Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mayweather vs Hatton Review

Well this fight couldn't have been worse. There is a reason MMA is taking over boxing. I didn't know whether I was watching a boxing match or priest trying to break up two homosexuals. Floyd kept holding and Hatton kept pressing and immediately the referee followed behind.

The fight simple wasn't interesting. I wish I could have told everybody not to spend $60 on the pay-per-view. Sorry, guys. I did tell my brother not to get this. I was right I am just glad we watched the Ultimate Fighter Finale first.

Hatton has a good personality, but you can just tell when you're watching boxing that it is fixed. From the referees to the judges. I mean seriously two of the judges looked like they just got back from a hit.

The real question is where did boxings heart go? Apparently to MMA.

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