Monday, December 3, 2007

Google Payload by Alex Goad and Chris X

The pain the agony. This program may have worked at one point in time, but now it is being shot down. The idea is to take advantage of arbritrage. You pay a low price for traffic and resell the traffic at a higher price.

The two target search enginese were your low priced traffic provider and where you resell the traffic at a higher price. Basically, you design a landing page to convert the traffic from to traffic for It worked for a while but as I said the program is dead. Unless of course you can find another low cost search engine that provides clickthroughs.

I will keep it simple basically goclick was clicking through with a bot. The traffic was artificial. Searchanyway pick up on this as I am sure other search engines have and now these sites ban goclick traffic, and people who send traffic via goclick.

Alex, you should have kept this to yourself. You book caused enough problems for searchanyway that they picked up on a pretty good scheme. Then again I am not sure he even knew golick had a bot clicking on links.

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