Friday, December 21, 2007

Kite Runner Movie Review

My personal opinion is that Kite Runner should win film of the year at the Oscars. I really thought this movie was insightful. I would be giving a bad movie review of Kite Runner if I didn't tell you that sixty percent of people won't like this movie. It was slow at points. It really conveyed the story of the main charcters life.

Just to let you know this isn't a feel good film. It is based on realism and shows you the good and ugly of the human character. I usually don't do this but I am going to give a short synopsis. Kite Runner is about two Muslim children growing up in Afghanistan and one boy is followed to America and the movies focus narrows to him.

It is really amazing, this film hit the theatres. There are two great things, it shows that Muslims are willing to speak out. They don't want to be looked at as terrorist, and that they denounce extremism in their religion. Now if people ask where is the Muslim voice denouncing terrorism, I can say well I guess you haven't seen Kite Runner. The problem is that your not listening, the Muslim voice is loud. Yes, I consider a motion film a loud voice.

The second thing I liked about this film is that it didn't have a liberal agenda. If anything it is a bit right wing. I don't feel that that was the case. It was really unbiased and it ended up bein a good story. The stranges thing about his movie is that I have never been so disgusted with something and at the same time realized that there is a message and method to the madness. GO SEE THIS FILM.

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