Sunday, December 2, 2007

Movie Review Hitman - You'll Hit it or Not

Agent 47, the biggest suprise of the movie is that I think this guy was a virgin. His character was kind of wierd. The movie was really good though. I liked it a lot. Good action sequences and nothing that was too unbeleivable.

The way the romantic plot played out was unique and the movie stayed relatively true to the video game. Agent 47 was stiff there too. All in all I recommned this movie, but some of you will not like it at all.

The general rule of thumb on whether to check this movie out is if you like the video game and like action buy a ticket. Otherwise, skip this one. I enjoyed it immensely because of the testosterone factor.

Those of you who do frequent this type of a movie will like this one especially because it breaks from the ordinary. The one thing I will say is that all of the bald guys look the same. How did Detective Cruso imagine who knew who's hit were who's? The only plot fault.

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