Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bacana Brazilian Steakhouse - Christmas Party

Tonight I went to a Christmas party at Bacana Brazil it is a Brazilian steakhouse. I is locate near the Chesterfield Mall in West St. Louis County. For those of you who are not familiar that is where the rich folk live. A really quick mention I am a vegetarian, so, this had the potential to leave me in an awkward situation. It all worked out because I do eat fish and they serve a mean salmon. They also had a salad bar with some very high quality food. If you plan on going to this resturaunt it is going to be around $30 per person. Fortunately, I wasn't paying so I can't be sure about the pricing.

The serving style of the resturaunt was very interesting. Waiters constantly circled around carving meat off of skewers right on to your plate. Then they also came around with Brazilian sausages and chicken wings. The salmon was served from a platter. It is basically a really fancy salad bar. They had some really good looking steak choices. Bacanatested really put my will power to the test. Not to mention everyone commenting on how good the garlic steak tasted, how wonderful the pork chops were, and how absolutely juicy the sirloins were.

I did screw up and I ate some flan. I only had two small bites, before realizing flan is egg custard. I gave the rest to my girlfriend. It was tought giving it up. WHY DO ANIMALS PRODUCTS HAVE TO TASTE SOOOO GOOD? The resturaunt had a wide array of food suitable for a vegetarian. I wouldn't say it is worth the price however to go if you are only going to focus on the vegetarian dishes. If you are a meat lover though have at it, you won't be able to find a better experience.

The resturaunt is lively and has a modern decor. If you are in the St. Louis area the resturaunt is a must. At Bacana Brazil you'll have a blast and even people who are standoffish about foreign foods will be able to enjoy the experience. It's just really good gourmet food you can't go wrong by throwing business party or any other event. You get the best of both world unique dining and everyone will be comfortable.

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