Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Sweet Sweet Girl

Unfortunately, my darling girlfriend can never wait to give a gift. This means I got one of my X-mas gifts early. The good news is that the gift will help me improve the blog. Hooray. She got me a digital camera. This means I can bring you fun pictures from my life. I most warn there probably won't be many pictures as my life isn't that fun. I'd like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for the great gift. She is the best, but next time wait 'til Christmas.

The camera she purchased is the Kodak C763. She also got a great deal on the camera. I have been gloating on her a lot. I'll stop. The only negative aspect to my girlfriend as she works in the financial department of a wharehouse that sells a lot of MSG. To tranlate she always smells like chicken soup. Sometimes when I'm with her I don't know if I am horny or just hungry. It's wierd.

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