Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prasino St. Charles, MO Restaurant Review

Prasino is relatively new to St. Charles and boy do I have a mixed review.  I was lured to Prasino because of my brother's review.  He said he ate some of the best food he'd ever had here.  Well I ordered the Seared Tempeh, which is a Korean dish.  I love Korean food but I had never heard of this dish and decided that's what I'd order.  Unfortunately this was the worst thing I have ever eaten in a restaurant.  Part of the philosophy at Prasino is that they use local fresh foods and run a sustainable green business.  Well this is a broth based dish and they made it with apple.  The apple just gave everything a very odd flavor and it completely dominated the dish in a bad way.

For those not in the know Tempeh is a tofu dish.  I will say the tofu was very unique.  It contained whole soy beans and had a unique texture.  If this is the one positive I pulled from this dish.  Maybe if this dish were modified slightly I would have enjoyed it more.

My wife's dish was much better.  She got a pork chop with a BBQ sauce made from Fitz's root beer.  We also had a sushi roll.  The roll was over priced but the quality was better than average but also smaller than average.

The other positives are that I loved the atmosphere and this seems like it would be a great place to grab a glass of wine.  I don't drink wine or coffee.  That being said I paid enough attention that I noticed that there were some people in there at least pretending to very knowledgeable and they were really enjoying themselves.