Saturday, November 10, 2007

P2 Peeeeeeeeeew!!!!

You'd think the title would give the movie away. This wasn't a bad movie it just belonged on T.V. It simply wasn't worth the price of admission. The main thing it lacked was character development. I will say that the role of the bad guy was played pretty well. I actually favored this character. His mind set really added a new dimension to the killer man. I will say this film was definitely low budget. I wasn't familiar with any of the actors and there weren't very many on the payroll.


Clause: "Fred he's not bad"

I have to admit that it is a bit odd that HOLLYWOOD is already sparking up the X-mas movies. What's that about. The thing that stinks the most is that I already have to listen to a barrage of Christmas songs if I go shopping. Once again, proving that shopping on-line is great. Terrific even.

Well what about the movie Fred Clause? I liked it for the most part. It was a break from the stereo-typical X-mas movie. It still fit the roll but Santa was a little different and a few other minor things. It played on the idea of a troubled family. There were some really funny parts, and beleive it or not the previews I've seen don't really destroy those scenes. Wow, the HOLLYWOOD machine didn't let us see the whole movie before we went to the show for a change. I know you might not beleive me but it is true.

I would recommend going to see this movie. The downside of the movie; the elves were creepy, and Santa's Little Helper could have made way more appearances and been put in some provactive poses. Come on give the adults something already. A little reward for taking some screaming brats to the show can't hurt anybody. Give a deserving man a break it prevents child abuse. All-in-all not much to complain about.

Friday, November 9, 2007

BEE Movie Renamed A Movie

I liked it a lot. It was good. At first, I thought it was going to be the same as ANT, but I was wrong. I am not going to tell anybody that the film was outrageously funny. It was funny but that is not what made this a great movie.

The film was good because it was relaxing. It had an easy to follow story line. I chuckled every once in a while and it delivered a conclusion. The film makers kept it simple and it worked.


Xerox Hell Machine

A Xerox machine recently came into the office. This thing has so many bells and whistles. It is unbelievable. It has a touch screen monitor to enter information but it is near impossible to figure how to get it to do what you want.

It seems like Xerox feels the simplest options should be the hardest to find. Anyway this thing got a jam, and I'll tell you: it started give me directions to open every door on the freaking thing. Once, you open one door watch out because you are going to release three flaps, pull some levers, spin a couple dials and possibly open another door. I must have pulled out ten sheets of paper before I was done. It's crazy.

Since, I have ADD or something after I got back to my desk I started thinking about stupid things. After, looking inside the Xerox I realized this machine is just an engineer's twisted idea of a way to torture paper. If you look inside that thing it twists, turns and flips paper every imaginable direction possible. Sprays paper tar (hot ink) on the paper. Then when it's done the user has the option of hole punching or stapling the document. Good grief. That poor paper. The most amazing thing, to me, is that the paper still comes out flat.


Note to Xerox: With all the crap you have going on in those things why can't it get rid of a jam. Shouldn't it be able to shred all the documents in there spit them into the trash and resume where it left off.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

$20 on Seabiscuit

We have become race horses. Life today moves by so quickly we don't have time to pay attention to anyone else. We are like a horse running down the track with blinders to prevent us from seeing the crowd. Why when we see what is around us do we get so spooked? Have we become so dependent on entertainment and information are minds are only capable of racing? i might be full of crap, but I would just like to sit back and enjoy being around people. I would like the time to be able to observe when people are upset or pleased. It is nice to be aware of more than just what I am doing.

On a less depressing note my blood pressure is getting into check. I went from 90/130 to 84/143. Now I am at 79/140. The only problem is that other number is worse. I don't know what the deal is with this garbage. How can one number go up and the other go down? In any event I don't really care I got one of the number within the appropriate range. I am going to have to check out some health blogs.

Monday, November 5, 2007

American Pranksta da Movie

Well I have viewed another flick. No penis shots this time. Phew. What can I say about this movie. Go see Bee Movie, American Gangster wasn't that good. It just couldn't capture my attention. It was like watching a mix of New Jack City and Do The Right Thing poorly blended. Even during the action sequence I was yawning. This film lacks something I can't quite pin point. That could be the problem I can't quite pin point what would make it good, and I shouldn't have to think during this type of film.

Sorry, about the bad review. I'll try to catch something good next time.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am really fat. I just lost 15 lbs though, I got upto 240 lbs. I am 6'3" so it is not quite that bad but DAMN!!! That is big. I just weighed in at 225. Hooray for me. Here is my diet gameplan according to Harvey Eden's Fit For Life. I am so fat my girl calls me Pooh Bear and pats my belly. She also says nice pillow. I guess she thinks I have a pillow shoved up my shirt. How humiliating.

Now for some Modern day Hamlet.

Fat or fat free that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the belly to take the pains and grumbles of a hungry stomach or to take fork and knife against a buffet of delicious foods and cake. And by eating them. To fatten; to hunger. The stomach-ache and teh natural groans. That flesh is to fee to its consumption. Devoutly to be served. To fatten: To hunger. To eat: perchance to feed: Ahh, there's the BBQ. For that recipe contains tryglicerides lies what food may come. When we shuffle off this spare tire. We must five prayer, the Lord respect. Fat makes calamity of so diseased heart. For who would bear the weight of creamed corn all the time. The chef's wrong, the round belly protrudes. The pangs of desired foods and warm sweets. The insolence of gyms and tormenting excercise. The dieticians merit of unworthy diets. When he himself might his diet break. With a pork grind? or have bearclaws. To grunt and sweat under back breaking crunches, but that dread of some other exercise. From the undiscover kitchen from whose food no fat man resists, puzzled the scale, and makes us rather fat, rolls we hold. Than double chins that we know not of. Thus hunger does make obesity of us all. And thus grease a stew of discontent. It slicked over our fries cast to the pits of fast food. With this regard our stomachs turn awry, and lose teh self control of veggies. Eat you now! The fair diet? Relief, in thy weight. Be all my sins remembered.

END GAME. Losing the weight is my answer.

Why Google Why?

I claim to give opinions on everything except for the F*shion word and what does Google do? They post videos at the bottom of my page and one of them is a gay guy talking about fashion with his cussing female friend. Why? These idiots just talk about jeans for ten minutes. To top it all off they put down my favorite type of jeans "Carpenter". There is a reason I avoid the topic and let my girlfriend pick out my clothes. Please do not post on this topic, and definitely don't use the F*shion word.

I am obligated to inform my readers that you should skip the bug eyed girls video, she is in desperate need of Ritalin and just acts strangely. There is also a video with a skinny kid in jean shorts, sports jacket, dress shirt and tie who has an annoying video that should be skipped. Why do these people have to annoy my site. The two guys acting like hill billies are hilarious though.

My conclusion is that Google is trying to destroy me. CHECKMATE ON ME!!!