Monday, December 24, 2007

Lumiere Casino Review

I went to the Lumiere Casino review tonight. I threw ten bucks away in total gambling. I know I am cheap, I was up twenty and I decided I wanted to see some balls bounce around in a machine. I got to see that balls bounce but I wasted all my earnings to accomplish my goal.

Well the Lumiere Casino had a very new age atmosphere. It had a very cool feel, and the outside was beautiful. At the same time it is not overly spectacular. I also, went to the all you can eat buffet. They had a really good selection of vegetables and several types of fish. The meat looked good to and my girlfriend, mom and everyone thought the Creme Brulee was awesome. The staff is really pleasant; they could relax just a little. They are trying to impress and it is noticeable not natural. I noticed that a lot of guys were checking out the waitresses that circled the casino floor. Fortunately, I have an extra hot girlfriend and don't take part in that debauchery (Heheheeee Cough Cough). I preferred their buffet to the other casino, but two other people said Ameristar had a better buffet.

A neutral item is that they don't offer enough activities beside gambling. This issue maybe resolved when construction is complete so no point deducted on this topic.

The downside is that the entire place is filled with smoke. I got a really bad headache when I got there and I still haven't shaken it off. The casino is pretty small as well, and it is not completed. There are still a few areas under construction. The other casinos are able to set more of an ambiance. Lumiere doesn't quite pull this off. I think it will be able to maintain it's popularity, because it still beats the boats. The President's will probably go out of business eventually if they don't implement some great strategy soon. The Casino Queen will hold up because of the later drinking curfew in Illinois.

Well, I am not big into gambling. Everything looked nice and there were more modern slot machines compared to Harrah's and Ameristar. The Lumiere will pull business from the other casinos for a little while, but it will quickly lose it's appeal. Their long term strategy should be to target business travelers.

Two people in the group won money. I lost money, and one person claimed to break even. My girlfriend lost my money and two people didn't gamble. Overall, my group walked out with winnings. Again, gambling should be entertainment not an investment.

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