Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blog 6 - Feedburner Code

I just put some code from feedburner into my blog to monetize my RSS Feed with a whopping zero subscribers. Strange, since I know of three subscribers not including myself. Well maybe I will ask them to resubscribe. If they are getting my ads even though I don't think I care too much. I mean really I don't care too much about my count. The code I have added posts all the digg and related "flare" near the comments, throws in Adsense and sends statistics to feeburner.


Well this post is really a test b/c I made some real html markups and I don't know anything about writing xml. I will have to edit this post or delete it depending on how well this next stage works. Confession: I did buy a book on CSS, but I don't really know if that counts as an investment.

The bad news is that I don't think old posts are updated. Well let's see?

Alright, I've made two attempts. Both times it failed, I went in deleted some crap on my third try now it works. I guess I just had to keep playing around. Just save your template before doing all this crap. Copy and paste it into a file. This should really be a day one task. When I relaunch my blog, I'll detail all the steps I should have taken the first time around and provide the links.

I also, put in some tracking code. It hasn't materialized in stats or I simply have my feedreader in a bad spot. I may move it to the xml. What do I know though.

As an update I have drastically increased my stats I have been getting over 50 uniques views/day with a record of 126 the bad news is that I have a 86% bounce rate. The result of this traffic has been $.68, but I have taken some steps to better monetize my blog through feedburner AdSense and I have noticed that the quality of my ads have increased as well.

The way I got the additional traffic was through unique keyword results (onsite SEO), and offsite (SEO) by traslating the keywords in off sit links. Partially, accident but I have also followed some well given advice.

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