Saturday, December 22, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War Movie Review

Ahhhhh, a good movie. Go see this one. I give Charlie Wilson' War a great movie review. This movie was unbiased. I can see how some people might say the dem's are trying to steal some of the thunder from Ronald Reagan, but I didn't really see that. At the same time you could make comparisons to what was being said in the movie to Iraq and Afghanistan at the time and the view point favor republicans.

Well basically, watch taking the kids to this one there is nudity and drugs but fortunately it doesn't dominate the film. Another, job well done. Second, they don't potray anyone as being a really outstanding individual. Everyone is just kind of normal. Of course, they do great things and this is what makes this film inspiring.

Another, strange aspect to the film is that it incorporated several events that I can just barely remember from my childhood. It is like ghost from the past were brought to light. In any event this is one of the films that is worth the price of admission. Check it out.

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