Monday, November 26, 2007

That Guy in the Office 1

There are always different types of people in the office that can be stereotyped. I personally am the jerk who stays late mosts nights and put in sixty plus hour work weeks. Then again, I am in the finance department and accountants are expected to work more than you other chumps.

Today's feature of That Guy in the Office is about the guy that always walks around with an invisible megaphone up to his mouth. It doesn't matter where you are, whether your in the conversation or what you are doing he makes sure you hear him. Fortunately, for me these guys tend to be sales people. Although from time to time someone decides to take on the role for a few weeks from my department.

Well let us analyze what this guy is trying to accomplish.

A. He is trying to sound smart. Megaphone Man this doesn't work when you speak loudly you are only ensuring that everyone picks up on every stupid thing you say. If you do have something intelligent to say you still sound like a moron.

B. He is trying to make sure everyone knows he is hard at work. Moron your talking. Not only do we hear you move from cube to cube, office to office but we hear that you are distracting people from work not accomplishing work.

C. He is trying to make sure everyone know that he is next in line for that big promotion. Megaphone on this one your such a peice of crap, everyone is just waiting for you to quit or get fired. Your so close to being tied up, dragged to the basement and being beaten with telephone books and baseball bats you don't even want to know. Just for you we should incorporate the modern day stoning of an office worker. Die Megaphone Man die.

D. He is trying to show that he is full of himself. Well, Megaphone Man mission accomplished. Now SHUT THE HELL UP.

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