Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blog 2: Research Part 1

Well last time I let you know I had everything setup. I have been blogging for sometime just to get a footing. Now that I have that footing I would like to share some more insight.

This blog is about the different oppurtunities Google offers so that you can earn some cash. I have explored Adsense for Content, Referals, Video and the Searh Engine. The best earner for my site has been the search engine. Basically users have to click on an Ad for you to have a chance at making money even when they use the search engine.

Adsense for content is basically a Pay Per Click source of income for you. Anytime someone click on an Ad you will earn a little money. Little is the operative word.

Adsense for Referals is a bit tougher racket. I haven't made any money from this opportunity. It is either a Pay Per Action or Commission Per Sale opportunity. This means someone has to either commit to some type of action on the advertisers website (i.e. sign up for a newsletter or buy something). It may be a combination of both. It appears that there is a range of earnings associated with the Referal service so some actions are most likely weighed more than others.

Adsense for Video allows you to have a video player on your site surrounded by Ads. Just another way to make money really. I haven't made much from this it seems that more people are interest in the videos and are distracted from the ads. At the end of the day you might as well have this feature. I may be detracting from the effectiveness of this by placing it at the bottom of the page and having to many posts show at once.

The search is a must this is my top money maker. It again, probably has something to do with the placement on my page. I have placed this at the top of my page. To earn from this feature an Ad most still be clicked on. This has been very useful.

I haven't made a significant amount of money to date but the good news is that I have been noticed by a few search engines. Any opinions on monetizing my blog are appreciated just leave a comment. Bring on the traffic.

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