Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blog 7: Update & Commission Junction

I have been surprisingly successful at driving organic traffic to my site. I have been surprisingly unsuccessful at earning money from Google AdSense. I will say I have made a majority of the money in my account over the past 10 days.

Just to give you some statistics I have had ten days in a row with over 100 visitors, with a high of 176 so far today. Hopefully, this number continues to climb. I have earned approximately $16 and I have discovered my favorite feature of Google Analytics. The map feature that show from what countries, states and cities from which you visitors have come. I have 2600 visits from 77 countries.

I personally know that I have a lot to learn before I really start making any money from blogging. I use the Google Map to keep me inspired to continue on, it is my way of turning all the work into entertainment. Hopefully, you can use the same feature or find something of your own to keep you driven. I have also started a second blog that features articles from Sean Anderson. You can find it at Published Articles.

Commission Junction

I have recently started an account with Commission Junction. Basically, this is like Google Referrals, the advertisers pay per action or per sale. The downside is that it is more difficult to get advertisers. Advertisers are not obligated to let you publish their adds. I personally have been turned down several times. The good news is that some of the advertisers allow automatic access and approve immediately, Yahoo is one of those advertisers. Please, don't hate me Google.

Another, downside is that you have to apply to each advertiser. This takes more time but the upside is that you are offered more options and easier access to banners. Commission Junction minimum payment is $25 and the commissions offered are higher than those offered by Google Referrals. Commission Junction adds a new way to make money to my site but I have only had 19 clicks and have not had the ads up long enough to be eligible for commissions. Hopefully, some actions lock and I can report some earnings in my next update. I agree with one of Sean's articles to be a successful blogger you must be obsessed.

Well this is an example of one of my Commission Junction ads, and remember if you need anything please support these adverstisers from my site.

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