciation for this character. This movie is actually based loosely off of some Chinese fairytales. The Monkey King is one of the Chinese favorites. They have even had several T.V. mini series and show based from the story of the Monkey King. I hate to spoil part of the plot but when the monkey king lets several strands of hair free there is actually a reason. That is all I will say for now.

The girl with white hair is also a fairytale character. You should also notice that the monk has a white horse. This is a characteristic attributable to the ancient monks. This movie has a lot of cultural education and I think it is very cool that they made his type of movie and tusted that it would translate to American audiences.

Well check this movie out for sure.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

88 Minutes Movie Review

Let me tell you I had it out for this movie before it ever came out. I thought it was going to stink going in but it wasn't bad, I really liked this movie. My brother didn't like this movie. I think that it was because he thought they were trying to be to clever.

I thought that the plot twists were kind of obvious. I just wasn't bothered by all the misdirection. I thought I figured it out from the go, and only thought I may not be looking into the movie enough. Make your assumptions and ride it out. You may end up being right. Don't over focus on all of the other stuff.

Well I recommend seeing this movie. I thought this movie was pretty good. Two out of three people in my party liked the murder "trial" mystery.

Street Kings Movie Review

This movie is a tough one to review. I am not even sure I loved it or hated it. My partner in crime fell asleep during the movie. It was exciting but predicable. Basically, you are going to either love this movie or hate this movie.

I really am not going to recommend that anyone see this movie. The action sequences are exciting but Keauna Reeves seems a bit strange for this part. There was definitely something missing. I did like some of the other actors. Especially, Forest Whitaker I think he is highly under rated. Too bad he had to do that Crying Game monstrosity.

Well, my friends parent like Leatherheads, that could be a safer bet. I just can't let someone go see this movie. I do admit they stuck to the genre and normally I give instant kudos to film makers if they fulfil my most simple criteria.

Superhero Movie Movie Review

This was exactly what it was supposed to be, there was no originality and it stuck to the roots of slapstick humor. That being said it was a good flick. It was funny and crude and I liked the flick.

If you go to the movies and you pay to see this flick you should know what you are getting yourself into, and should really enjoy this movie. My girlfriend always likes these movies. She tells me their stupid afterwards but then she talks about all of the funny scenes.

Well my suggestion is to get over being overly pretentious and check this movie out. Enjoy a little bit of teh more obtuse side of life.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Release

This movie hits theatres April 18th, 2008. Just a couple of weeks from now. I am looking forward to this movie. I am a fan of both Jackie Chan and Jet Li, it is great that they are both going to be in the same movie. It finally looks like we will get an epic kung fu movie that won't have to be dubbed.

I do have a major problem with this film. Why is there a skinny little twit cast as the hero. I am sick of this crap. Why can't you just have a group of bad ass's kicking the butt of the empire. That is what I was to see. Not some under dog douche bag learning kung fu.

This is really like making Karate Kid IV. When will producers of the era learn what a real hero is supposed to be. I don't mind if a hero is a twig boy if he is going to out wit his opponent but if he is going to kick his oponents ass it should be believable. Not some joker that picks up Kung Fu in a couple of months. Somebody needs to stop Hollywood from hanging themselves. I should become a producer or screenwriter.

21 Movie Review

This was a good movie. It really delivers. Kevin Spacey is a bit of a let down. He kind of acts like he is too much of bad ass. He really can't pull that role off. It is like he had done something is his past that stroke the fear of God into his students but they never indicate what that was.

It is really strange that they never indicated what Spacey's character had done in the past. I think he sold out one of his students to the thugs. This movie is about an MIT teacher that took a group of students to Las Vegas to count cards.

Well it looks like a lot of fun. I'd like to try it someday but I'll never have he time to pick up that skill. Well it is only right that the house allows players one advantage at the tables. Even it does take a whole bunch of skill.

Run Fat Boy Run Movie Review

This movie was hillarious. I thought because it did a really good job mixing a little bit of american comedy with british comedy. Believe it or not but this is a good brew. I liked Shawn of the dead but I wasn't a big fan of Hot Fuzz. This movie was definitely the best of the three.

I will say it does kind of suck that the American was the big jerk, guess what there was only one American in the movie. Well some people might say that we have an image to contend with. I say we just beat them into submission.

At the end of the day I can put my political orientation to the side. I would definitely go see this movie. I thought it was hillarious and so did everyone else. You don't have to trust my opinion alone.

Friday, April 4, 2008

World Combat League by Chuck Norris

Well, I saw the St. Louis team get knocked out of the playoffs at hom. The event was much better than I would have thought. I have been to a lot of make shift MMA events ad the production of this event was undoubtedly professional. Again, I was impressed.

I personally don't think this will be the next big martial arts sport. It is designed for activity. The rules in this league eliminate all the things that are seen as boring in a fight. For instance if you clinch without throwing a knee you are penalized a point and you can only throw one knee while in the clench. You also can't back away in an attempt to delay. We'll put it this way it is designed for non-stop action. It is basically fighting commercialized for the mass market.

Everything is designed to promote action. It is also, designed in a manner that allows fighters to fight weekly. The damage is minimized to the fighters by having the fighter fight in halves. If the fighters don't do well they can be taken out, and another fighter is brought in. This is obviously means we are dealing with a team approach. I see the benefits but to me it doesn't deserve the attention.

Fighters should fight independently of a team. It is a sport designed around endurance. I really don't think that true fight fans will support this long enough for it to become something realy special like the UFC. It is pretty entertaining even I will admit it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shutter Movie Review

Again, I want to beat the crap out of some critics. They said this movies was in the style of The Ring or The Grudge. It really wasn't. They didn't use that fast pan cinematagrophy. Almost skipped this one because of their review. The girl did have a similar look but that is just because she was Asian. It simply wasn't the same as the typical Japaese remake of a horror film.

This film was definitely unique. I thought it was a bit to predictable but other than that I enjoyed it immensely. I thought the film was very creative and it did have a few twists that I didn't completely gather. I was close though, if you pay attention there won't be any suprises.

I hate doing this but I picked up on the fact that there was a reason his neck was hurting him all of the time. I didn't nail the reason. You'll see what I mean if you go see this movie. I caught everything else. The do some really cool small things as well but you'll have to go see this movie to find out what I mean.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Help Me Find an Engagement Ring

Okay, I have been being tortured by my family about the decision to spend two months salary on an engagement ring. They say that is too much money and obviously jewelers would like to sucker me into three months salary. What should I spend is the first question. Alright, one months salary is around $4,000 before taxes and deductions. Certain members of my family want me to spend less than that and friends say I should keep it around two months salary.

My current take on this is a little twist of some of the above. I have decided to set a range based on two months salary and my net pay over two months after all deductions including my 401 k and health benefits. This leaves me a range of approximately $5,000 and $8,000. What do you think, should this be my range? If not, what would you suggest. I can see why my family would say to spend less. This could be a downpayment on my first home.

Currently, this is also staving off my proposal. I've got about seven months before I will have enough to spend on a wedding ring. I will also, have to pay for the wedding. Which leads to question two, should the price of a wedding be included in my engagement gift since I have to pay?

The next question, I have selected two rings one is a compromise with my family it is paltinum the clarity is VS2, the color is G-H and the size is 3/4 carat the cost is $4,000 and the other is the same only it is a whole carat it costs $7,700. How important is is that I buy a full carat. The quality is what I am looking for on these two rings and I am thinking that a full carat is too much for my girlfriends hand. This is my third question, is getting the traditional full carat the right way to go?

I really need your help tell me what you think? What else should I consider? Should I design my own ring? Maybe, I should just spend the money I have saved up now I think I am stressing out about this way too much. Somebody save me.

Fallen Movie Review

This is one of the best movies I have seen. It is definitely in my top twenty-five all time. I like this movie so much my review is going to be kind of elusive. If you've seen it already this is a great movie to add to you collection.

Denzel Washington is the star of this film. He plays a cop who is trying to chase down a serial killer. Well to put it simply there is a twist on this serial killer. Denzel Washington discovers that he is not quite able to stop this killer by simply slapping on the cuffs. He has got to go a bit further trying to pin this perp.

It is pretty easy to get the gist of this movie. It sets up for an intellectual fight between the heroin and the protagonists with plot twists and turns every step of the way. Just to give you a bit of a peek into this movie. It starts of with the convicted serial killer walking death row singing The Rolling Stones song Time is On My Side.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Drillbit Taylor Movie Review

This movie was pretty good. It was really funny but not in away that made you laugh the entire time or even out loud. It is basically, about three nerdy kids who are entering high school as freshman. In high school they run into the ultimate bully, and are picked on to the point they decide to higher a bodyguard and who else would decide to take the job besides a deceitful bum.

What makes this movie good is that it has a simple storyline. The kids do the attempt the same dorky things that either you or a dork you knew attempted in high school. One of the things that surprised me was that a lot of the girls thought they were cute, and to boot the kids they were dating were pretty dorky. Where were these movies when I was younger.

Finally, I hate to admit this but I read some critic reviews and they pretty much slam this movie. A few of them were good but for the most part critics really missed the mark on this flick. The is really a movie goer's movie. The only way you won't like this one is if you have really distinct taste and this genre of movie doesn't fall within that niche.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Horton Hears a Who Movie Review

I liked this movie and I think it is a great movie for kids. I could reflect upon having these types of thoughts when I was a kid and it is really cool these thoughts reflected in a movie for kids. To me it is amazing how much philosophy is in the mind of a child.

Well this movie is based upon one of Dr. Seuss's books about an elephant who tries to protect a microscopic world from destruction. Pretty basic premise, I don't know how they turned this into such a good movie.

Jim Carey played Horton the elephant and surprisingly he wasn't outrageously funny. This is what makes him such a great actor. Although, Horton was goofy, he wasn't the character receiving all of the laughs. It is like Jim Carey passed the ball to the supporting cast, and it worked out really well. Horton was a subtle character somewhat eccentric character and that is what came across on the screen.

All of the characters were great. Even the mean kangaroo, who was a nagging female dog to the point it disgusted me. Again, all a part of what makes this film great. I really recommend this film not just to kids but to adults (namely couples). It is strange how cartoon movies are just the right median between action movie and chick flick for couples. Great movie.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doomsday Movie Review

Well, I didn't like this movie that much, because I don't think I was relaxed enough to watch the movie. I just kept analyzing everything thinking it was over the top, and this isn't the type of movie you should analyze. I really have to analyze this movie from my girlfriends perspective because I viewed the movie critically and that was wrong. She loved this film.

It was really fast paced, it had a really hot female lead who whopped everyone's butt. She did see like she could be defeated. This movie was like Mad Max meets 28 Days Later. Given the target audience of this film it was really good.

Despite the fact that I didn't enjoy the movie I would highly recommemd this movie. Especially, over every other movie besides Semi-Pro. It seems like Hollywood has hit a draught as far as releasing good content. People were criticizing 2007, but 2008 has been a real disappointment three months into the year.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Never Back Down Movie Review

I went into this movie expecting it to be terrible and it actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. If you are fan of MMA they don't use a whole lot of terms but they do show some real moves. Like a triangle choke, guillotine, kamora, rear naked choke and so on. The most annoying thing about the movie is that they always call it brawling.

If you know a lot about MMA and the Internet it doesn't take long to figure this movie is all about fight websites and MMA. This being the case it is kind of sad that a movie would further popularize these sites with kids beating the crap out of each other. I personally, am not very concerned because most of the kids in these Internet videos couldn't fight their way out of a wet bag.

My overall recommendation is to see this movie only if you want to waste a bit of time over the weekend. It is entertaining but it is also the same corny stuff you get in similar movies. It is just a modern day version of the Karate Kid. As a matter of fact the producer's even acknowledge that during the film. It also, has a few twists and turn so it is slightly smarter than most films in this genre as well.

It has been a tough few weeks at the movies. I plan to see Doomsday tomorrow or Sunday. If you get out on St. Patrick's Day, which is Monday, have a green beer for me. While your at it eat some corn beef as well, I'll miss out this year due to my vegetarian diet.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Bank Job Movie Review

This movie is apparently based off of a true story. At first I thought it was a really bad movie. There is so much nudity in the beginning it is ridiculous and trust me I like viewing a nice rack as much as the next guy. It is just that is all you see for about the first fifteen minutes. It really caught me off guard. In the end it all makes sense.

This movie is all about blackmail and sex really. A bank heist goes awry leads a misfit bunch of amateur criminals into a world of trouble. Now they run into the dilemma of how to get themselves out of trouble.

The movie is surprisingly realistic. From watching it you should really be able to tell that the bumbling going on can't be entirely dreamt up. Anyway the all the sex and nudity at the beginning really does end up making a point in an artisitic sort of way. The movie was better than I thought but I didn't realize it until it was over. This to me is a sign of a movie that a lot of people are going to really love.

The Other Boleyn Girl Movie Review

Well this movie was pretty good. Mainly, because it didn't get real swept up on everyone being prim and proper. A lot of the characters were really evil. It is crazy to think that these were real events. The good news is that we got away from all the imbreeding and insanity taking place in Great Britian.

I recommend seeing this movie but only if you don't have a lot of other options. I am still putting movie like Semi Pro and the Bank Job above this one. By the way there is not nudity in The Other Boleyn Girl and a ton of it in the Bank Job. I don't recommend one of the other even though I thought the Bank Job was a really good movie. Funny now that I think about it there are two movies out about British royal scandals.

This movie mainly points out how much of dick King Henry was and that the Boleyn family were a bunch of crazies. The movie is almost disgusting.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Movie Review Love on a Diet

This movie won't be for most of you but it is my favorite comedy. It was produced in Japan but the language spoken throughout most of the film is Cantonese. I speak very little Cantonese and I completely rely on subtitles liek the rest of you. This movie actually tops my list of comedys. I think that not knowing the language makes me pay attention to the actors more, and I associate with them more somehow.

This movie is about a morbidly obese women who is in love with her favorite musician. She attends all of his concerts and decides to commit suicide but fails. If she had succeeded this movie would have been all of two minutes. She meets a fellow Hong Kongese who is also a tub of lard. At first he doesn't take interest in her but after learning of her particlarly good sales skills; he decides to help her lose the weight and gain the love of the pianist.

This movie is absolutely hillarious. I know the plot doesn't sound like much, but I promise you this is a great foreign film. By the way I know it is obvious they are in body suits. I will also warn you that this movie almost make me cry. It is also a really great love story. Asian film makers are getting one up on Hollywood. The evidence is that more and more of our films are remakes of Asian movies.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sean of the Dead Movie Review

This is a movie that gave me mixed opinions. By saying that I mean I had to see it a few times before I liked the film. The first time I saw it I absolutely hated and thought it was a waste of money. The second time I saw it I thought it was a little funny and after the third time I had seen it I bought the DVD. I have seen it twice sense and my family has watched it when they've been over.

Now this is about a group of brits who are attacked by zombies and are fighting for their survival. Meanwhile, one of them is chasing after his recently parted ex-girlfriend. The movie takes a few twists and turns and some completely hilarious sitautions arise. After, he gains the confidence of his girl. He swings by for his parents.

All of the personal issues are falling out all over the place at the same time the group is trying to avoid being eaten alive by the zombies. Well this movie also end a bit differently than most zombie flicks, but I leave that for you to view.

This film has really bland comedy and that is why I don't think I thought it was funny the first time through. At the end of the day I still highly recommend checking this film out. Throw it on your list at Blockbuster or something.

I also liked hot fuzz and I am really anticipating the release of Run Fat Boy Run. I can't for the life of me remember the names of any of the actors in this film, but the main character is the same as in Sean of the Dead. If you want Google the actor for me, I am sorry I just don't have the time lately.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

10,000 BC Movie Review

Wow, this movie really promised a lot of bang, but delivered a little bang for your buck. The movie was really just slow. Everytime the movie started to go anywhere it haulted and just slowed right back down. This definitely isn't an epic movie. Undoubtedly they will make a big deal about it coming out on DVD and everything.

I can't say I hated the movie though. There was something I like about it, and I'd probably pin that down as the storyline. I think it was a pretty good story. At the end of the day I think the previews lead the audience to believe this movie is something that it is not.

I will say there are a lot of really sappy scenes in this movie. They did setup the movie in a way so that everything made sense. It seem very realistic. I will say that before going to see this movie I thought the director was trying to give his own spin on Exodus. Yeah, that's right the book in the bible.

I think the main character was supposed to be Moses. The sad thing is that I don't think most movie goers will catch on. The movie makes this parallel with all these prophecies that the people have. There is more to this but you know me. I don't ruin the ending unless I really really hated the movie. Like with Into the Wild.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doomsday Movie Coming Soon

Doomsday will be released March 14, 2008. This movie seems to be a take off of 28 Days Later,it is about Britian coming down with a deadly disease again and having to sacrifice half of its population by walling the up in a dead zone. Well the virus doesn't get contained quite well enough so some bad mama jamas go into the quarantined are to find a cure. They may be close to finding a cure but these super evolved headbashers stand in their way.

Fortunately, there is a really hot chick who is the ultimate warrior. That always makes me so horny. Well she tears them up and undoubtedly save the day. Is this movie predictable? Yes. I am going to go see this movie? Yes. Will I enjoy this movie? Yes.

There you have my review of an upcoming movie and there will be more to come. As a side note why is Britain always portrayed as such a sickly island. One I am pretty sure Brits don't like being thought of as an island and two I don't see that they are especially dirty. There's the teeth thing but that is about all I've ever heard. Well maybe they just fancy scary movie where people die of diseases that are destined to doom all mankind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Psyhco Movie Review

This is a movie about a guy from the 80's who is really leaving the dream. He is a corporate banker. He doesn't really have any real responsibilities he just lives like a big shot and keeps up with all of the trends and remain good looking.

He does have a few quirks. He is a clean freak and perfectionist. He is also really into music. Oh yeah, he likes to kill people and his status is so high that he can't get caught even though he repeatedly admits he is a killer.

Well this movie is demented in a very artsy way, but it doesn't destroy the movie. This is one of those rare instances where the artiness adds to the flick. Now don't read any further if you don't want me to spoil the ending.

For those of you that have seen this movie; do you think in the end it was all just a fantasy he had? I think it was supposed to be a fantasy and the writers were trying to demonstrate how close we are to going crazy. Just like this guy who had a fantasy so strong he actually thought he had committed the crimes. I hope I don't hate my life that much.

I've only fantasized about killing a few of the annoying people in my life. I'm joking, Sam watch your back. Don't throw me in jail. I'll shoot a bullet and cop cars will blow up. It all comes spiraling down.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Penelope Movie Review

I DID NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Yet I am still compelled to write about it basically beacause I feel I have seen enough of it in previews. Basically, this movie is about a chick cursed to be born with a pig's nose. She is hideious and any guy that sees her runs. Until she meets the sensitive musician. Her parent try to by her love but at the end of the day all she needed to do was show her personallity.

In the movie America falls in love with her and she becomes an icon. Children emulate her and dress as pigs for Halloween. She is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well basically the pig's nose thing disgusts me and I don't want to watch a movie with that thing in my face the whole time. Second I had acne in High School and I was ridiculed for that imagine if I had a pig's nose. America wouldn't love me they would laugh really hard at my expense.

This movie is basically fairy tale utopian garbage. This is going to give kids a false since of hope and they will be beaten twice as badly because of this movie. For the love of you children don't go see this movie. If you are the fan of the movie and are complaining about a review from someone who didn't even see the movie, take your fake picture off of the Internet and show everyone your ugly mug. And yes I know that was a run on sentence.

P.S. Notice I chose a picture without a shot of the nose.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson Fight Review UFC 82

I thought this would be a good match up. Henderson was definitely Silva's best challenger. He definitely does better against the bigger fighters I am kind of surprised to see that he moved down to fight Anderson Silva. Apparently, this was the only way he would move down. Dana White was urging Henderson to make the move.

Round one heavily favored Dan Henderson he got Silva in side control and he was doing really well. I thought Silva had met his match. Silva then came out in round two and proved me wrong.

In round two Henderson caught Silva with a knee and Silva came right back with one of his own. Henderson almost went down right there. It was enough to damage Henderson and Silva went to work on the ground. Henderson had to have been really dazed. It was like he didn't know what Silva was doing. It was obvious to everyone else. Silva caught Henderson with a rear naked choke and finished Henderson right before the bell in round two.

Nobody, knows he will be Silva's next big challenge. It certainly doesn't appear that there is one on the horizon. I disagree, I think if Yushi Okami can withstand the initial onslaught of Anderson Silva he will present a good challenge. I really view Okami as a championship round fighter. For some reason it just takes him a while to get going and I think with more rounds he would have beat Rick Franklin.

The last word is that Henderson has had to fight two champions. I definitely think Henderson will fight in more chapionship bouts, but Dana is going to have to throw him a chump. Henderson might need a confidence booster after these last two losses.

Josh Koscheck vs Dustin Hazelett Fight Review UFC 82

Dustin wants to let you know that he is not Jon Fitch and stop asking him. At least that is what his t-shirt said I thought it was hilarious.

This one started off as a brawl. These guys came out of the fence swinging. Hazelett caught Koscheck in a standing guillotine but Koscheck was able to pull him off and Hazelett wisely gave up the submission attempt. Another highlight was Koscheck mowing through Hazelett and somehow Hazelett went right into a triangle choke. His Jujitsu is definitely solid.

Shortly into Round 2 Koscheck caught Hazelett with a kick and immediately pounced on Hazelett delivering a few shots on the ground. Kosckeck was definitely revved up and the ref had to move in quick to pull him off of Hazelett. Koscheck has come a long way fro the Ultimate Fighter and I don't see him doing anything but moving up. He is definitely a strong contender.

Cheick Kongo vs Heith Herring Fight Review UFC 82

Herring got this one started of with a big punch that definitely caught Cheick Kongo off guard. Surprisingly after that Kongo took Herring to the ground twice. Herring also suffered a cut some where while they were skirmishing along the fence. Kongo definitely delivered some good blows in round one and I had Kongo winning the first round.

The second round was kind of strange as well Kongo took Herring to the ground hard. I definitely wasn't expecting to see Kongo go to the ground at all. Kongo was caught buy one of Herrings upkicks and decided to toy with Herring on the ground a bit invoking a few boos from the crowd. Mid way through the round Kongo found himself on his back and Herring literally spent the rest of the round taking knees to the ribs and shoulders.

Round 3 again started off with some big shots coming from Kongo. Kongo went for a porr submission attempt and then before you knew it he was on his back again. The rest of the round was a replay of round two at two minutes fifteen seconds into the round Cheick was getting his ribs eaten up. Kongo is currently putting out a red stream into the urinal. Nobody should take that mean knees to the ribs.

This fight shows a gaping hole in Kongo's game. Kongo had Herring's back and gave it up to stand. Then he missed an easy submission when he had Henderson's back. Fighters are not going to be afraid to give up their back to avoid any ground impound being given by Kongo. They have an easy way out. In addition, Kongo is like a turtle on his back. He simply has no way out once he is pinned. Kongo appears to be naturally athletic and I believe he will fix these flaws in his game.

I scored this for Tanner as did two of the judges. Cecil Peoples called it for Kongo. Again, causing me to hope he has that stroke.

Alessio Sakara vs Chris Leben Fight Review UFC 82

It always amazes me how Leben just walks into punches this is pretty much how he began the fight. Guys really take it to him and Chris Leben just stands there and throws hay makers. One of these days he is going to come up with some real brain damage. I don't think you won't your M.O. to be that you can take a punch to the head. Well that apparently doesn't bother Leben. Maybe Leben will talk to Matt Hughes and get straightened out.

Well basically my view of what Matt Leben does is that he makes himself and easy target. Draws fighters in and just delivers a real punch instead of a haymaker that allows him to move in for the kill. He always cripples his opponent with a sharp shot and then delivers those monster shots.

Well that is basically how Sakara's fight with Leben. He was punishing Leben and even drew blood. Leben appeared to be slowing down and the next thing you know Sakara goes down. There was a bit of controversy but the ref definitely made the right call. Sakara was done.

Evan Tanner vs Yushin Okami Fight Review UFC 82

This was one of the slower fights. The first round was still good. It was also almost really short. Okami came right out and jacked Tanner with a straight left and ended the fight in a hurry. Fortunately Tanner recovered and didn't become a ten second knock out. The rest of the round was a bit slow.

Round 2 was real slow. They were standing for most of it and were pinning each other against the fist. Okami kept getting Tanner in that Muay Thai clinch and delivering a few knees. Then the fight ended in a hurry. Okami delivered a crushing knee right into Tanner's chin. He went down and Okami delivered one more blow for good measure before the ref jumped in. Fortunately that last punch just skimmed Tanner's head. I don't like seeing guys get beat on when they are out.

I really think Silva's next test should be Okami. For some reason I think he will bring something to the table that Okami's other opponents haven't. It always takes Okami awhile to get started and I think he would do better in fights with championship rounds. Hopefully, we'll find out.

Jon Fitch vs Chris Wilson Fight Review UFC 82

This fight started off as a brawl they really came out striking. Both fighters looked very good, and came to put on a show. There were a few awkaward moments during the first round Wilson went for a triangle and you couldn't tell what limbs belonged to who. It was wierd. I had Wilson through the first round and he looked pretty impressive but it started to even out towards the end.

Round 2 started off in the same way, but Fitch went to the ground and it ended up being mainly ground impound. He dominated Round 2 and definitely won this round. I was suprised considering the first round. This round definitely went to Fitch.

The last round went pretty well according to the first round. Wilson wnet for a few submission and towards the end of the round he caught Fitch in a triangle. The round ended before Fitch tapped but he was definitely hanging in there trying not to go out. If Wilson would have had ten more seconds Fitch would have definitely gone under. This bring to questio whether fighter should be able to be saved by the bell.

UFC 82 Pride of a Champion Review

The production of UFC 83 was as good as always. joe Rogan was a bit more serious during this one than normal. He must have forgotten to get high. Goldberg was really kissing Rogan's butt. It was almost as though he was Rogan's puppy dog or idol. Rogan does know a lot about MMA. Maybe it is just that they got together before the fights and talke about what would happen, and Joe Rogan was suprisingly accurate in predicting what would happen.

Cecil Peoples was a judges again and he was also the only a-hole that called fights in the other direction. It is like he has to make it a split decision and disagree with everyone else all the time. I wish he would just have a stroke already that causes him to run around in circle yell, "I'm Cecil Peoples, you've got mail, Yeah." I hate him.

Dustin Hazelett was the funniest guy tonight. He came out with a T-shirt that said I'm not Jim Fitch Stop Asking. He does look alot like Jim Fitch.

All the fights were pretty good. There was only one fight I thought was kind of slow but it finished with a bang. Overall, the event was pretty good. The crowd is getting smarter and not booing unless one of the fighters acts like a jerk. Overall, this was a good event. The one complaint I have as always is there were a lot of fights one the undercards that I wanted to see. The UFC is going to have to gve a little otherwise there fan base will desert them. Even I am starting to get more intereseted in the IFL adn Elite XC. C'mon Dana stop being such a jerk all the time. You can't carry around a torch for whenever you don't like a bridge.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Movie Review Semi Pro with Will Ferrell

The question you are obviously asking is,"Is this movie funny. The answer is yes. You should stop reading now and go see this film. I keep thinking Will Ferrell is going to lose his appeal but his same old character and antics never do. It is amazing.

This movie never lost it's appeal I thought it was funny from beginning to end. One person I went with thought Witless Protection was funnier. I totally disagree. Semi pro was twice as funny. Definitely avoid watching the previews on this one. I can hear one on the T.V. right now and they are definitely butchering some of the funniest parts.

I am going to talk about one scene. It is the scene with the bear and it is shown in the trailers. I knew this scene was coming they set it up and everything happened according to the preview and I still couldn't stop laughing during this scene. I will definitely be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD. I am going to pause it when the bear gives its second roar and find it in the crowd. I couldn't find that bear for the life of me. Well have fun, this movie is a barrel of laughs.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

10000 B.C. Upcoming Movie Release

I can't wait to see this movie and I hate the fact that everytime I go to a movie they try to show two or three previews or making of features for this flick. I knew I wanted to see this one just from the poster. This looks like a really great flick

I will say that the director sounds like Arnold. It's so funny. I get confused everytime I hear him. Yeah, I close my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears and chant lalalala now that they keep trying to spoil this film.

I think this will be an interesting film and it sound like they spent quite a bit of money. I haven't been able to avoid all news about this film. So, word from the director is that the plot is about a classic story line, it is simple and that is part of what makes this a good movie. From this I have determined that this director knows what the audience is looking for and aims to please. Great news. I will definitely see 10,000 BC at least once when it hits the theatres

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Movie Release: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

First, the answer to everyone's favorite question. When will this movie be released? The movies release date is May 22nd, 2008. Now for the meat and potatos. The question, How will this flick turn out?

Well from the title it seems that it could be really corny. The title is straight off the cover of a Hardy Boys novel. I do think that this was intentional. If I am right this should lead to a very good movie. I have learned that when the producer sticks to the old school fans expectations, these movies tend to be great (i.e. Rambo).

The introduction of his Indiana's son has the potential to really suck. This type of thing usually doesn't work out very well and I can't really explain the reason why. It is just plain sappy, maybe. As for the previews. I cover my eyes when the previews for this movie are aired. I know that I will go see this movie. I did catch the preview once and it looked pretty good. I knew within two seconds that it was a continuation or remake of the Indiana Jones franchise. Well I hope to see you at this one, it should be good. After all how do you screw up and Indiana Jones movie. I just hope they bring back the Asian kid.