Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Missed Phone Call Movie Review

You might have to cancel your cell service after seeing this one. It really did have a lot of scary scenes. It is kind of in the theme of the movie The Ring. If you like that one you are likely to like this movie. I went to see this movie with two other people. They didn't like the movie because they didn't think it flowed very well. I admit there are parts I didn't pick up on until after the movie but I think it did make sense. I guess that means it is hard to follow. You'll have to bring your thinking cap for this one. It does tell a great story. Just pay close attention to all of the details.

By the way this is another rip off from Asia. The movie sets up for a sequel in America. If you don't mind reading captions just go to an Asian grocery store and buy the sequel and the original. You might even be able to rent the Asian versions from Blockbuster

If someone asks for some viewing hints in the comments I will be glad to help out. I think I can make a statement about the movie without ruining the film. Only if asked though. I highly recommend this film. JUST PAY ATTENTION.

The only real problem I had with the film was the beginning. The producers made cell phones seem overly prominent in our lives. It is kind of like they are exaggerating, but I am sure it is to setup some psychological connection with the viewer. They do run dangerously close to losing interest. Now that I think about it the characters seemed kid of bland at first.

For the ladies they are trying to produce a new Hollywood heart throb. I know this because he was in AVPR his name is Johnny Lewis. Personally, I don't see it but then again the bald guy from ER was considered sexy. And, no I'm not going to go research his name. I'm just saying women cannot be understood. Then again, they say the same thing about men. Ladies when analyzing men, well me at least, just don't think. We really are just that simple.

Please, consider Blockbuster's offer if you like the movies.

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