Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Movies In Reveiw

Happy New Year's everybody. Every New Year we reflect over the past. I decided to contruct some top ten lists. I tried to stick to movies I have seen but Bratz seems like such garbage I stuck it on my ten worst movies list. I took mercy and decided not to put it in the top 5 more specifically the number two spot.


Title: Gross: Viewed/Sentiment:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - 961 Mil - Missed/No desire to see this movie.
2. Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix - 935 Mil - Missed/I want to see this movie.
3. Spider-Man 3 - 891 Mil - Viewed/I'd give it a 6.5.
4. Shrek the Third - 790 Mil - Viewed/It stunk 2.
5. Transformers - 699 Mil - Viewed/ Should have been better 5.5.
6. The Simpsons Movie - 520 Mil - Viewed/ Great Movie 8.5.
7. 300 - 456 Mil - Viewed/ Movie of the Year 9.5.
8. Ratatouille - 428 Mil - Missed/ I will see this movie.
9. The Bourne Ultimatum - 441 Mil - Viewed/ Great Movie 9.
10. Live Free or Die Hard - 372 - Missed/I will buy this movie.


1. 300 - This was the movie of the year. Unfortunately my girlfriend didn't like this film. This movie was packed with action and inspiration. It was truly a great story. It is in the theme of Gladiator.
2. Saw IV - Man I can't believe a Sequel made my list but this franchise really knows how to put movies together.
3. 1408 - This just left me with a really weird feeling that was unique. This is definitely a movie you had to see in the theatre. It loses it's affect at home.
4. Blades of Glory - This movie is absolutely hilarious. What can I say I like to laugh.
5. Awake - This movie was creepy and a mental thriller. I thought it was one of the best films of the year.
6. Superbad - This movie just really was able to relate to the minds of a teenager. I could relate a lot of memories I had as a teen to this movie, only without the turnout.
7. The Kite Runner - This movie was tremendous. It really gave a look into Muslim culture and it did not have a liberal slant. It also, told a great story.
8. Charlie Wilson's War - Wow, it is hard to put this one at eight. Great political story and again no real liberal slant.
9. 3:10 to Yuma - Great movie. It was really inspirational and it was a strange take on a villain. This movie was really unique.
10. Knocked Up - Hilarious movie that both my girlfriend and I really enjoyed. It just had a lot of appeal.


1. The Valley of Elliah - This had a huge liberal slant and any movie where our flag is hung upside down doesn't deserve an audience.
2. Into The Wild - Boring. I inappropriately applauded when the liberal little ungrateful turd died in the end.
3. P2 - This was just garbage it wasn't scary. What was this flick supposed to appeal to women that work late.
4. Shrek 3 - This wasn't funny at all. What a disappointment. I laughed once. Come on the gingerbread man pooped a gum drop. I saw it in the previews and still laughed and I still laugh today. The problem is one laugh lands you on the top ten worst movies list.
5. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - This was a musical and it really really sucked. It is like they misplaced words that would have flowed so the song wouldn't make sense.
6. August Rush - This was lame. It couldn't have a lamer premise. I am evil because I just wanted to smack that goofy smile off the kids face.
7. Bratz - I didn't see this movie and that is why it is not at the top of the list. Little girl sluts is just not something that we should be supporting.
8. American Gangster - This was too over hyped and really just under-delivered.
9.The Hills Have Eyes 2 - This was just too violent. Grossly violent rape scenes don't belong in movies.
10. The Mist/Lions For Lambs/Pathfinder/Hairspray and some very fortunate movies I missed in the theatres. Don't kill me for sticking Hairspray in there, but John Travolta a women and it was a musical.

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