Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Mass Review

I am so, so sorry. Well this year I was put between a rock and a hard place. Mass was the same as always. There were about ninety screaming kids that normally don't go to church, not that I do, but common. The kids don't bother me though, I think they are kind of funny and smooth out the boring parts. They were callin out to each other this year. Going eh eh eh and this you would hear another one do the same thing. It was cute.

Now for the reason I apologized. I sat behind a hot blond with a hot behind. Now when everyone is praying I am supposed to look down right were her butt is when praying. Now I didn't want everyone to think I was checking out her butt by looking down when I was supposed to be praying. I compromised and looked at the back of her neck. That way I am not disrespecting the G-man and I am not a pervert lookig at some hot chicks booty.

Then my mind got a hold of me, and I start thinking why do we put our head down when god is supposed to be in heaven above. When you talk to someone your supposed to look at them, that is being respectful. When we pray to God we look down. Then I though why the inconsistency? Well old men probably wanted to check out some tail, and came up with the great idea of looking down. Now, I'm thinking how many guys are supposed to be praying but are fantasizing about tapping the piece standing in front of them. I won't go on because I just slid further and further down the hill.

Then I caught myself a little before mass was over and realized that I was going to hell for sure. Lake of fire and fry baby. I'm so bad, please don't scold me too much if you leave a comment.

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