Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Green Mile Movie Review

I remember seeing this movie in he movie theatres. This movie tells a really unique story. As I think about it the movie conveys a lot of moral information without coming across as preachie. The character development was also very well done. The great aspect was that there were good and bad guys on both the good and the bad side of the bars. Like in real life.

For those of you who don't know Tom Hanks is in this film, but I really think the Micheal Duncan pulled of the most incredible acting. Mr. Duncan's acting really helps pull of the film.

The movie is narrated by the head prison gaurd who works on death row. Souds fun. Well an inmate comes in who is bigger that life. This guy intimidates everyone due to his size but he appears to be very gentle. After sometime the guards begin to question whether he could kill someone, and then they discover his miracle.

The guards must then decide what to do because the guy is on death row. They debate whether he should die for his past crimes or live due to his gifts from God. They also must confront the fact that he wants to be on death row. The pain of the world is just to much for him to bear. This is also one of my favorite movies. I can safely say this is in the top fifty, remember I see a lot of movies.

The film is similar in cinematography to Shawshank Redemption (Same producers). It also almost made me cry. I don't cry at movies but I definitely was tearing up, I'll admit that. The worst part about it is that I went to see this in the theatres by my lonesome.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Benny & Joon Movie Review

This for some reason is one of my favorites. I hate to admit it but Johnny Depp is the lead character and he is also a political nemesis of mine. All I have to say is he sure does love making money in this country considering how much he hates it. Anyway.

Benny & Joon is about a romance that develops between two odd people. Joon is basically a girl that need constant care because she is a loon. Her over protective brother has provided and sacrificed his happiness for her his entire life.

Mr. Depp plays Sam who is a quirky illiterate performer. He is very talented and brings a forgotten art back to the modern world. He basically mimics silent comedy actors and he also find amusement using simple objects.

Well the romance and conflict develop through this movie and conflict ensues. I really envokes some controversial issues and has some heart warming moments. I will admit this movie is not for everyone and it is definitely not a movie I would typically like. Give it a chance. You can always turn it off, if you don't like the show.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Matrix Movie Review

I decided to review this movie because it is in my top five favorite movies. I think this might be the only cool movie about hackers and the internet. The violence is a lot of what made this movie good. The fallout with Columbine was unfortunate but inevitable. The actual movie did not inspire this tragedy.

For those of you who don't know the Matrix is about a battle between humans and A.I. (machines). The battle led to the blocking of the sun to prevent the machines from acquiring solar power and the machines turning us into batteries. To have a succesful human harvest of batteries it was necessary to stimulate our minds. They plugged us in like an appliance to a virtual reality but we were the ones generating the power.

A large part of the war takes place in the virtual reality, where the power of the mind controls the environment to an extent. The quest of the movie is to find the reincarnate of the original architect behind The Matrix.

Well this movie tells a great story, it has the right amount of violence, great special effects and to cap it off it has unique cinematgrophy that still hasn't been captured to this day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Case of Rapture this Vehicle Will Be Unmanned

I know you've seen these stupid bumper stickers. I saw quite a few of them today and I decided to rant about them. What are these people thinking. I wish they would have a bumper sticker that said in case of rapture take my keys. I think this bumper sticker should be a license for others to bash their windshield in.

My dream is for rapture to come and have cars swerving all over the road except for the guy in front of me who has this bumper sticker. The driver will get out of the car look up and ask, "Why me?" Then immediately afterwards a Mac truck will roll by and obliterate the dude. I'll say a prayer for the event to occur.

Besides why does God always have to do things in a manner of great chaos. Why can't God just say hey these people suck and quietly remove them while they are sleeping and leave a heavenly note so nobody wanders where they went. Remember this bumper sticker doesn't tell people you are a good Christian, it tells people you are a moron. It may also cause me to cut you off.

By the way I have no clue why I am so annoyed by this bumper sticker.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hotel Rwanda Movie Review

I was looking at a few of the movies that I own and decided to watch Hotel Rwanda again. This was an absolutely amazing movie and I am happy that it is a part of my collection. I have definitely received a lot of bang for my buck out of this one.

This movie definitely tells the great story, and I think it is multi-layered. It tells the story of a hotel manager stuck in the midst of genocide taking place all around him and his struggle to save his family. He is in a supposed mixed marriage and he is being targeted as a Tutsi sympathiser. The other side of the story is that of the people who blindly follow any ideal based only on mob mentality.

Another reason I like this movie is because it is about racism. I think that it really demonstrates to Americans that there really is no such thing as race. In America race is thought to be skin color. In Africa it is based on tribal affiliations. In reality it is a man made concept and has absolutely no scientific basis. Speaking of racism. I would like everyone to know that I do not censor my comments but if you post a racist comment and try to remain anonymous it will be removed. Let yourself be known if you have something ignorant to say.

Well this is definitely a must see if you are on your way up to Blockbuster and I will suggest that you not rent this one. Simply buy it, I am one hundred percent confident you will view it multiple times. This movie is definitely in my top twenty. Parts will disgust you, parts will make you cry but overall it the movie inspires. By the way this movie should have won 3 Academy Awards.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog 8: Super Bowl Adsense Blog

Apparently, that advertising dollars trickle down to everyone including the small fry blogger. I have seen an influx of advertising earnings and I believe it is correlated with the Superbowl. Before my Superbowl review I had only earned 22 cents on the day. It was shaping up to be a terrible day. I usually earn just under $1.00, I know I am sorry I am not one of the big guys making six figures a month or even a year. Well just a couple hours later I decided to check out my adsense account again and to my surprise I had earned over $2.00, now my modest record.

Many people would say that this is a coincidence, but I draw a direct correlation. I thought about it and I believe I have sound reasoning behind my hypothesis. Advertisers have just spent millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads and they want to maximize the effect of their Super Bowl advertising. Those that didn't run ads are trying to keep abreast by capturing the post Super Bowl advertising market. We see an influx of marketing.

This doesn't only hold for the Super Bowl. I have found it is always important to keep informed. Search word are constantly being created and they can be stumbled upon by keeping an observant eye.

Just to keep you updated on my blog I normally have around 200 visitors per day, and today I did set a new record today I think I have three hours left and right now I have 418 visitors. Mentioning Wyoming worked that very day I got some visitors from Wyoming. Similar observation, I live in St. Louis and Missouri is the second heaviest state in terms of traffic. The point is everything matters if I mention Nigeria, Afghanistan or some other country in a post, I am likely to see a visitor from that country before long. I have a total of 9,300 visitor from over 101 countries.

I have also started two more blogs Published Articles and Priceline Negotiating Samurai. Check them out if you get a chance. Send me some feedback if you have a ton of extra time. By the way if you haven't guessed my earning from Commission Junction have been a big nill.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Upset Review

I won $10, the Giants won. I give this Superbowl a positive review. I have to admit I didn't want the Patriots to have a perfect season. After all I am a Rams fan and they took us out in '04. I spit on the Patriot, patue.

Well that final drive by Eli Manning was truly historic. I thought for sure he was getting sacked. Then the guy pinned the ball to his helmet and caught the pass. It was absolutely brilliant. The game was pretty boring up until the end. Then the drama set in at the end of the game. The Patriots score and the Giants have one last drive for to make for the biggest upset in Superbowl history.

Well this was truly a historic game. Now the brothers share Superbowl Championships in common. Man and that Escalade that Peyton got at the end of the game. That thing is awesome. I really would like to have that Audi that they advertised. That is the only commmercial that really caught my attention

For the most part the commercials and halftime weren't spectaculiar. Don't get me wrong I love Tom Petty, but that dude is old. Paula dropping another albumn is kind of a suprise. They are really milking American Idol aren't they. Just had to stuff those last few comment in. Peace, drive safely if you got to get home. Take a cab if you drank.