Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Legend Movie Review

Go see this one. Awake is still a better movie especially seeing I am Legend will be packed all weekend. Will Smith is simply a talented actor. I thing part of what makes his performances good is that he only makes suttle changes to his character. When you see a movie with him in it you know him as Will Smith.

Anyway the preveiws are actually okay to watch on this one, at least the ones I've seen. That probably won't be true in a week. They'll need to entice viewers with more information. The story really isn't about what you may think. The movie was a bit of a curveball. Again, it was still really good.

This movie should be good for just about everyone. This movie contained just about every element a movie could contain. It didn't have a twist in the storyline, but that would have been inappropriate. Well I hope you get a chance to go see I am Legend or Awake this weekend. The review is in on these movies and they are both a must see.

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